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With Vroom you can buy your next car from the comfort of your home and get it delivered right to you! We are a national online car dealer which means we will ship any of our thousands of vehicles directly to your driveway or a convenient nearby location. Every car and truck Vroom sells has a clean title and an accident-free AutoCheck vehicle history report. Cars are inspected multiple times for safety mechanical and cosmetic issues. Looking to trade in? We'll make you a guaranteed offer for your current vehicle then come pick it up for free.


(8,455 reviews)

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Great offer for my car.

Great offer for my car. Fast process from beginning to end. $10k over the closest competitor.


Bought a vehicle (a rather expensive one) a few months

Bought a vehicle (a rather expensive one) a few months ago. Temp tags are now expired, emailed and called vroom and they cannot help me. Probably the most unhelpful dealership on earth. Borderline criminal selling me a car I now cannot drive.


The whole experience with Vroom was and still IS a

The whole experience with Vroom was and still IS a nightmare!!! 1. Car delivery - they were late. Car was dirty! Both inside and outside. There were more scratches and damages on a car than shown on photos. 2. After a week of using a car it broke down! The whole transmission had to be replaced. 3. Receiving title and registration took forever! Once finally received, i went to dmv where i was told that Vroom filled in papers wrong. The car was not transferred on my name! I was also told there were multiple complains on vroom because of this. I called them. They said we are sending you fedex label so you can ship the title back to us. Even fedex label was filled in wrong! Instead of shipping it from me the shipping was TO ME! How stupid. Now I have to wait again while title goes back and forth. Customer service over the phone is not helpful at all! Most funny part, you can’t even leave an open review on Vroom’s website, so I guess all reviews they have there are fake!


RUN RUN RUN-THEY ARE TERRIBLE The worst experience of my

RUN RUN RUN-THEY ARE TERRIBLE The worst experience of my life! I 10/10 would NOT recommend. I purchased one car with Vroom that I just was not satisfied with (no fault of theirs).It was a great experience when I purchased the first car, everyone was helpful and prompt. I was told that the "vehicle swap" was a fairly easy process but turns out that was a lie. Since purchasing the second vehicle it has been nothing short of a nightmare. They have been the most difficult people to get in contact with they have been everything but helpful. Every time I call and a request is submitted I am told that it that it takes 24-48 hours for a response- so naturally I give them a third day to respond and EVRY SINGLE TIME there is not response. So then when I call on the fourth day there is no record that my ticket was ever submitted or the ticket is closed with no explanation or communication. I could write a book on the way this company has made me feel like invaluable since making this purchase.$25,000 is not chump change to me and you would think that would have more respect for the people who are giving them business. The straw that broke the camel back and that has me typing this long review was when I requested temporary tags. The registration process was never explained fully to me Vroom was well aware that the addresses on my ID did not match the address on the the paperwork since i purchased the car in at the beginning of APRIl. I then received an e-mail after turning in my property tax receipt that the my ID MUST match the address that was provided in order for them register the vehicle. But they didn't have a problem taking my money or sending the car to the address that was not on my ID.Being that I work full time and cant make it to the DMV I had to request my new ID online so that they can register my car FINALLY. While I wait for that to come in the mail I requested another temporary tag from Vroom as they offered this to. I requested the tags on 5/12 and was told AGAIN to give them 24-48hours. I didn't hear anything back so I reached back out on the following Monday 5/16 where I was told that my ticket/case had already been closed even though no one reached out to me to communicate ANYTHING. I then submitted another requested with them on 5/16 and even e-mail over my declaration of ins. which they claimed they needed to process a new temp tag.&&&&& AGAIN I had to give them 24-48hours. Still did not hear back from them in that time frame. So here I am on 5/27 giving them yet another week to get it together. When I called in today 5/27 the first CS rep I spoke with told me that Texas changed their laws "yesterday" and that they "could not issue me a temp tag & needed to wait 24-48 hours to speak to a manager." I was livid, naturally. I called back and got another agent who told me that the law was changed "a month or more" ago. So my question is, why wasn't I made aware of this while I have been going back and fourth with Vroom for two week trying to get a temp tag. My plates expire in 2 days and I did not give Vroom my hard earned money to no be able to drive the car that I AM PAYING FOR becuase they are slack and a can't do their jobs efficiently. I wasn't until I turned into a "KAREN" that I was offered a rental car for their inconvenience. They claim that I will get an email by the end of the day that will give me information that I need to be in a rental by Sunday. But I highly doubt that will happen considering their track record with me. But I have a child that I have to get to school every morning so I hope they they figure this out before Monday!


Completed my purchase on March 2.

Completed my purchase on March 2. Still waiting on titling/registration paperwork. My temporary tag expired over a month ago. I was notified that the paperwork was sent a few days ago, but it went to the wrong county clerk’s office. Vroom has arranged for a rental vehicle in the meantime, so that was appreciated. This is my second purchase from them. Both vehicles have arrived with damage that was not disclosed on the app and likely happened in transit. They have made good on repairs. The purchase and delivery process is easy. But the titling delays and inaccurate emails are very frustrating. I have lost count of how many times I have contacted the county clerk’s office inquiring on the arrival of the paperwork. it is also frustrating receiving emails that tell me I will get a temporary tag as long as I send in proof of insurance, or that paperwork has arrived when it really hasn’t. I get the sense they are trying to make good. Regardless, they unfortunately keep coming up short. I don’t know if it is lack of staffing, failure of contracted titling agencies, or what. Unfortunately, I do not think I would purchase from them again, nor could I recommend them to a friend.


Do not buy from them!

Do not buy from them! They will take your money and sell you a piece of junk! I’ve only had the car 30days and the transmission light is on with all kind of code saying the car computer system is basic trash! Due to previous owner tried to change the system. a faster car.. On top of that I can’t drive the car because the temp tag expired and Vroom hasn’t since crap to my local DVM. It like I got a car that not really mines!Called Texas dvm to file a complaint. Customer service is total trash! Let not talk about delivery of the car! I’ll just say the whole process it a BIG SCAM! I’m talking with a lawyer because something is totally off with this company and should be shutdown ASAP!


ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE customer service.

ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE customer service. I purchased my car on 3/21/2022. It is now 5/27/2022 and my DMV registration is not complete. MY temporary tags are expired. I have made 6 requests for a manager to call me and they will not return my calls. I am getting hold of the loan company and my attorney.


To make a long story short, I purchased the vehicle on

To make a long story short, I purchased the vehicle on February 1, 2022. It has been 4 months since I purchased the vehicle (paid in full - no financing) and I still do not have the title to the vehicle. I can not register my car in my state and Vroom can no longer issue temporary tags. I purchased another vehicle the same week from a local dealership and had plates on the vehicle in just 3 weeks. This is madness!


The whole process was supposed to take 10 to 15 days.

The whole process was supposed to take 10 to 15 days. I still have no vehicle and keep getting told it will be 10 to 15 days. I asked to speak to a supervisor or manager and was told they do not have supervisors or managers. When I asked if they were publicly traded or private company they hung up on me, again. I now know this is a Bezos company. I should have known better and wish I never did business with these communists.


Thank you so much for your service.

Thank you so much for your service. I have been trying to sell my car for months and everyone was lowballing and that's when I got online to find a buyer. Thanks for buying my car. Vroom is a great place to start and finish.

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