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Ok but wouldn’t do business with them again

Some parts Ok but wouldn’t buy there again Easy up to the time you pick up the vehicle then the stress started. The write up for our Tahoe said that the only thing on the checklist that didn’t pass was the tires and the repaired replaced box was checked. So you would think that this meant they replaced the tires as you can’t repair tread wear. Wrong when we got there to pick up the Vehicle the tires were not new in fact they only had about 3/32 of tread on them. We questioned this with the person doing our paperwork she said there was nothing she could do about it and to call customer service when we got home (as they had no cell service at all at the pickup place and we were told we couldn’t use their Wi-Fi to connect our phones). When we got home called customer service and were told to take it to one of their repair facilities (closest one 1 1/2 hours away) and it would cost us a $100 for them to look at the tires and see if they needed replacement. After the above experience I’m sure we would drive there pay them the $100 and be told the tires were passable. As we got a run around from everyone we talked to about the problem. Everything else on the vehicle was ok except the auto windshield wipers don’t work on auto and one of the radio buttons on the back of the steering wheel was falling out and didn’t work fixed the last one myself. Recommends this product ✘ No


Trade in not paid off

The easy part of Carvana is buying the vehicle and trading your vehicle in. The hard part or I might say nightmare is after. I traded my vehicle in and they were supposed to pay off the remaining balance. I received a notice from the previous lender that my payment was past due. When I contacted previous lender (audi) they said Carvana never sent them a check and now I owe late fees. I have contacted Carvana now 4 times trying to get this resolved and still have no resolution. Every time they say they will call you back and never do. At first I thought man this is a great process and I will do it again. Now I have to say this is my first and last time I will use Carvana.


Worst car buying experience

Worst car buying experience!!! Was locked in since I paid their transfer/delivery fee which is non-refundable (my biggest mistake). This was followed by numerous delays and very bad customer service - takes > 1 day to get back to you. Said all paperwork is 100% correct and on the delivery date will call you that a paperwork needs correction. Run!


They shorted me $12,200!

Offered me 2800 for my car… dealership down the road gave me 15k. I understand making a couple bucks but that is insane. Would never do business with them.


Suffer through the car salesmen instead!

I searched and found a vehicle (2022 Honda Pilot) I really wanted (color and trim level) and received the one I chose. However, if I had gone into a dealership and looked at and test drove the car, I would not have purchased it. The front tires were worn and looked like never rotated. With only 27,600 miles the edges were smooth. One front tire had been driven flat so sidewall was broken down as evidenced by a groove that went around the whole tire, weakening the entire tire. The car arrived with over 10 air fresheners stashed all over in it and smelled like hot air freshener xxxx! Now that I've gotten THAT stink out of it, it's obvious someone spent the year they had the vehicle smoking in it. Who knows how long that will take to fade. The navigation system was giving no sound and I had to take it to a Honda dealership to get it diagnosed and fixed. None of these facts were disclosed before I bought the car. The only reason I gave as many as three stars is because everything went well until I got the car. I would say customer service is good but they make it extremely difficult to speak with a human except to apply. Afterward, there is limited information on how to remedy any of this kind of stuff. I would recommend just putting up with salesmen at a dealership instead of buying without seeing a vehicle first. I'll go to a local dealer and suffer through the salesman shtick and negotiation next time.


Worse company EVER!

Absolutely the worse company EVER! I sold them a car two weeks ago, they screwed up sending my wire and have been on the phone seven times for over 2 hours. They must outsource their call center, nobody speaks good english. I was about to buy another car from them, they can forget that I will take my business elsewhere.



Carvana is very good at getting the deal done. I’ve purchased 2 cars from them and will not buy another from them again. The experience after delivery has been awful. The first car I purchased was not detailed. They promised to reimburse me to have the cars detailed on my time, but ended up only offering a $100 credit each time. A full detail is at least 3 times this amount. Got a call on the day my 2nd car was to be delivered stating that they were several alerts regarding tire pressure and the need to have a battery replaced. I still took delivery of it, but had to expend the time to have these issues fixed. Both cars also did not come with floor mats. The floor mats provided were the wrong size and color for both vehicles. Just a lot of hassle calling them and trying to get them to do what they committed to do. A big waste of time. The credit for the detailing took 3 months to receive. Be very cautious. The overall concept of their company is good, but execution is terrible.



I am very disappointed with the lack of integrity of Carvana LLC. This company made me waste my time waiting in hopes of getting a car to use for work. I wasted time submitting documents and wasting money on wire transfer fees, and finally Carvana refused at the last minute for approval. Carvana are not a good company. I will never buy a car from this company and will never recommend anyone to support them business anymore.


Total scam

. They make it easy for you to sign a new vehicle but the problems start trickling in after. Going on 5 months still and no registration. Check their reviews everywhere and it's a rampant issue. I have no idea how they can be called a dealership when they can't complete such a basic function.


Terrible Experience

If you have any problems you will be greeted with the reality that they will refuse under any circumstances to refund, reimburse, or offer any reconciliation of any kind. Read all of the many bad reviews posted around the web to see how common have a problem is.

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