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(15 reviews)

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Gross Misrepresentation

xxxx of the earth. Quoted me over the phone $39k for smoke riddled CPO Ridgeline. I thought this was low until I smelled the thing. Final out the door price > $51k. I told them I could get a new one for that price (I did). Called them liars to their face and made a scene on my way out. I get that in this market there are going to be markups and hidden “accessories” on new cars vs what the “advertsed” price is, but someone asks for the “asking” price on a used vehicle, don’t feed them a line of BS.


TERRIBLE!! Do not come here!!!

TERRIBLE. Internet price is a SCAM. They will upmark the price by at least $5,000 when you talk to a salesperson. I went to look at a car that was listed for $16,700 but was told I would have to pay $26,000 for it. WHAT? What kind of xxxxing sense is that?!


Bait and switch dealership

The price they advertise online is fake. There is at least 5K mark-up once you talk to the salesperson. If you are expecting an internet-buying experience, you will be disappointed once you visit this place. I would say they are one of the worst in the bay area based on my experience at other dealerships.


called about an advertised price for a type r civic. same...

called about an advertised price for a type r civic. same bs other reviewers warn about, that price online is a no go. what a waste of time. "we will match other dealer pricing" you wont. trying to sell a civic 10k over MSRP what a joke


Shopping for a New Vehicle at Morgan Hill Honda

So, I've decided to look for a new Vehicle. Their list price was $30,480. Went over, test drive it. Everything went fine. So we we sat down to Negotiate, the young lady Jack up the price to $39,000. Nevertheless, I've Cross that out and lower the price. Now, I sold cars before and I don't know of any salesman use that tactic to successfully sell any cars. Must have some bad training.

Dealer response

Hi, Jerry: We apologize if not everything was explained fully to you. We will work to improve moving forward.


Wife went in to look at new 2021 CR-V and have Victory...

Wife went in to look at new 2021 CR-V and have Victory inspect and test drive our trade in 2018 CR-V. Sales person gave quote with trade in that was ridiculous. I had my wife leave. Over the next several days Victory emailed back and forth negotiating for the new CR-V. Came to a price with trade that was agreed to twice in email by Victory sales staff (I was specific on details the second time to make sure we were on the same page). We prepared our trade and drove the 40 minutes to the dealership for the appointment they set to sign paperwork (supposed to be ready). Was greeted with salesperson and price $16k higher than the agreed to amount. Price was more than 10k above "suggested retail value" on the CR-V. Simply unbelievable. We now have our new CR-V using trade at a reputable Honda dealership at a final price with our trade in within 2k of the "agreed to" deal we had at Victory Honda in Morgan Hill. Obviously the deal was within reason as agreed to by Sales staff at Victory but they have no honor. If you are looking for honor and respect from a Honda dealership, look elsewhere. Victory Honda in Morgan Hill sales staff have no problem taking the shine off of a great product. I should have stuck with Sam Linder in Salinas as I have purchased there before (several cars). I have always received great service there, I thought Victory would be of the same caliber. Not even close.


Ignore their advertised prices

Like so many reviews before, prices advertised are BOGUS. Come in and prepare to be swindled.... They add on undesirable add-ons (oh, every car new and used MUST have special locks on the wheels and GPS... when was the last time you had a wheel take off your car, seriously?! Or needed GPS to find your car, give me a break!)


Extremely rude customer service.

Extremely bad service, never visit here. Their price are fake and customer service is zero. They give you a fake price over the phone and when you go there they don't accept the price, they only ask you for the price quote from other dealers but they never match it when you go there.

Dealer response

We are so sorry to read this, Jagadish. Please know that we are using your feedback to ensure it does not happen again.


Professional People, Great experience

Very excellent experience with this dealership. Our salesman, Dane, was understanding and genuinely trying to get us the best deal possible. We knew there would be back and forth when it came to negotiations but not once was Dane pushy, aggressive, or agitated. The price for our trade in didn’t match what we were looking for however Dane made sure to find wiggle room within the overall price where it would even out. Please remember, the dealership will tack on additional features, some can be removed some can not. I’ve been buying cars for years, this was honestly my best experience. We already had financing in place, the dealership did not push their own financing on us at all. Very pleased with them, will recommend Victory Honda to everyone. Keep a positive attitude and do the dance, these professionals will make sure you are taken care of. Keep up the great work guys, and THANK YOU DANE!

Dealer response

Thank you very much, Joshua!


Bait and Switch Tactics

NEVER work with Robert Verceles. We were trying to get a jeep there and he didn't tell me about $3,000 with of add ons that can't be removed. Then when trying to explain this to his partner or coworker he began belittling me (22F). He guilt tripped me and lied too his coworker about what he said. I left that place feeling disgusting they were that mean to me. I've never been that blatantly degraded by 50 old man knowing this is my first time buying a car.