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(9 reviews)

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1995 Ford Mustang

We bought the 1995 Red Ford Mustang. The body/paint and interior were like a 1 year old car. However, being 25 years old it had issues. Did our research to estimate what $$$ would be needed. We discussed these with the seller and came to an agreed price. In car parlance "The buyer stepped up for a very nice car with needs that should be easily addressed. A good deal for the buyer and seller." Do your inspection and research before buying and you should be a happy buyer!


Will be coming back

Blackhawk staff helped me find my car through car auctions. We agreed on a price and they made it happen. Will be coming back for sure


friendly, honest,

when I was looking at a Corvette they had, the sales person told me everything about the car good and bad. thanks Blackhawk for being honest.


Awesome inventory!

Don't really understand the bad reviews here, but my experience dealing with these guys is nothing but positive! Sales guys were friendly and honest, spent most of the time chatting about race cars and stuff. Awesome inventory!


Genuine Car Guys

Not Sure why the other reviews are so negative, but my experience with Blackhawk was great. They are genuine car guys that were open and honest with everything. Would definitely recommend


These are car salsmen that are anything but honest

These people sold me a lemon! I looked and looked for the exact car I wanted and found something I really liked only to be a xxx


Almost victim but the posted reviews saved me.

They had me on the hook but the reviews saved my bacon. I was prepared to make a deal until I read the negative comments. You purchase based on the integrity of the dealership. I was appalled by what I read and in doing so serious doubts arose in my mind. I too was told that the car I was looking at was the daily driver used to go up and down the road but I never saw a video of such action. Then I noticed a key part missing when I looked at he pictures. I was told the minor parts could be purchased at a local auto parts store for pennies. The reviews made me think and even though I did not win the car, I would be very curious at what the winning individual thought of the buying experience.


The fact that they hide the price in my experience

In my experience, any dealer that hides the price, it’s always been for an over priced vehicle. In my opinion, hiding a price is the very first sign of an untrustworthy seller. I’ve sold well over 1,000 vehicles on the internet and have bought at least 500 from internet sellers, my experience has reinforced my opinion hundreds of times.


Sold a lemon

I bought a vehicle over the internet and had it delivered to my house. In talking to them about the car, they said it was daily driver. When it was delivered, it looked good, but had many safety issues that they conveniently didn’t bring up. The brakes squealed badly while it was being backed off the car hauler. The back brakes were leaking fluid and the drums were gouged badly and needed to be replaced. The carburetor leaked fuel badly. 2 of the 4 headlights were not working. Brake lights didn’t work. Steering was dangerously loose. Many other issues as well, but one takes those on when they buy a used car. I addressed the safety concerns and they said that “the car was driven up and down our street with no issues”. There is no way that could be the truth. They sold me a lemon and ‘played’ like there was nothing wrong with it. Do not buy a car from these people without driving it first. They just aren’t honest.