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Backup light

Very knowledgeable and knew exactly what was happening and fixed the problem quickly and I really appreciated the advice of the team thanks for the great service


Hassle free oil change.

I showed up 30 minutes early for my appointment and they took my vehicle back right away. It only took about an hour for a oil change and tire rotation. The staff was more than courteous during my short stay.


Above and beyond

We didn’t get good news about our Fiat 500 Pop Engine damaged beyond repair. but the staff did everything possible to lessen the pain & suffering. Going so far as to provide advice about where and how to get towing supplies for return trip to FL. Even helped push the car onto the tow dolly. Special thanks to James & Lori


Great dealership

Awesome job!! Made it easy for me and I was in and out in no time. Got there at 5 and we were done in an hour.


Great customer service

Lori went above and beyond to keep me updated on my jeeps progress. I’ve recently relocated from Pittsburgh , and was made to feel a priority


Worst Service Dept. EVER

I want to start by saying that its a shame that a minimum of at least 1-star has to be given in the rating,  since NOT A SINGLE ASPECT of the business is deserving of one. AVOID THIS SERVICE DEPARTMENT BY ANY AND ALL MEANS NECESSARY!!!  You can expect zero respect in regards to your time or your property. Also count on them to assume NO ACCOUNTABILITY for thier blatant disrespect for your vehicle, as it is REPEATEDLY neglected and/or damaged by their hands, and while in their possession. As someone who has been a loyal customer of mopar vehicles his ENTIRE adult life (im 44 and currently own 3, and the car currently being REPEATEDLY neglected/abused/damaged with EVERY VISIT is my 4th modern challenger: a hellcat redeye),  I can say unequivocally,  without question, that: as long as the current management is in place, and I live in Savannah (being all but forced to use one of thier locations), I WILL NEVER AGAIN buy a new (or even used vehicle under warranty)  Chrysler vehicle again...EVER!!! A factory warrantee is USELESS when: the local dealership has proved INCAPABLE of fixing ANY problems (or only after MULTIPLE attempts), even for minor issues, and/or when said dealership returns your vehicle with more damage/problems than when left in thier possession. This establishment is also  the SOLE REASON for not purchasing mopars extended warranty, as they render it worthless.. Keep in mind, this review is only made after NUMEROUS trips, with EVERY SINGLE ENCOUNTER being horrendous/riddled with issues. With the latest fiasco, it took 2 weeks to get the appointment, then after taking them the car .....AGAIN...for the SAME check engine code...AGAIN (3 or 4x now), I checked in after about week (since of course they feel no obligation to contact the customer for updates), I learn that NO ONE HAD EVEN LOOKED AT THE CAR. NOT ONLY THAT, over that weeks time, they had simply put the car out to pasture in the elements (OR by the looks of it? I'd guess they'd taken it dirt track racing....which us something i also wouldn't put past them). All on a car that: is garaged 24/7 and driven on nice days that WHEN DROPPED OFF, was freshly detailed and spotless, that they've been told REPEATEDLY if it was going to sit out just call me and ill come get it. What was the appointment I had to wait 2 weeks for again? Apparently to drop the vehicle off, and have the finish destroyed for a week before anyone even pretended they may fix it (spoiler alert: they fixed NOTHING)They ACTUALLY HAD THE AUDACITY to call me to come get the car in this unfathomable condition, and upon arriving gave me the keys and said "go find it hope ur not blocked in" (really professional guys) , only for me to find my $90k+ hellcat redeye looking like a broken down car that had sat under trees in a field for years. I was greeted with greasy, oily handprints all over the doors, windows, etc. It was covered in BAKED ON bird crap, a thick layer of some unknown substance coating the entire vehicle, hard h20 spots that are actually LAYERED, and a completely ruined finish that now will need a complete paint correction TO HOPEFULLY bring it back to pre- Step One automotive condition. And the best part? IT WAS ALL FOR NOTHING. They fixed NOTHING. They simply erased the code and actually claimed it was prob from "bad fuel" REALLY?????? OK, Yeah right! Its amazing how much bad fuel must be around here, bc thats the cause over and over again (according to them) for 1.5yrs now. It shouldn't matter if its a $5k or $500k vehicle, there is NO EXCUSE for the outright and intentional neglect. One would think if there was a vehicle they WOULDN'T treat like a trash heap, it would be ONE OF THIER OWN BRANDS nearly $100k flagship vehicles. One would be sorely mistaken, as i was, and have had to  unfortunately learn. Obviously, the lesson of treating other peoples property with care and respect, is a lesson learned by no one there


Great experience!

Great buying experience and friendly staff. Definitely recommend! Came looking for a used vehicle and they were able to put us in a nicer new vehicle for cheaper!


Respected my time and gave excellent service

Super friendly and thorough. Excellent technology that showed what service was due. Work was done at a fair price. The waiting room has good WiFi.


In a hurry!

In a hurry to get to work! Took a chance and stopped by to get a quick oil change. Customer service was absolutely amazing. I was told that they would get me in and out in an hour. They did it quick fast and in a hurry. Val was the best. She was very knowledgeable and super friendly. She got me in and out and off to work. Great experience. I’ll be back for sure.


Great Customer Setvice

Made an appointment for oil change and tire rotation. I arrived early thinking I would wait until my appointment. Val was super helpful and relayed no appointment was necessary for these services. She got me right in and I was out before the scheduled appointment time. Great customer service! Thanks Val for being so helpful!

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