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2017 Range Rover Sport hse td6

I purchased a 2017 Range Rover Sport hse td6 in February 2022. I still do not have a registration and tag and its almost June! I have already made 3 payments and full coverage insurance . I contacted both Vroom and Ally bank. The bank has yet to receive the title. I stopped payment for vehicle and told Ally exactly why and maybe they'd like to get an attorney as I probably will. I cannot drive and make payments on a vehicle that isn't even in my name. I hope that nothing happens to this vehicle because its NOT IN MY NAME. Customer service at vroom can only do so much. I would love if the CEO would contact me so I can arrange a full refund of downpayment and delivery. I LOVE MY CAR but I won't get into legal issues like tickets or otherwise because they aren't doing what needs to be done.


Online buying is the future

Purchased a truck from Vroom THOUSANDS LESS than i would have paid walking into a dealership. No pressure... no pushy Finance people telling you how they want to see you "protected" with a fancy expensive warranty. This is car buying of the future people! I do have to say that communication is lagging. Its not good, but things do happen and show up like they are suppose to. Love my truck that would have cost me 10K more had i walked into a "traditional" dealership!!


Horrible customer service...feels like a scam

Tried to buy this car..once I put my deposit down was having all kinds of difficulty to speaking with someone...my paperwork was fedexed to my house and fedexed back and everything I called to followup co sta t run around always told Rhea would pass my I fo on but never anyone calling back...service is horrible!!!! Would give zero stars if it were possible...they are very nonresponsive on hold for sometimes 15 to 20 minutes before u talk to a person who takes your info and sends it to someone else....



Vroom is a SCAM!!! They took my Dad's title and have yet to pick up his vehicle and it has been over 3 weeks. Now he is stuck since they have title. Every call with Vroom they say "You will hear from us in 24 hours." He does not hear from them. He is a senior citizen and now we have to look into legal action.


Easy Process

Order Started 10/14/21 Order Finalized 10/25/21 Estimated Delivery 11/8/21 Vehicle Delivered 11/10/21 EASY to place the order and the price was competitive. I had a nice salesperson assigned to me, Javier. Email communication needs to be improved which is why I am giving a 4 out of 5 stars. I am waiting on my Registration to be completed in Texas and my license plates delivered.


Waste of money and time

Purchased a Subaru wrx last month from vroom / Texas direct. Drove it for 1 day and heard a clicking sound. Took the vehicle back to the Texas direct auto Stafford (vroom) and was told by the management the the mechanics wouldn’t be able to see me.( keep in mind I only have 7 days 250miles before I’m stuck with the car). I went to texas direct auto service department anyway and by the grace of god one mechanic felt bad enough for me that he drove the car for 5 minutes and told me it was a transfer box malfunction . The verdict was as follows “ go to Subaru it’s under warranty they SHOULD take care of it “ as if I have the time to do that…. I said no thank you and asked for a refund of my 30k. I was told I would have to wait 2 weeks to receive my check and needed a car for work so I decided to get another car from them instead that was of the same value a (Honda Accord) . I purchased the accord and wasted a whole day doing that. The next day I’m leaving a meeting and my battery malfunctioned, AAA reboots me and I’m off to Honda. Honda replaces the battery. I think I’m in the clear so I head to Austin for business and vacation and suddenly my oil pressure light goes off …. Turns out the car has an oil leak !!! Having driven to Austin I surpassed the 250mile limit and could not return the car. I take the car to Honda and they refill my oil give me two extra pints and ask me to drive around for a week or two and see if perhaps there was just a cap that wasn’t closed . It’s been over 2 weeks, and I definitely have a leak. Unfortunately it’s hard to tell immediately because the guard under the car has to overfill before I could notice… so here I am one month later with a car from vroom / Texas direct auto. Please people NEVER buy a car from this business. Save yourself the trouble and go to CARMAX and get a car that won’t have issues. If your from Houston like me and have bought cars from Texas direct auto before recognize that they have new owners and now are an entity of vroom. It is not the same, my family had purchased 5 cars from the last owners without any issues. Extremely disappointed and will use all the power that I have to ensure every person I know will hear my story and choose wisely when purchasing a vehicle. I will be pleading my case with Better business bureau, , Federal trade commission and Consumer protection office if I don’t get a resolution to this matter.


My advice is to stay away ……………………………………..

Bad cars and bad service.. scammers Stay away … they sold me a car with a bad engine and falsified service records . I had this car for almost 3 and half month with non stop problems .. even though it has now 46000 miles ..


Extremely Dissatisfied - Vroom worst experience

Vroom is unable to fulfill their end of the deal because the car I put a down payment on and completed all contracts for is broken and that has been known by Vroom for months but they still put me through the process knowing full well that the car I was trying to buy was broken. I've now been on hold for 3 hours trying to get my money back on a car they cannot sell me. This has absolutely unequivocally been the worst experience in my life and I am beyond disappointed in the lack of knowledge and professionalism throughout this process. The worst part is that NO ONE CARES AND NO ONE BOTHERED TO CALL OR COMMUNICATE WITH ME


Bad transaction

I paid $27,000 for a 2016 Mazda CX-9 online. As at 18 days after full payment, Vroom has refused to deliver the vehicle and have provided no information when vehicle will be delivered. Several calls have been futile. Transaction is almost looking like a scam.

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