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(84 reviews)

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Great service and great employees.

Great service and great employees. The staff are very helpful, nice and friendly. They were patient with me getting my first car and asking a lot of questions.


In one word, DON'T!

In one word, DON'T!! Do not buy a car from this location or the one in Bloomingdale. I made the mistake of buying a Cadillac from here and after 2 days the engine started sputtering and check engine light came on. I brought it back and they said they would fix it. They had the car for a full month, no exaggeration, and after 2 days the engine is sputtering and check engine light is back on. I bring it back and after another week I get it back and you guessed it, 2 days later the engine is sputtering and the check engine light is on. I bring it back and without even checking it out the "mechanic" says he doesn't know how to fix it. Doesn't that fill you with confidence when a mechanic tells you that he doesn't know how to fix a car?! At the time of the purchase they told me they would swap out the car if they couldn't fix it. When it came time for that they didn't honor it, it wasn't in writing, that was my fault but they are not honorable. That should tell you all you need to know. The cars that they have at the Car House were either in severe accidents and totaled by the insurance company or were set for disposal. If you do choose to go to the Car House demand that you be able to take it to your mechanic to check it out. If they refuse walk off the lot because they just told you all you need to know about the car, they don't want a reputable mechanic to tell everything that is wrong with the car. Learn from my mistake, do not go to the Car House. Run away as fast as you can.


Not sincere.Told me car was available when it wasn

I called on the morning and was told the car l was looking for was available.Took Amtrak $128 to Penn Station Newark from Philly and Uber $60 to Butler only to find out they didn't have the car.Lost $450 for no reason.The manager,a guy named Sayeed,was the meanest person l have ever encountered.Stay away from this dealership.They are a scam!


Buyer Beware,

First, they will jack you up on the fees. Like a 150$ on a car wash. Same for the oil, was a quart low, and no gas in the tank. Lost a lot of $$$ after I took it home, just to make it safe to drive. No way they check these cars out before they go on the lot. My daughter bought a car from these guys, and it was a real mess. Please check out all the bad reviews, before you buy. You would be surprised how the law protects these guys. When you get ripped off, there is nothing you can do about it. What is really strange? This dealership is next to Kinnelon, these people have money. If they had a good product, they could get a good price! So why all the shenanigans?


Don't waste your time

This dealer does not detail or try to clean up the cars prior to sale. Wasted time and effort to see a vehicle that smelled so bad on the inside. They took nice pics of the outside but failed to shoe the ripped up interior.....


Bad businessmen from Butler.

Straight up scammers. Wrote up bill of sale for $2415 more than internet price. When called out, stated they had told me about the price difference - they did not. Tried to weasel their way out saying the difference was for oil change and other mechanical work they had done to prepare the car for sale. Please stay far away from these guys.



I have never written a review before, but I am writing this one to express my extreme disappointment and frustration with my experience with Mike, the owner of the dealership in Bloomingdale, NJ that is under the umbrella of The Car House. I found this vehicle on CarGurus and went to look at it because it advertised free delivery to my location because I was within 25 Miles. When I got to the dealership, Mike said that was incorrect and that he would not deliver it to me. I had a rental car at the time because I had just moved to New Jersey and although this was advertised and would have been appreciated, it was not a deal breaker. I ended up buying a 2009 Cadillac CTS Sedan. Literally minutes after driving off the lot it's been a nightmare. I understand that a used car from 2009 is not going to be perfect, however, before I even left the lot, he agreed to fix some issues with the brakes (squealing), the front drivers side tire was grinding and popping, the stability track and brakes lights were on, and the door locks do not work properly and need to be manually locked from each door. To this day, those problems still are not been fixed. Within 30 minutes after leaving the lot I had Transmission issues, which he did fix...the car started running rough and the check engine light came on all that same day. I limped it back to the shop because he refused to tow it back even though he gave me a 30-day warranty on major parts... I would think the Transmission slipping counts as major. He replaced a single spark plug twice because the problem kept happening and now it at least drives. The repairs took hours on consecutive Fridays on my only days off and after hundreds of dollars on Uber and rental cars the check engine light, brake light and stability track lights are all still on!! On top of the original problems never being fixed, I found out two days ago (the first day of real rain) that the sunroof leaks like a waterfall into the driver's seat. Now that my "30 day" warranty is up, which was on 7/13/22 he won't even return my texts or phone calls. I have reached out to The Car House team on 7/15/22, they said "let us see what we can do"... it's now 8/17/22, and not a word from them. I've given them a month to make this right before posting this review. I have never bought a vehicle that so much went wrong so quickly, and it feel as though I was sold a lemon that they tried to pass off as a rose. I am embarrassed that I bought this vehicle and will never deal with The Car House again because of this experience. Unbelievable!


They were very professional.

They were very professional. The sales agent really took his time. They came down on the price and double the warrantee. ..


Typical used car salesman

Typical used car salesman. Make sure you get everything checked out before purchasing. These guys will sell there mother to get rid of a car.


I can’t believe I’m still waiting for my title it’s two

I can’t believe I’m still waiting for my title it’s two weeks now and I need to register a car and I farted a lot more problems than you disclosed anyway I would like my title

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