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The team at Auto Gallery Mitsubishi Murrieta would like to welcome you to our dealership in Murrieta, where we're confident you'll find the vehicles you're looking for at a price you can afford. Come and check out our full selection of new Mitsubishi vehicles, or get a great deal on a reliable pre-owned model. No matter which vehicle you decide on, our professional finance team will help you get settled with a competitive financing or lease plan. Lots of folks in Murrieta count on the high-quality vehicles and services found at Auto Gallery Mitsubishi Murrieta, and we look forward to living up to our reputation every day. Stop in and see us!

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Poor Customer Service

The buying process went too smooth. At the end of our purchase there was not a printed contract or warranty paperwork available. Supposedly ALL of the contract and additional information was stored onto a flash drive that was given to us. A few days later when I attempted to open the files all the information was missing. I bought the vehicle January 1 2021, and I was finally able to obtain the missing files and hard copies about 2 weeks ago. Mid March 2021. I called the Dealership several times leaving messages, and hearing, " the finance staff and owner are in a meeting, I'll have them call you back." This went on for months. I finally drove to the Dealership an hour or so away, to request these items in person; after the staff member said they will call me back in 10 minutes. 4 hours later I was there in person, and was finally able to speak with the person that handle our paperwork. I had to return 2 other times, because certain files or parts were missing from the contracts. There was a noise that the engine was making and the owner had me take it to their main dealership, and the Service Manager from Corona came out to the vehicle to hear the noise and said "that's normal, nothing to worry about". Well... now my vehicle is at a different Dealership and the "normal noise" was actually a major engine problem. Now... I have to wait anywhere from 3-4 days to weeks, before the Warranty company approves the repairs. Now my son is without a vehicle. ( My son is recently a Paraplegic, that was the reason for purchasing a van from the Auto Gallery Mitsubishi Corona-Murrieta.) Then the Dealership ran the VIN information and the vehicle comes back showing it still belongs to Enterprise the Car Rental Company, it doesn't show the second owner or us listed, so the Dealership recommended for us to contact the Dealership we purchase the vehicle from, so they can correct it in the system, so our information shows...



The price on is not the final price of the vehicle! This dealership will not discuss vehicles over the phone for a reason. The SCAM is to LURE you into the dealership by not dealing with people over the phone. Then they BAIT AND SWITCH THE PRICE likely after they've already run your credit, and then they STONEWALL any attempts to talk with anybody in charge. They do not honor their advertised price which on their own website they refer to as their “OUR BEST PRICE”. They WILL NOT remove the dealer added extras they use to jack the price up by thousands! This dealership knows what they are doing and is dishonest and calculating. This was my personal experience and they likely treat everyone the same way. You should question if a good review about this dealership is fake and just their way of burry the real reviews.


Deceptive Pricing

The prices listed on their website understate the actual pre-OOD price by ~$4-$5k. The dealer adds in options that are not "options" but are required to be paid.

Dealer response

John G., thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We regret that you had a negative experience, and will use this as an opportunity to improve.


Horrible experience

I had been shopping for a Jeep Patriot over the past few months and came across a 2016 High Altitude Edition at Auto Gallery Mitsubishi Corona. It had all the options we wanted and low miles as well. It was listed for $13,995 which was a reasonable price, most likely priced that way due to the fact that it had a weird Car Fax history. The report said it had been owned by the DMV for a couple of years and had an open recall, which was very concerning to me. I was very uncomfortable taking the car with the open recall, which I discussed with the sales person. I wanted to be sure there was room left for any repairs I might need to pay for due to the recall. Also, to purchase mats if necessary. At, the time they were missing and they were going to look for them. The salesperson said he understood and went back and forth with the manager until we agreed on a price of $13,000. Before we could go any farther, they wanted a down payment of $2000. Next, my 16 year old, extremely excited daughter and I were escorted into the finance office to sign the paperwork. As we went through the contract I noticed that something wasn’t adding up... First of all he had me sign something that said they were not aware of any open recalls on the car. I told him that the Car Fax report said it did. He said Car Fax was often wrong and that he ran a different report which is much more accurate and there IS NOT AN OPEN RECALL on the car. Secondly, even though they found us a great rate (better than our credit union), by the end of the loan would have paid $18,000 for our $13,000 dollar car. When I asked for an explanation he pointed out that I was paying for LoJack and Door Guard on top of the $13,000. I WAS SHOCKED that they tried to SNEAK that in!! The price we agreed on was PERFECTLY CLEAR BEFORE GOING INTO FINANCE. If I hadn’t been paying close attention, I would have just signed!! After trying to explain it away and becoming frustrated with me, the finance person called the sales person and manager in. We were told that I was mistaken and that dealerships always add things to their cars, it’s standard practice, and I should have known. They brought in a paper that had the added options in tiny print at the bottom that they said they showed me. So, even though we verbally agreed on $13,000 (multiple times), it was my fault that I didn’t see the fine print. They also said I was getting a great deal and usually there customers are happy. They said they didn’t want to work with someone who wasn’t happy and if I didn’t like the deal, I could leave. Well, I absolutely would have left if I didn’t have my daughter with me, who as this point had already used her own $2000 for a down payment, was trying to defend me, and crying at the same time. I’m sure they saw us coming a mile away!! It’s just terrible when a bunch of grown men take advantage of a woman and her young daughter! Eventually, after my daughter started crying, they offered to take $250 off if we gave up the 30 day option to return the car if we were dissatisfied with it...WOW, THANKS!! They also took off a couple hundred dollars off the added equipment. I reluctantly accepted because, I hate to admit it but honestly I was warn down and exhausted. I ended up paying $14,000. ...Soooo, now today I get a call from the dealership telling me that there IS AN OPEN RECALL and the car cannot be registered until it is repaired!! One more thing that bothered me about their customer service is that I was assured that I would be contacted about the mats. When I didn’t hear from them, I called and wasn’t able to reach the anyone to get an answer. Nobody EVER contacted me. So, we went ahead and purchased them on our own. Hopefully, I am able to successfully get the recall repaired and I have no more issues with the car or the dealership! We all know about the reputation of used car salesmen and dealerships. Be EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS dealing with the super shady sales tactics

