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This seller has been on since February 2020.
Victory Honda of Ontario is a leading Honda Dealership in the Canandaigua, NY area. We have a friendly, committed sales staff with many years of experience satisfying our customer's needs. See why our customers drive from all over the Canandaigua area, including the cities of Canandaigua, Rochester, Auburn, Syracuse, Avon, Geneva to buy their cars here and to have them serviced as well. Feel free to browse our online inventory, compare features, options, and models, explore finance options, and then make the short trip to Victory Honda of Ontario, located at 2311 Rochester Rd, Canandaigua, NY 14424, serving the entire Canandaigua.
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(6 reviews)

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Owner is rude and lies for no reason

I went to view a very specific car that I wanted. I had a $9,500 down payment and I knew exactly what the deal was going to be upon walking in there (bad credit). The salesmen or finance guy I worked with was pretty nice (Daniel I think his name was). They had to work out some deal with the finance company so I had to leave and then come back the next day (loan office closed in the middle of the deal). I was told I would receive a call in the morning if I was approved or not. I got the call the next day and they said the offer was accepted. I was told to get insurance and bring my ID to pick up my car. There was a set price on the car that was already spoken about and even confirmed with Daniel over the phone (and Daniel assured me there would be no extra fees besides doc, registration and taxes the norm). Before I got my Uber I asked Daniel (twice) to send me an itemized list of everything I was being charged for before I waste a ride out there just in case there were any discrepancies or things I would walk away for. First he told me there's no such thing and then he told me he had to wait for his boss to print it out and everything would be discussed once I got there (I now see this was just bait to get me all the way out there because they assumed I was desperate for a car. I live 30 minutes away from the site and I had to take off work an hour early (because Daniel said I had to get there as soon as possible which I'm now assuming isn't true), pay $40 for an Uber to get there, already paid insurance on the vehicle, and now I'm at the site to pick up my car. So I get there walk in and of course there was an extra $1,100 that was added to the price of the car. This is when I knew they tried to play me. I asked what it was for and I was informed it was a fee that the dealer had to pay to get me approved. I didnt agree to this fee and was never told of the fee until I got to the site (on purpose because again, I asked for the itemized list and was told no). This was something they could've and SHOULD've informed me of before I got a ride out there but they knew I wouldnt come if that was the case. They thought I would just give in and get it anyway because they assumed I was desperate for a car. The adding of the fee to get me approved (if that's even true) isnt really the issue I have. The issue is the sneaky practice of not telling me until I got there (knowling I love 30 mins out), trying to hide it from me until I got there, and weren't going to mention it unless I noticed. Long story short, I advised them (very politely and tried to laugh while I was explaining to keep it lighthearted ) I wouldn't be doing business with them today. Daniel was alright (did try to guilt trip me by saying "I've been so nice to you" as if that has anything to do with shady business practice) and tried to convince me to just sign the papers but I was firm in my decision. After I told Daniel no, he said he would talk to his boss. I stepped outside to order my uber home. This is when boss comes OUTSIDE and made me feel EXTREMELY uncomfortable. Not only did he also try to guilt trip me saying he wasted 2 hours trying to help me (when I'm very well aware of how car deals work), told me I would never fix my credit with my mindset, and then lied and told me I have TWO repo's on my credit and I've only financed one car....(he said it loud so the people outside could hear so I think that was his way of trying to embarrass me). I'm not sure the reason he flat out lied about that because I did have to double checke just to be sure someone didnt take a car out in my name (which gave me an anxiety attack because I really thought someone stole my information and got a repo in my name). They are very nice when they think they have a buy but once they realize you aren't as naïve as they thought, the nice act goes out of the window. One hour missed of work, $500 i paid for insurance, $80 to get there and back and THATS how I was treated. Not to mention I ha


Rip off

Service department will screw you if you let them. They will do services not needed. Better Honda dealers out there to work with. Beware. Greed can destroy a business.


worse possible

I had the worse possible experience with the quality of repairs and service. This is definitely the last time I set foot in the dealership or get a Honda.

Dealer response

So sorry to read this as it is not how we pride ourselves on doing business whatsoever. We will improve!


Not selling?

Contacted sales manager for pricing. Responded and said he was not interesting at this time to give me a price. I could not believe it.


They destroyed my engine by not filling the oil!!

I serviced my car here after they bought out Ontario Honda and the new service manager Russ was assisting me doing an oil change. On my 4th check of the oil every thousand miles he marked my oil consumption sheet "below the dipstick". I asked if they filled the oil, Russ stated there was no need and that it would" mess up" the oil consumption test. I left and soon after the very next morning while on the expressway my "No oil pressure" can came on and I took it back to them that same day. I was told my timing chain and pistons needed to be replaced due to the fact I had been driving it with little to no oil and that's what caused the damage. I am currently on the BBB asking this company for the cost of the repairs $4,000. They claim I didn't get the oil changed at the recommended times, which is every 7,500 miles for what was my 14' CR-V, I got my oil changed routinely every 6-8k miles and asked for an oil consumption test because I was checking it regularly and did not think it was normal to loose 3 Quarts in less than 4k miles. To sum it up I have proved this company caused the 4,000 or so worth of damage to my car by telling me I could leave with oil "below the dipstick" and come back in a few hundred more miles when my oil change was due. I proved this fact with the paper Russ the service manager signed and marked on, it's not a coincidence the very next day I had many codes come on my dash less than 50 miles after leaving the day before. This company received a bad review from me and following this honest bad review I left, my husband received a very threatening phone call from the service manager Russ stating that my husband and I had "burned" them with the review and now they were no longer going to assist with the cost of repairs. Watch your back around these people.



Hello, My name is Patricia and I had such a good experience working with Charlie Mendez! I have told everyone I know what a good experience I have had. I can't say the process was smooth, but that actually speaks more to how great Charlie was. There were a couple of issues I ran into, and Charlie stuck with me the whole time. He has gone above board to help me and get the car that I wanted. I hope Charlie stays with Honda, because if he leave I will be looking for another car company. That is the kind of person Charlie is. He is not just a salesperson, he becomes a friend. And no- I did not know him ahead of time, he found me wandering the parking lot! I am referring EVERYONE I know to Charlie Mendez!

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