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With Vroom you can buy your next car from the comfort of your home and get it delivered right to you! We are a national online car dealer which means we will ship any of our thousands of vehicles directly to your driveway or a convenient nearby location. Every car and truck Vroom sells has a clean title and an accident-free AutoCheck vehicle history report. Cars are inspected multiple times for safety mechanical and cosmetic issues. Looking to trade in? We'll make you a guaranteed offer for your current vehicle then come pick it up for free.

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(8,459 reviews)

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They made the best offer on my car by over $1,000, were

They made the best offer on my car by over $1,000, were clear and honest in their communications, and their tow truck driver was very friendly and polite. They were very prompt in their communications, and the transaction went smoothly.


Eric Ivory was very helpful.

Eric Ivory was very helpful. He made the progress fast and easy. On haggling on the pricing.


Customer service after sale is HORRIBLE!

Customer service after sale is HORRIBLE! I bought car in February and I am still waiting for title work to be submitted to state. Called and spoken to many people, get same scripted answer. When I ask to speak to someone with authority, I'm told they are not available. Worst run business I've ever dealt with. I am beyond upset, and will probably have to hire an attorney to get this resolved.


Took delivery of my car on 3/22/22, my temporary

Took delivery of my car on 3/22/22, my temporary registration expired on 5/14/22, today is 5/23/22. I've been calling VROOM since late April, every time was told to wait for the registration paper work. On 5/10/22 I called and spoke to Alexis explained to her my situation and frustration and she opened a case #01355042 and told me to wait for an email within 24-72 hours for a response. A week went by no email so I called on 5/17/22 and spoke to Dieto who informed me that my paperwork was lost by FEDEX and will re-FEDEX me my registration documents, and also told me they will provide me rental car, I need to wait for an email within 24-72 hours. Still no emails as of 5/20/22 so I called again and spoke to Carbella who escalated this to a priority case (I guess prior to that my case is not a priority) and will receive a priority email in 24 hours. Today 5/23/22 still no email and response so I called to spoke to Nelson who put me on hold and got disconnected (or maybe hang up on me), called back and spoke to Auguo, who look at the case and informed me he will make another priority request and I need to wait 24-72 for response, I demanded to talk to supervisor or manager and was told supervisor/manager don't take calls and I need to wait for email. This is the first time I purchased on-line from VROOM, so far very unpleasant experience, I should of have purchased from traditional car dealership to save time and hassles. As of now I have a car with expired temp tag that I can't drive and I don't have a spare car, I'M NOT HAPPY!


If I could give 0 stars I would.

If I could give 0 stars I would. This is a complete scam. A friend of mine purchased a vehicle and can’t even get it to pass inspection and they won’t help or even call her back.


Very nice company.

Very nice company. I trust for everything. I see Lexus 2017 good price for me. Thanks 🙏


One of the WORST experiences I've ever had!

One of the WORST experiences I've ever had!! Beyond furious is an understatement and Im ready to pursue legal action. Customer service continues to give you the go round, that "they are escalating the case" and then I hear nothing from them until I reach back out to them. Purchased my truck in February '22, delivered March 9th. I was told I could expect my plates and registration by middle of April. My temp tag expired April 22nd. I reached out on multiple instances for a new temp tag, however my insurance apparently didn't meet the standards of Texas. Given that I'm stationed in New Mexico, I thought "what does it matter?" but they refused to send me a new temp tag until I updated my insurance. Once I did, suddenly the Texas DMX was no longer giving out temp tags for vehicles housed out of state. April 29th, I called Vroom for them to tell me THEY messed up my paperwork, they were aware of it as of April 9th (STILL WITH NO ONE REACHING OUT TO INFORM ME) and that they administered my paperwork that very week I happened to call. I should "expect my plates May 16th-21st". Ok great, looking forward to it. As of 5 minutes ago, on May 21st, when I got off the phone with their "Customer Service" there's been no update since April 9th, that nothing's changed and they are unaware of what's going on with my plates. They will "escalate and make my case high priority" but I will most likely not get an answer for another 72 hours. At this point, I'm at a complete loss of how to proceed and will return the vehicle. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY


There should be negative stars.

