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Lots of room for improvement

The communication between the purchase and delivery has vast amounts of room for improvement. In an era where I can order a pizza and see where it is minute by minute, there should be a much better way to track where a car is during a purchase process. The delivery process could also be sped up quite a bit. On top of that it doesn't seem like the departments at Vroom have very good communication between each other. Example, I asked the initial person I spoke to on day one of the process (Tyler) about the car having two keys. He said it only showed to have one, but not to worry, I could call customer support after I took delivery and they would take care of me. Wrong. Customer support flat out said they don't provide extra keys. I know it shocking to hear that a car salesman would bend the truth, but... I also went several days between finishing the deal and hearing from anyone at Vroom, and then I only heard from them because I initiated contact. The positives were that the guy who delivered the car was great. The price was fair as was what they gave me for my trade. If they made huge improvements in the communication between sale and delivery as well as sped the whole delivery process up, they would get a better review. Its a great concept that is the future of car sales. It just appears that its being run by old school car sales people who aren't that interested in keeping the customer informed and satisfied.

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