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This seller has been on since June 2021.
On behalf of the new management and the entire team here, it is our pleasure to welcome you to Southern 441 Nissan. Here in our convenient location, we don't consider it our job to simply sell you a car. Instead our goal is to provide you with an automotive experience that exceeds your expectations and end with your satisfaction every time. We look forward to personally meeting you and making sure you enjoy every moment of your visit to Southern 441 Nissan.
Our goal is to provide you with an automotive experience that exceeds your expectations.

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(111 reviews)

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Poor employee service and poor repair service

I Recently had a new Antilock Brake System Module installed in my Nissan Pathfinder and I knew the connector (plug) had a crack on top but the connector locked and secured well to ABS module. The vehicle was brought in to the dealership for Diagnostic Trouble Codes that were showing up and possibly needing Controller Area Network diagnostic. After picking up my vehicle, I observed that the ABS Module connector was glued to the ABS module and I was told the locking arm on the connector was broken and the connector was too loose to function properly. I was never given a choice of how the repair work would be done. If I had been, I would have preferred a new connector be installed. When I questioned why it was glued, I was accused of breaking the connector. I never accused anyone of breaking it in the first place, knowing it was cracked. I was then loudly called a “LIAR” in front of customers and employees inside the dealership more than once in a threatening way. I was purposely disrespected, belittled, embarrassed, put in fear and humiliated at the dealership in front of other people. By the way, I removed the glue holding the connector in place and had the connector checked by independent mechanics who say the connector is not broken. The locking arm functions and the connector fits securely to the module. I have been driving my car without any issues for weeks now. What did they fix? If anything, they caused me to break off the plastic on top of the connector to unglue it from the ABS module. To add further insult, they charged me for over three hours of Controller Area Network diagnostic which cost $187.77 per hour. Every independent mechanic I went to said it takes one hour to do a Controller Area Network diagnostic. The only comforting thing with today’s current affairs is they had to wear a mask when they were robbing me. But more than the poor work done, it was being horrifically disrespected, belittled, embarrassed, put in fear and humiliated by a Service Manager in front of customers and employees that is not forgivable. I am a senior citizen only wanting good service and not to be attacked. Save yourself the grief and embarrassment that I went through and avoid going to Southern 441Nissan or Greenacres Nissan which are Managed by the same franchise owner and also the same Service Manager who disrespected me. Could you imagine what might have happened if I had a bad temper or worse? I have been going to this dealership since 2007 and I have owned four Nissans. It’s about time I Bought American Again! Good bye, Nissan, Never again!



I would like to commend Mark, Service Manager, for his outstanding Customer Service. At Southern 441 Nissan, I am servicing 2 of my Nissan cars. Every time I come there, Mark is very professional, he listens and resolves any issues I have with my cars. He is going beyond the regular Customer Service. He serves as an example what qualities the Service Manager has to posses. Lastly, he offers me Total Customer Satisfaction. I am glad that I met someone who understands what is the meaning of Customer Service. Thank you, Neno


Rodrigo otoni

Love Souther 441 Nissan I purchased my first 2018 Armada here!!! It was in great condition!!!! I got an awesome deal and great service!!!! I came back for another car...a 2021 Armada It was exactly what I was looking for!!! The inside and out looked brand new!!! The windows are tinted and the car was in amazing condition!!!! Julio worked on both of my loans. His customer service was outstanding!!! I will defiantly be back for another car!!!!!

Dealer response

Hi Rodrigo, we are pleased to hear of your experience with us here at Southern 441 Nissan. Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities and we're glad to know Julio was so helpful! Feel free to reach out to us if you need anything. Have a wonderful day!


Trade in

Do not take your car here I took a 2013 Audi A4 fully loaded and they try to our for me $3500 tall Spanish baldheaded guy was very rude took a to 3 other car dealers and every single one of them offered me 8500 you've been warned do not take your car here they are very shrewd

Dealer response

We regret to find out that you did not have a more positive experience with us here at Southern 441 Nissan. Your review helps us to make improvements to our processes and help us train our staff. Please contact me at 561-491-4311. Sincerely, Fiona Jones Customer Relations 561-491-4311


