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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(5 reviews)

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Nightmare VROOM experience TERRIBLE!!!!

The vroom experience has been a nightmare. A month later and the car is still in the shop. I have contacted Vroom 10 plus times. Every time I have called they want pictures. I send the requested pictures and call directly back to confirm. After a representative tells me that they received I have called back and checked several days later to have a representative tell me there is nothing in the system. Finally after almost a month and over 2600 dollars out of pocket expenses i pick up the car from the shop and the check engine light comes on again. I have to take the car back to the shop and still waiting to be refunded on the last amount of 2600. I finally talk to a senior customer service representative and she tells me no problem send in receipt and it will get paid. I replied to her email send in the required documents and call back a week later after not hearing anything. The representative tells me there is nothing in the system that I will have to open a claim. After 2 hours on the phone I finally talk to another senior customer service representative. He tells me no problem send him a receipt and it will be paid. I send in the receipts and get the same outcome. I call back a few days later and to finally get the same representative on the phone that told me to just send in the receipt and it will be covered. This time he tells me to call the warranty department and that he just activated my warranty that they will handle it. This contradicts what him and the representative prior to him told me that a check would be in the mail to cover expenses. I called the warranty department to have the warranty department tell me they will not cover all the expenses that some of them would be up to Vroom and that my claim has not even started. I will have to get my shop to call them to start the claim. To top things off the BMW shop told me the codes had to be deleted prior to me receiving the car due to the issues are not something that just happened overnight. I have not even drove the car a whole week yet and it has been over 30 days 4600 dollars out of my pocket to include the car payments that I have already made and money spend on rentals to get back and forth to and from work. This has been a terrible experience and would never do this again. Another issue that the two front tires on the car are so worn down that I will have to buy new tires. If anyone buys a car from Vroom be prepared to pay a lot of upfront costs and hopefully its not a vehicle you have to depend on to get back and forth to and from work.


Terrible Customer Support. Car in bad condition.

Pathetic. Once they have your money they don't care at all. The delivery took longer than they said it would. They communication wasn't what they said it would be. Never received a delivery window email. Had to call every day and was told different things every day. The car arrives late with a broken stereo, dirt that COULD have been cleaned if they were careful, and a non-fuctional key fob. Now I'm trying to get this sorted out, and they tell me they'll take care of it but it's pulling teeth to figure our how. The level of apathy of their customer service people are stunning. Requested a call from management... Nothing. I'm this close to letting them keep my $500 and giving the car back just because no customer should be treated this way, let alone one that forks over $40k. Pathetic.



I found a car for my husband on Vroom. The car very clean online, and it was the car my husband wanted for a while now. I am an online shopper, but never would have considered purchasing a car online that I have never driven or test drive. From the beginning to the end, I had a wonderful experience. It took almost a month for the entire process. My husband and I are very thankful that Vroom was able to help us with our car dilemma. My husband was in a 48 month lease with a lot of negative equity from a previous vehicle. We had to put down a large down payment in order for the deal to take place with the banks. Finally, we were offered a great deal we couldn't resist. Once the ball got rolling with the numbers, sending in the contract and cashier's check, the rest of the process moved quickly. It took 2 days for delivery of the vehicle. The delivery guy was very kind and well mannered, and the process was very smooth. We were very impressed!! My husband was able to drive the vehicle immediately since they provide a paper tag. We took the car to a local dealer and everything checked out just fine.. . . only the battery needs to be changed soon which is expected depending on when or if it was changed in the past. Overall, this entire experience worked out well.. . . Way better than I thought!!


Terrible overall experience

Bad customer service. Never follow up with you like they say they will, once they have your sale they don't take care of you. Don't buy from here.


Worst Customer Service

Worst Customer Service Ever Experienced This is the fourth automobile I have purchased from the company formerly known as Texas Auto Direct (now known as Vroom). The automobile I purchased April 2, 2019 was a beautiful 2017 Fiat 124 Spider. The purchase price was great at $18,480. I had my financing in order, so this should have been a very easy transaction. My paperwork was completed on April 2, 2019, and I hoped to take delivery by April 8, 2019 because I would be out of town after that date. This became a problem because there is really no number to call to check on your delivery date. I wasn’t please with the communication regarding delivery, so I called their customer service and arranged to pick the vehicle up in Stafford, Texas. This was a five hour drive for me, but I felt better knowing I would have the car prior to my vacation and wouldn’t have to deal with the poor delivery service anymore. It took about ten irate phone calls with their delivery team before I finally got to speak with someone in Texas that could help ensure the car was ready. Before pick up, I was contacted by Lupe Espindola, who assured me that the Fiat would be ready on April 6th, and that I could pick it up at 9 a.m. and simply drop off my trade. So that is what I did. This part of the transaction went well. The car was ready on time, clean, and I left my Elantra in their parking lot, as instructed. After I got home, I realized I’d left my garage door opener in the old car, so I texted Lupe to see if he would mail it to me. He said he would. This was a lie. The next snafu was them mailing me the title and other paperwork that I needed for registration. In Louisiana, you have only so many days to register a newly purchased vehicle. The paperwork took so long that I was assessed a late fee by the state of Louisiana. When I DID get the paperwork, I realized that I had been charged a $499 delivery fee. After all of the hassle I went through to go pick the car up, I was astounded that they delivery fee was charged. I e-mailed and called several times about this issue and was assured a check would be sent. This was misleading. The check was sent a week later; however, it went to my lender, USAA. Not to me as was suggested. Three months later… after a phone call from my old lender, Capital One, I found out that Vroom NEVER PAID OFF MY TRADE IN. Capital One said I had two days to arrange for payment or they could report me to the credit agencies. I called the service line that I had become so familiar with over the past three months to tell them about the situation. I demanded that they pay off my old loan immediately or redeliver my Hyundai Elantra back to me. After all, I was still technically paying for it. After about 10-20 phone calls with their “service” department, I was informed that they could not wire the money that easily. Instead, they would have to send me a new set of paperwork via FedEx. I was assured they would call me, though, and arrange for delivery of the paperwork. Instead of calling me back like they promised, they proceeded to send the paperwork to my home address. I happened to be in California at the time, so I was pretty enraged with that. I called them back several more times to ensure that the papers were sent to the place where I was staying in California. They did assure me that they would go ahead and pay the balance of my trade before they received the returned paperwork. This was a lie. Before I received the final paperwork to have my trade in payed off, I got a call from their DELIVERY DEPARTMENT. Amazingly, the sequence of events had set off some kind of automatic pick-up request for my old trade-in. A guy from Texas calls and asks me what day he can pick up my Hyundai Elantra! The Elantra had been dropped off in Texas THREE MONTHS EARLIER. This company is the worst. Their various departments don’t communicate with each other, they don’t communicate with customers, and they aren’t honest when they make pr

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