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At Carvana we want to help everyone Live Feelessly. That's why we never charge last-minute dealer fees. We believe in treating you better-we think you should be able to get the right car at the right price without worrying about fees taking the joy from the ride. Plus get your car delivered as soon as the next day with our Touchless Delivery process that keeps you safe healthy and happy every step of the way.
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(9,545 reviews)

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This was the easiest process and I absolutely love my new

This was the easiest process and I absolutely love my new car. This was my first time buying a car of my own and I couldn’t be happier!


Only complaint is the color of the vehicle was listed as

Only complaint is the color of the vehicle was listed as red and is actually bronze fire metallic. Which I found out after it was delivered, but I actually like it though.


speedy, fast, and reliable service with Carvana.

speedy, fast, and reliable service with Carvana. I was able to purchase my car and drive off in less than 30 minutes


I hate to leave 3 stars because I’m kind of conflicted

I hate to leave 3 stars because I’m kind of conflicted about how I feel about the experience. On one hand, I loved the aspect of not having to shop around at all the dealerships. I could just do that from the comfort of my home. That part I absolutely loved, and actually had fun since there are a LOT of cars to choose from! However, there are 2 main sticking points for me where I feel like Carvana could’ve done better. First, they rescheduled my pickup date 3 times. The first time was for 5 days. No big deal, right? I was ok with that, stuff happens. But then as the day neared, they rescheduled on me a second time for an additional 7 days. Now I’m annoyed, because how did they not know they had transportation issues before the day of my appointment? I even got a text the day before telling me they didn’t anticipate any delays, but then the morning of my appointment, they texted me telling me there were transportation issues and they’ve rescheduled my pickup. I’m slightly annoyed at this point, but of course I wait because what else was I to do? But then when those 7 days were up and it was the day of my pickup, I get a text first thing in the morning telling me everything was on track and they’d see me at my appointment. But then 30 minutes later I get another text telling me there were transportation issues and they rescheduled me yet again for the third time for an additional 9 days. At this point, I was seriously considering just canceling the purchase. Three strikes and you’re out right? But I really wanted the car I was getting. I know I could’ve easily canceled and bought another car, but this particular car I didn’t think was going to come up soon again (model, color and mileage) so I decided to stick it out. I told myself if they reschedule on me again, that was the universe trying to tell me this was not my car. But on the day of my pickup, I really thought they were going to reschedule again but to my amazement, they didn’t. I was actually picking up my new car! One other thing that added to my frustration with all the reschedules is that I was trading in my old car and I had to worry about the number of miles I was putting on it, so for almost a month, I really tried to not go anywhere to keep my mileage low. That was kind of a pain. The second biggest issue I have in this experience was when I picked the car up, there was something wrong with it. When I took it for a test spin I noticed that there was something wrong with the ac/heat. I turned the fan on just to circulate regular air inside the car and it sounded like a jet engine. It was louder than the radio! So now I have to take it in somewhere to be looked at and fixed, which I am unable to complete before my 7 days were up. So I had to make the decision to keep the car that has an issue that I don’t know the full extent of. I feel like this issue should’ve been fixed before it even came into my hands, but alas, that’s not what happened here. So right off the bat I have to deal with taking it to a preferred service provider, pay the deductible, and whatever else that is involved with getting the issue repaired. I can’t really comment on that part of the experience since I am still going thru it, but overall, I just feel like this issue should’ve already been fixed. Nowhere in the car details was this disclosed. So that was my experience and why I rate 3 stars. But even with all that, I would still buy from Carvana again, and I would also recommend them. It’s hard to explain the feelings, but I guess because I had both good and bad experiences, I chose the middle ground for this review. Oh, and a couple of minor things to note. I wasn’t given a coin to put in the slot and watch the car come down the “vending machine”, not sure why. I didn’t ask. The other thing is the car was a little dirty on the outside. I don’t know why but I made the assumption that it would be cleaner. Had I of bought it from any other dealership, I’m sure they would’ve given it a nice car wash before giving me the keys.


Excellent customer service.

Excellent customer service. Vehicle was clean , Oil change was behind on maintenance , Over all everything ok.


Despite the delay getting the car, I am very happy with

Despite the delay getting the car, I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you.


Strongly recommend AGAINST using Carvana.

Strongly recommend AGAINST using Carvana. I have several complaints- the biggest being that they advertised the car as having blind spot detection. It did not, and they claimed that was not included in the price and sent me a measly $100 for the inconvenience. Every time I called them, it was a long wait to talk to someone. And the payment system is a mess. I confirmed with my bank that the wire had gone through a few days before delivery. The day before delivery I get urgent messages from Carvana saying the wire hadn't come through. When I called Carvana, they quickly confirmed it had gone through- no explanation for the frantic unnecessary messages. Very disappointing and I am actively telling everyone never to use them.

Dealer response

Thank you for your honest feedback. It saddens us to hear that you encountered some roadblocks during the purchase process which created a less than exceptional experience. At Carvana, we recognize that everyone’s situation is different and apologize if our purchase process lacked timeliness and clear communication. Our goal is to use your feedback to continue to improve our purchase process. We are thankful you took the time to share your personal experience and are happy to see you moved forward with purchasing a Carvana vehicle.


the buying experience with carvana was smooth and easy.

the buying experience with carvana was smooth and easy. i would recommend anyone to purchase a vehicle with carvana. they stayed in touch with me through the entire process and after to make sure i was satisfied.


Wonderful experience traded a 2109 civic for a 2020

Wonderful experience traded a 2109 civic for a 2020 Toyota Camry SE with some amazing extra options. The process was simple and easy. The only constructive criticism I could leave is the first delivery date was delayed,. That in and of itself not a huge issue but was advised of this like 1.5 hours prior to quoted delivery date/time... Again not huge issue but a days notice would be much better. Registration and plate transfer was completed in timely manner under 2 weeks. Overall very happy and highly recommend. For folks saying they sell junk cars this is simply not true, any car can have issue you have 7 days to have your own mechanic look over the car,. On top of there own inspection. However my car still has factory warranty bumper to bumper plus carvana's 100 day 4100 mile warranty plus I purchased extended warranty. I truly appreciate the simple process of buying this car,. I do think the communication of delivery times and such could be improved.on a final note my delivery driver D-ariea was great and personable and the entire delivery/ trade pickup took about an hour (including my 30 min test drive). I'm confident from my experience to recommend doing business with them. I will be posting a full YouTube video on the process and the car once edited.


Horrible experience.

Horrible experience. Had appointment and car was not there. Drove 160 miles for nothing. Had confirmed appointment with email to prove it.

Dealer response

We know our customers are excited to purchase a new vehicle, but when that vehicle is delayed it hinders that experience. We understand our customers rely on their vehicles for transportation and lifestyle. We are very sorry to have inconvenienced you, and thankful for your feedback

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