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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(9 reviews)

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Don't remove listings

they do not remove listings after they are sold. none of the cars are available on their website. They just want traffic to their website.



they're doing the classic bait+switch scams. You see a great deal online but they won't actually sell you the car you saw listed. Others seem to confirm my findings.


Don’t waste your time

Don’t waste your time with this “dealership”. Several of their cars listed online have been sold however they choose to keep the listings up to lure in new customers. In addition to this, the majority of their cars have salvage titles or other serious issues that are almost always missing from their listings online.



Buyer beware!!! Most cars they have listed for sale are NOT on the inventory anymore. Several cars I have emailed about with no response, when I call every time I get “oh that car has already been sold”… THEN REMOVE THE LISTING! I have told them several times to remove sold listings & they refuse!!! They are using the old “bait & switch” maneuver that sleazy dealerships are known for! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! This dealership should be banned from all car sites!


Trusted work enviroment!!

Strongly trust this dealership, primary goal is to work with you rather to sell to you. All fax presented upon request. HILGHY RECOMMEND BUISNESS WITH DEALERSHIP!!


Buyer beware!

Found a few cars with this dealer that looked great. I reached out to dealership to confirm clean title and ask a few general questions. Response was to call for this info, frustrating response from an online service ...I am working online to streamline my search with limited time. Anyway, I decided to run the VIN #'s and BOTH cars I was looking at were bought at auction and BOTH had serious issues. One had a salvaged title and the other listed "Primary Damage: Front End" AND "Secondary Damage: Biohazard/Chemical" ...this is ABSOLUTELY something that should be listed online in details!!


Great deal!

It was a pleasure working with Jay. He was honest and straightforward and he really did all he could to get us what we were looking for. Absolutely recommend Eagle Auto!


Very knowledgeable.

Came in to look at a couple of vehicles. Met with Jay very helpful and friendly and very knowledgeable about all the vehicles that they are selling. Inform me about the history and all the information I needed to know about the vehicles.


Great Customer Service

I bought my 2015 FRS at Eagle Auto. Jay helped me out a lot, I came with my boyfriend to check out the car and in a couple hours I got to take my car home. I love my car and I'm glad I bought it from Eagle Auto.