Dealer response

Hemnes, thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We regret that you had a negative experience, and will use this as an opportunity to improve.


New Outlander :)

Thank you for such a great deal :) Very happy with our purchase, Highly recommend to family and friends !!! Love the new car thank you :)

Dealer response

Hi Samsuam Smash, we are very happy to have provided you with such a positive experience!



1. Advertised price is misleading. Does not include Lo-Jack and Paint Protection. 2. Taxes and License is over priced. 3. Charger for an electric vehicle was missing! Really?? Has to keep on asking for it. They finally “found” an old and obviously worn out charger. 4. The car was not cleaned properly.

Dealer response

Duroyski, thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We regret that you had a negative experience, and will use this as an opportunity to improve.



THIS PLACE IS A SCAM!!! I wish I could give it negative stars! I also wish I read the reviews before driving up there from San Diego. ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW!!! This place should be shut down for their illegal practice. I have been searching for a car for awhile and saw online a few types of vehicles from them that were at great prices, so I called up and made an appointment to see the cars. They wanted stock numbers so they could clean and sanitize the vehicles before I use. I was very excited about their dedication to customer service, safety and cleanliness. WOW WAS I WRONG. When we test drove the vehicles they looked like they haven’t been cleaned in weeks, if not longer and there was even tape on parts of the vehicle holding it together, Scotch Tape!!! That should have been a red flag to not waste our time, but we continued looking and talking because the price was so good. Fast forward an hour and we are finally sitting down to talk numbers and purchase a car. They had a few make and models I liked so I gave him a couple options and said get me prices and I’ll choose from there. He came back with prices almost $5000 more than posted online on their website and autotrader. When I asked him about it he said it’s a marketing tactic to get people in the door. I mean...WHAT??!! Isn’t that illegal. If you post a price you should honor the price, I thought that was how legit businesses work??? After he realized he was loosing us because of their shady scam, he started being rude and saying that’s a great price for the vehicle. Um yea it isn’t bad but we didn’t drive over an hour for a price we could have gotten closer to home for a clean and nicer same make/model car. He was a butt at the end and the whole place deserves to be shut down. BEWARE EVERYONE! They are trying to scam you and sell it as they are helping you and giving you such a deal. No wonder all those cars we looked at haven’t been sold since they got them in November, people are on to their SCAM! I have already contacted the BBB, let’s make this place hurt or even better, get shut down!

Dealer response

Kelseykaveney, thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We regret that you had a negative experience, and will use this as an opportunity to improve.


Misleading Pricing - advertised price is not real!

Advertised price is not real - once there (after a 2 hour drive), we were told that there are $2900 in “dealer adds” - LoJack, exterior and interior protection packages - NONE of which would be deducted from the deal. We also had financing arranged through our personal business bank - so, we were told that they would have to charge a $995 Fee for ”not allowing them to finance”. They “blew us out” so fast - wouldn’t even talk!!

Dealer response

Mike, thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We regret that you had a negative experience, and will use this as an opportunity to improve.


FALSE ADVERTISING- be prepared to pay $2985 more

This is hidden in the details for EVERY CAR THEY SELL USED: This is highly unethical. I almost drove 8 hours to see a car and when I asked the guy point blank on the phone if there were any hidden fees or anything else to the internet price he said that he cannot provide that on the phone and only by appointment, knowing I was going to drive 8 hours to see the vehicle. I will be filing a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau. All listings include a pre-installed LoJack device with 10 year warranty. A $695 transfer fee will be charged at the time of sale. No monthly monitoring fees are associated with the LoJack device. All listings include a pre-installed Appearance Protection Product with 10 year warranty. A $1,395 fee will be charged at the time of sale. No monthly fees are associated with the Appearance Protection Product. All listings include a pre-installed Theft Protection Product with a $5,000 Theft Benefit. A $895 fee will be charged at the time of sale. No monthly fees are associated with the Theft Protection Product.

Dealer response

Hi Ar, we regret to hear that you are displeased with your recent experience with us.


Overall good but watch out for the option package.

Overall a nice dealership. Our salesman was ok. The finance manager was very friendly and I enjoyed talking to him. The biggest problem I had was the options package that they"add to every car". Three things I don't care about at all (LoJack, a paint package and a"foot print" (which he described as basically like Lo Jack but you get$5000 if they can't find your car). They need to have the option to decline them. If they did I would have left there with a vehicle. But I'm not going to be forced to pay$3000 more for an option package I don't want. The sales man kept insisting it was the only way they were making money on the car, That was the most disappointing thing. Otherwise, It was a good experience.

Dealer response

We appreciate your positive review about your recent experience with us!

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