Honest Review

HONEST REVIEW- On 11/23/2020 I went into Southern 411 Nissan to purchase a 2020 Nissan Kicks. The vehicle was listed at the MSRP of $22,545.00 after inquiring why the price was much higher in the finance contract I was given to sign I was told the cash price of the vehicle was more due to my credit and that the bank also stated that I had to purchase two separate warranties or they would not approve my loan. I really need a car so I signed the finance agreement. On 11/30/2020 Mr. James Owen's the finance manager I dealt with called me stating that I had to come in on that day to sign a new finance agreement as he had gotten me a better deal but it had to be signed that day or I would lose the deal. I explained that I was at work but I could be there right before closing time which I was told was fine. Once I arrived at the dealership I asked Mr. Owen's if I could see a copy of the original finance agreement to compare to the new finance agreement since I didn't bring my copy in which he stated he no longer had a copy of the old finance agreement due to that bank not approving the original loan. He assured me that the only things that changed were lower payments and a lower interest rate which made sense so I signed the new finance agreement. About a month later when I received my first statement from my finance company I realized something was wrong after reviewing the payoff amount of my loan. I was able to locate both of my copies of the finance agreements and I realized that yes that payment and interest rate were lowered but what Mr. Owen's did not tell me is that he extended my loan term from 72 to 75 months, add an additional $2267.85 in warranties and also added $848.00 to the cash price of the car. I called my finance company to explain and see if there was anything that could be done and I was told two things 1. there was no reason that I should have been charged over the MSRP of the vehicle if that was the advertised price as that has nothing to do with my credit and was not a part of the approval process for my loan 2. I did not have to buy any of the warranties I was told I had to buy as they were not a condition of the approval of my loan as well. I was advised to go back into the dealership and ask that they cancel the warranties if that is what I wished to do and speak with them regarding the cash price of the vehicle as that is fraud. On 01/23/2021 I went back into the dealership and met with Mr. Owen's I explained what the finance company told me and he told me that the finance company makes the prices of the loans and that there was nothing he could do and that he could not cancel my warranties. After doing some research on my own I was able to contact both of my warranty companies, one of them was able to cancel my warranty but the other company stated that I had to go back to the dealership to cancel. On 02/09/2021 I went back into the dealership and met with Mr. Owen's again and before I could even explain why I was there he told me he could not help me, I then explained I already spoke with the warranty company and the only way to cancel the warranty is with the dealership so he finally submitted the paperwork to cancel the warranty.I am now stuck with a vehicle that is over $10,000.00 upside down due to a dishonest dealer. PLEASE do yourself a favor and go anywhere else!!!

Dealer response

We're so sorry to hear that you had this experience at Southern 441 Nissan. We value customer feedback so that we can improve our processes and train our staff. Please contact me at your convenience. Thank you. Sincerely, Fiona Jones Customer Relations 561-491-4311


great and speedy service

Staff is incredibly pleasant, leased a 2020 Sentra just did the first 5,000 mile service and incredibly easy to schedule perform the service. Very pleased with my experiences here thus far

Dealer response

Hi Matthew, thank you for the high star rating! We truly appreciate your business. We look forward to seeing you again on your next visit and continuing to provide you with great service! Take care!


First Experience

Xavier answer the phone when I called to make an appointment. Explained everything to me and depth. Repairs completed on time and car out front waiting cleaned and vacuumed at the time I told him I would arrive. Communication was excellent the entire time. If you go here ask for Xavier

Dealer response

Hi Sean, we're happy you found Xavier to be so helpful during your experience here at Southern 441 Nissan. We are always more than happy to assist you if anything else comes up. Take care!


Nice Salesperson

My salesperson Michael Benz did a nice job of helping me through the process of buying a car. He was courteous, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. He is a fine representative for his dealership.

Dealer response

Hi, we're so happy to hear that you had a great experience with Mike! Here at Southern 441 Nissan we prioritize providing our customers with an excellent customer service experience every time so, we're happy to know that you experience reflected this! We hope you have a fantastic day!


Oil change

Better than what I expected for just a simple oil change. I mean the service was excellent and the quality of the facility was COVID-19 safe

Dealer response

Hi Claudette, thank you very much for giving us a five-star rating! Here at Southern 441 Nissan we prioritize providing our customers with a great experience every time so, we're happy to know that you experienced this! We hope you have a fantastic day!


New car purchased

The sales staff was so helpful. Dove the sales person helped us choose the right SUV for our needs. Then worked to get us the best deal ever.

Dealer response

Hi Frank, thank you so much for your feedback about Southern 441 Nissan! We strive to provide the best experience to all our customers. Our team and especially Dove will be very happy to hear about your kind words and high star rating!

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