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Transmission blew after 600 miles

Definitely have some cool and hard to find vehicles. That being said, don't trust when they say all fluids and filters have been changed. Bought a car a few years back and roughly 600 miles later the transmission blew. Brought it in mechanic said the fluid was black. Once replaced, I decided to change all the fluids and filters my self. They were all extremely old. Fluids in the axle front and rear, we're black.


Ripped off, stay away

Ripped off, Ripped off. I brought a 2010 Suzuki from Mike I drove the car 20 miles and the engine blew. I called him to asked what he wanted to do with the car he cursed me out and never returned my call. I’ll will definitely see if the law doesn’t work for this kind of people as he pretends to say.


Turn around and don't look back!

I bought an EBay Jeep that was advertised as "No rust ANYWHERE on vehicle". My Mother was using the Jeep and got 20 miles down a busy interstate and she saw TONS of smoke coming out the back of the car... She had to pull over on the side and couldn't get out for a couple minutes due to traffick. Meanwhile noxious fumes were filling the interior of the Jeep (my mother suffers COPD). She finally got out and the Jeep was smoking like crazy from beneath. This dealer sprayed undercoating all over the entire exhaust! It nearly caught fire! The jeep had to be towed to the mechanic. The mechanic asked "are you sure you want to replace the exhaust? The whole undercarriage is rusted out"... I was so furious! On top of new exhaust I'll also have to sand blast the undercarriage and weld it up (about 2500 bucks). Otherwise it's not even safe to drive right now. This dealer lies, cheats and steals from its customers and I ain't puting up with it! It's my duty to be sure YOU the customer doesn't get ripped off like I did! Do NOT EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER BUY from this dealer!



Be warned you do not want to do business with this dealership you'll probably talk to a guy named Mike through texts mainly who will tell you lies about the vehicle I did go ahead and purchase one from him because I'm a trusting person and he told me a bunch of lies about the vehicle. 2001 Nissan Maxima and and somebody did something to the odometer and made it say it only had 34000 miles on it And he sold it saying it was original miles and I told him to make sure he sent me the car fax with the vehicle when he sends it and he assured me he would but he did not. Car fax proves that car has at least 150000 miles on it. So I paid 5600. 4 a car that was worth about 1000. After he got the money he never again would reply back to me or answer my calls. He painted the underbody to hide the rust. The dashboard warning lights r lit up like a Christmas tree. The front-end is out of alignment the wheels are bent and the rotors r wrapped etc... love now looked at the other reviews and it seems to be the same pattern. I will be doing everything in my power to take away his dealers license so to help stop him from doing this to people. I work hard for my money and I feel like a fool. He is a low life crook.



Mikes great until he gets ur money then disappears …. No communication after that. Stay the xxxx away !!!! No one calls u back, terrible business effects. Still waiting for a call


Dishonest salesman

I purchased a 2001 Suzuki Vitara 2 dr 4x4 from Michael on July 3, 2021. I asked if there were any issues with the vehicle or specifically any rust. Michael assured me the vehicle was in great shape with no problems. The photos he sent looked okay, and the frame was black with no rust visible. I received the vehicle the first week of August in California. The entire under carriage, the bottom of the engine brakes and transmission were sprayed with black rubber under coating. Which was covering up substantial rust. The brakes didnt work, the heater core was rusted out and a/c didnt work. I sent two emails to Michael with no response.


Rude service

Went to look at a used car for sale. I had to call multiple times to make an appointment. When I arrived on the lot I immediately felt unwelcome and unsafe. The guy who came out to show me the car was extremely rude and had no intention of selling me the car. I asked for a test drive and he told me he wasn't allowed to let me test it. They also spray the bottom of the cars with a coating to hide rust. The pictures of the car were deceiving and the Google reviews also. I'd reccomend looking at their yelp reviews to see how this company operates. I would not reccomend taking a chance on this company.


Never called back

We went to buy a car there and it had some issues with it. The guy offered to have his staff take a look at it and then they would call us back whether they could fix it or not. Never called- called and emailed them twice with no response. We were really interested in buying from them and it looked like they had some nice vehicles, but I cannot obviously buy from a dealer that doesn’t bother to call you back.


Great experience

Great experience. Mike was extremely helpful and attentive. No hidden fees, detailed breakdown, reasonably priced, very patient and welcoming. Walked away with a mint condition vehicle. I would recommend to anyone near or far. Will be coming back again soon. Thanks guys!


Mainely Astrovans

Ours was a long distance sale. I put a bid in on a AWD Chevrolet Astrovan and I received an email a couple days later inquiring as to whether I would be requiring shipping , which I did, we set a final price and the deal was made. I had my financial institute wire the money to their bank account and the paperwork came 2 or 3 days later. While I was waiting for the vehicle to arrive I looked into the car lot a little further and found a LOT of negative comments about them in the reviews. I have to say, even though most of them were 2 to 3 years old, it was still a little unnerving and made me worry a bit about what I got myself into. The van arrived yesterday, so it took roughly 7 days.....not bad at all. I was not home when the company was dropping the van but they did call me so I rushed home as soon as I was able to see what I had purchased. The van looked great...inside and out. Exactly as the photos showed in the ad. It started right up and when I went to reposition the vehicle it did what it was supposed to. I borrowed a dealer plate this afternoon and took it for a decent ride and had zero problems. At this point I have no complaints. The salesman I dealt with throughout the entire process, Mike, was an ok guy the entire time. He got back to me every time I had a question and never treated me like I was a hassle or a nuisance. There was no difference in his attitude from before or after they got my money. He was a professional the entire time. This car lot appears to be very good at locating hard to find vehicles and specialty vehicles. My new 2002 AWD Astro is the only one I have seen in the state of Maine and it is going to make a great addition to my taxi fleet as a type of "show" vehicle that gets light usage and turns many heads. In summary, I am very pleased with my purchase from True MotorCars and have no reason to talk bad about them.

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