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thieves and liar

After speaking to them over the phone about all the pricing I went down to dealership upon my appointment the car wasn’t ready to show it was all dirty and was parked all the way back behind three other cars even tho they confirmed me an hour before my appointment and told me the car is ready and parked in front for you to test drive. It wasn’t the only bad experience I had. Secondly they jacked up 6k on the price we spoke over the phone and they weren’t even taxes or dmv. They forced me to buy a warranty for with the for 6k if not they won’t sell me the car. They are sooo bad to be in that neighborhood. I will also complain to consumer about them and would not recommend anyone to go there.



Price jumped 7,000 the minute i walked in the door. Salesman couldnt explain the car to me as ive done research prior to my visit. They are in it to make a quick buck, buyer beware.


Awful experience and a waste of time

Scheduled a time to come down and check out/test drive a car at their dealership. I arrive only to find out the car is being blocked by another car in the lot that has a flat tire and its too late in the day to inflate and move it. Then we discuss numbers and there is an additional fee here and another fee there raising the price of the car another $4k. These are not taxes mind you... I ask if they would be willing to work on the price of the car and they said they wouldn't budge its a set in stone Carfax price. What a bunch of sales robots. I check back a week later and the car is discounted $3k on their website. They are all about bait and switch and they don't even seem interested in making a deal as I couldn't even get a call back.


Terrible dealer- Please don’t waste your time

Saw a new car on When we got to the dealership the sales person seemed pretty nice. We took it for a test drive and my husband fell in love with car. We did not have our Dow payment so we made an appt for the. Next day. When we got there we saw the finance manger. He quoted us a high monthly payment! We looked at this numbers and realized they were charging us an extra 10k for this car. They tried to explain that it was taxes.... we left and never went back. These people are xxxx. They try to scam people and it unfortunate because I’m sure you get people who will fall for it.


vert bad experiences - FI lies !!!

a day ago- Very bad experience here!!! The FI manager here name “Fred” play” run around “game and lies to me when i asked him to cancel my extended warranty.later found he never did so I have to cancel it from the warranty company directly.Now,the refund has been issued back to the selling dealer but they are not willing to give me any update! Have contacted them many times and asked to speak with their general manager and no one can get me to speak with general manager without any reason !!!!! It has been a half year


BAD Dealership!

BAD Dealership ... Buyer Beware!!! I attempted to buy an Aston Martin for cash and experienced an unprofessional and bad business dealer. THE STORY: when buying exotic cars you must do a Pre Purchase Inspection. I attempt to arrange a reputable nearby exotic car specialist to do an inspection but they refused. Understanding their concern for car secure ... I recommended they have multiple employees stay with the car yet they refused. Moral of the story ... I’ve bought many exotic cars and have never bad such an experience except when dealers are hiding a BAD car!


useless sales people

was interested in the 2011 Nissan Armada. I called and made an appointment to be canceled and rescheduled to be canceled again. i asked for pictures 3x and all 3x nothing. I know there car is not a brand new car not a 2020 but there should be a tad bit of ethics when it comes to a customer and his/hers needs and wants. Took my business some where else and came out w/ a 2018 328 bmw. your dealership has no respect for peoples time.



Wanted to purchase a 2017 Audi Q7 with 73K miles on it. The price had just dropped by $3,000 and I was excited to jump on the deal. Unfortunately it turned out to be a complete waste of time on my part. I am however pursuing this matter with authorities because these types of dishonesty and shady business practices must be stopped. It started out with normal conversations and genuine desire to proceed with the transaction. Then I slowly started getting the runaround because I wanted to pay cash for the vehicle. After a lot of back and forth, I learned that even though they don’t tell you anywhere in the advertisement, they REALLY want you to finance the vehicle. Oh it gets even better - you MUST finance through their preferred lender! I really don’t know and understand how the State of NY allows these types of practices to go on but I am going to do whatever I can to inform the public and more importantly the authorities at this time. So, this is the first step I am taking in a series of many other steps to come. I think one of the reason these practices continue is because most of us just don’t complain to the authorities and the BBB. We get very angry but then we just drop it due to time and other constraints. Well I plan to change that. I have all the names, emails, and detailed information I need about the Dealership to move forward. Wish me luck!


Great Overall Service!!!!!!!

My experience at Baron Auto Emporium was Great!!!!!My sales representative, Manny Gonzalez, was amazing. Based upon my personal situation and experiences, Mr. Gonzalez gave me TOP OF THE LINE SERVICE!!!! His professionalism in how he treated me was TOP CLASS. B.A.E. DelIvered my vehicle in pristine condition. I look forward to working with Mr. Gonzalez and B.A.E. in the near future. Blessings to you, Baron Auto Emporium!!!!!


Buyer Beware - Baron Auto Not Trustworthy

My sales experience showed Baron Auto to be either unorganized, or evasive, neither of which reflects a trustworthy auto dealership. Buyer beware. I bought a 2017 Dodge Durango Citadel on 4/18/2020 from Baron Auto, reportedly under their NIADA certified pre-owned program. I took the Durango to my local Dodge service center (DeCozen Fiat Chrysler Dodge Jeep) on 5/11/2020 to diagnose white smoke coming from the exhaust upon cold starting the vehicle. Their diagnosis was compromised head gaskets, requiring replacement of both gaskets on this vehicle's v8 engine. Additionally, DeCozen found a thick stop-leak type product in the system, such as Bars Leaks, which was fouling the water pump. They recommended replacing the water pump on the vehicle and flushing the cooling system to remove the Bars Leaks and prevent potential future engine problems due to the residue. The cost of the head gasket repair was covered by this vehicle's NIADA CPO powertrain warranty coverage. DeCozen stated the water pump replacement and flushing service would cost $871 tax, and would not be covered under warranty due to the presence of Bars Leaks, which is not an approved repair solution under Dodge warranty. I asked Baron to cover the cost of the water pump and engine flush treatment. The Durango was marketed as having passed a NIADA CPO inspection, which includes engine, cooling, and road test components which all involve this diagnosed powertrain problem. That NIADA coverage conveyed a sense of security that powertrain problems would be covered and repaired under warranty, a statement Baron Auto repeated during the sale of the vehicle. After calling Fred at Baron Auto for five days, on 5/16/2020 Emir from Baron Auto spoke with Fred while I held the line, and told me Baron Auto would take care of the water pump/flush service repair cost. After the repairs were completed on 5/20/2020, Fred subsequently refused to pay DeCozen, and insisted I pay for the service and Baron Auto would write a check to me. Another week of repeated phone calls by DeCozen’s repair service shop and me passed in which Fred was consistently “not in yet” or “with a customer and unavailable.” On 5/26/2020, I could wait no longer to have my supposedly certified pre-owned vehicle back, and I was forced to pay for the water pump and flush repairs myself. I was disappointed with Baron Auto’s customer service. They proved extremely difficult to reach via telephone, practicing a defense technique of answering the phone but not connecting me to the ultimate person I was trying to reach. A verbal contract was reached on the water pump repair after a week of waiting, only to be breached by Baron Auto when it was time to pay the bill. I would highly caution anyone looking to purchase a vehicle from this dealership. Be extremely well-organized and certain of everything before closing your deal, especially in these times of Covid-19 restrictions on business activities and test driving. They didn’t keep their promise to me.