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At Carvana we want to help everyone Live Feelessly. That's why we never charge last-minute dealer fees. We believe in treating you better-we think you should be able to get the right car at the right price without worrying about fees taking the joy from the ride. Plus get your car delivered as soon as the next day with our Touchless Delivery process that keeps you safe healthy and happy every step of the way.
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(9,421 reviews)

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Purchase started 11/9-had issues from the start with

Purchase started 11/9-had issues from the start with paperwork, undeclared cosmetic damage, mechanical issues, tried to swap it three times, was told it was my fault since I chose a partner/marketplace vehicle, gave up set up a return, now the pick up for the return keeps getting moved-I canceled insurance like I was told and now they keep changing the return date


The staff was friendly, professional, and respectful.

The staff was friendly, professional, and respectful. The entire process was very easy in a timely manner.


Look elsewhere.

Look elsewhere. I support myself and my daughter, and I care for my mother who has severe dementia in my home without any assistance and I need a vehicle to do all of that. Tomorrow marks two months since I purchased a car and it’s honestly the worst car buying experience I’ve ever had. The single star is only because the staff, for the most part, were friendly. I waited 2 weeks to receive the car and traveled just 15 miles before an engine malfunction message came on. Not feeling comfortable driving up a mountain to one of their approved mechanics, and being unable to go without a vehicle while the assessed the problem, repaired it and waited for paperwork, I opted to select another vehicle. I waited 2 weeks for that vehicle and at almost the exact same place on the highway the engine message came on. I decided maybe that model was the problem and went with the smaller model I had for 2 years before without issue and had high hopes I would soon be done with all of this. Two more weeks and the car arrived, but Carvana had added a $1600 down payment to the deal without advising me and I didn’t notice it on the 15th rendition of the contract. I’m a pretty patient person and had been extremely understanding during this process, even referring a friend who purchased a vehicle while dealing with this, but I’m not going to allow them to bully me out of money that was not part of the original deal. And, this car is valued lower than either of the ones with engine trouble. They were retuning my trade in on the 28th, then it was moved to the 1st. When I hadn’t heard from them by 3, I called and they said it was rescheduled to the 5th. Here we are at 2 and they’re 1.5 hours away…nothing. Do yourself a favor and go anywhere else!


Surprised at how much l enjoyed not having to go thru the

Surprised at how much l enjoyed not having to go thru the process of dealing with the nonsense at car dealerships. The Carvana system was easy and painless.


This is by far the worst experience I've had with any

This is by far the worst experience I've had with any company ever. I was in a hurry to get a car because I won't be in town long and have things to do so I thought id go through carvana. That was a week ago. I picked the 1st car because it was a decent deal and I could get it by the next day as long as I did the paperwork by 1pm. I had it done by 11 but they kept telling me they weren't getting it and I missed the deadlinem so it got pushed back a couple days. Then 1hour before schedule delivery they called me and told me my delivery got switched to December 20th. Almost an entire month and all they would say was sorry you had that experience. So I found another car because they wouldn't help me with that either. Went through the same thing with the paperwork. This one got pushed back an extra day as well then when it finally comes I get in it drive an hour and it breaks down. So I get a hotel room put it in the shop to see if I can get it fixed but they tell me it's not worth it. So I found another car that could be delivered in 2 days once again had to jump through hoops with the insurance they ended up having to charge me to have insurance on both cars because I couldn't cancel the one that was in the shop until carvana goes and gets it but they want me to have insurance on the new one the day before I'm supposed to be getting it so lost money there but I got them what they needed. so I come to pick the car up and they call me again an hour before it's supposed to be delivered and tell me they can't deliver it because the other car hasn't been picked up yet and now they want me to wait until the 12th. They don't try to fix anything they don't try to accommodate anything All they do is say I'm sorry you have that experience I don't know who's running this place but you should not have a job. You should honestly be same to yourselves a 12-year-old could run a company better than this. The only reason I haven't taken my money somewhere else it's because I already have money invested in this crappy deal and I don't trust that they will 0ay me what they owe.


The process to purchase was so easy and smooth.

The process to purchase was so easy and smooth. The approval process was quick and easy as well. The car was delivered to my house within a week as promised. The only thing that wasn't 5 star was the cleanliness of the car. It was wiped down and vacuumed but not detailed the way you would expect when buying from a dealership. I had the car detailed at my local shop and it looks great, drives great! Very pleased with the car so far


I had a terrible experience with this company.

I had a terrible experience with this company. Their website takes too long, the documents are confusing, and they are a little to no help online. They delivered the wrong vehicle to me, which was supposed to be insured and registered, but had the wrong Vin number and was 3 years newer. They had no explanation, and after taking the vehicle back, continued to deduct a down payment from me. I chose to select a similar vehicle from their website and was told the down payment would be transferred to the new vehicle. However, a whole new down payment was deducted putting my account into overdraft. the new vehicle had damage to the hatch as they were not able to remove a screw from the plate and chose to rip it out just before delivery.


Everyone at Carvana was very nice and helpful every time

Everyone at Carvana was very nice and helpful every time I called. They were always patient with me with explaining the process from start to finish. The truck looks exactly like it did in the pictures. I have sold a car to Carvana and now bought the truck. I will use Carvana in the future if I ever want to sale my second car. The only thing that bothered me was I felt there was no way around not getting insurance with the insurance company they partner with. There might have been a round around it and maybe I just didn't understand.


This has already been a nightmare I purchased a SUV last

This has already been a nightmare I purchased a SUV last Friday was told it would be here this past Monday it was not received a message about a logistic issue and was then assured it would be here Thursday 12/1/2022 yet i get another text telling me again another logistic issue this is horrible i already told them the first time i am going to be out of the country this coming weekend and further more i purchase a vehicle to actually have and drive now not weeks later i tried these folks out and at this time wish i just went with the dealership i was going with in the first place haven't been offered not one thing for the continued inconvenience at all not one thing so I'm waiting to here the next reason it wont be delivered now one more time and i will cancel this out and will never use this company again this will be my first and last time ever.


I love buying a car this way!

I love buying a car this way! Super simple and there's no hassle of salesperson. I know whati wanted and was able to choose myself without having someone try to ignore me as a female and talk to my husband. This is my second vehicle and I just love Carvana!!

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