There should be negative stars. This dealership doesn't deserve even one. What a horrific, aggravating, upsetting, experience buying a car from this dealership. The salesperson was great but after that the process was totally horrendous. They lost my paperwork, as well as didn't send me all the paperwork that required my original signature. They didn't bother to call me to tell me. I called them after a week had gone by to see where we were in the process, as all the paperwork was submitted, this is when I found out. I was told replacement paperwork would be Fed Exed that day, didn't receive it. I called everyday for 2 weeks & nobody could tell me what the hold up was, it was always another department. I left several VM, no return calls. I requested supervisors call me never a return call. There are too many people in too many departments involved with one car &, other than the salesman, all are ineffectivein the job. Iemailed multiple times never a response, including the company president. I had send proof of insurance on the new vehicle@ the beginning of the process. I get an email from my insurance Co stating that if the car wasn't registered w/in 30 days I would face state fines/penalties. I called Vroom spoke to someone supposedly in that specific department, he assured me the car would be delivered w/ temp tags & title. Today the car was delivered, WITHOUT either the temp tags & title. I called Vroom advising that i needed these documents immediately as the car will be towed for being parked in the street & not having plates. The person@ Vroom had the audacity to tell me it will take 24-48 hrs for them to be emailed to me & continued to say the same thing over & over when I asked why. Why would it take thus long to email the paperwork that They should already have, no answer. What am I supposed to do sit in my car until they are emailed& to explain to the cops that employees of Vroom are incompetent? They all have the same script " I'm sorry & I understand ". It made me want to scream. I heard this hundreds of times from absolutely every person I spoke to yet none of them could give a straight answer to any question. I am supposed to have 7 days or 250 miles if I want to return the car. I can't even drive the car because of their continued ineptitude. The only thing that went w/o a hitch them taking thousands of dollars from me. I think there should be an investigation into this company as the majority of experiences are negative.


This ‘dealership’ is not actually a dealership it’s

This ‘dealership’ is not actually a dealership it’s simply A SCAM they tried to tell me that I need to put a thousand more in down payment than what the bank had told me and when I had told the sales man (JASON BULL) that I had spoke to the bank and told him that they said a different number he claimed it’s because of all of the different fees and everything but when I talked to the bank AGAIN they said that my down payment was fine since I was already approved for that amount even with all the fees but he was saying that I’m not doing it correctly and that he’s talked to the bank himself, then like the next day I looked at the summary for the car and it had gone from 18,000 to 22,000 TWENTY-TWO THOUSAND!!!! With no heads up no communication about this price change and the fact that I had already put in the 250 charge for holding the car which they only hold it for 24hrs it’s apparently non refundable which is bs!! Especially if they are going to try to up the down payment and shoot up the price!! If the car is a good deal but it’s too good to be true it’s BECAUSE IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!!


If I could give this company no stars I would.

If I could give this company no stars I would. My boyfriend has had the worst experience with this company. Not only has he had the worst customer service experience with people over the phone, he's had the worst experience with the vehicles itself and the delivery drivers. The first vehicle he purchased, the delivery driver was extremely unprofessional and the vehicle had so many issues with it. The second car he purchased from them was fine at first, and then problems started to occur. He shouldn't have to put money into this vehicle yet and I personally think that vroom should be responsible for things. He has contacted customer service many times to tell them what he is experiencing and nothing is being done of it. They want him to do this and that for paperwork but it literally takes forever to do one single thing with this company. This company is literally a lawsuit waiting to happen. They haven't even sent him his registration yet and it's been like a month. Seriously the worst car buying experience. DON'T BUY FROM THIS COMPANY, you WILL be sold a lemon rather you are aware of it or not. The website is a joke, everything about this company is a joke. The commercial is a joke too. Definitely not even worth your time or your money.

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