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I was promised center console and was told I would have tag before my temp expires it has now been 2 months and no tag my temp is expired and now I can't even drive the car and the dealership will not return calls or always transfers you to a line that doesn't answer this has been a aweful experience so far. I can only get a response from the dmv department but all they said is they are running behind and I have to wait but it's been over 2 months I should have my tag by now..


I felt comfortable

I rate the customer service a 20 on a scale of 1 to 10. All managers did a great job and made sure that during my visit to the car dealership I felt comfortable.


The staff was very helpful

The staff was very helpful, answered questions, everyone was very polite. Never had to wait long for a specialist. Thank you Autoholding 46 for my 2021 Jeep Cherokee.


An excellent car dealership

An excellent car dealership, I liked that they have their own website, where many models are clearly demonstrated (a wide selection). So it is not necessary to immediately go to the site, you can choose online.


We are very pleased with the choice of our car

Richard was my seller. A good specialist, patient and very well aware of the product, which made it possible to get answers to all our questions. He did not rush us with a choice, made it possible to make a balanced decision showed all the selected vehicles, gave detailed information about each. We are very pleased with the choice of our car.


High -quality used car

Richard is an experienced and professional sales manager, a specialist with whom you can deal. I didn’t even expect to find a worthy car for the amount of money I had, but this guy succeeded even more. He is unreal. If you need a high -quality used car, just contact this dealer.


Friendly, honest and professional staff

Friendly, honest and professional staff of the company 👏👏👏 I liked how they met me, the process of presenting the keys is quite solemn, I feel that the guys are glad for me.


Don't buy from here

Don't go here, prices aren't what you see online. I've been trying to get my license plates and I can't even reach a human to help, ive literally called over 30 times just to find out what's going on and nothing. A so called manager was supposed to send me an extended temporary but nothing. Definitely not worth the headache. Biggest regret of my life hands down.


Special thanks to the manager

In auto holding 46, I bought a luxury car, which is in perfect condition, fully equipped. Special thanks to the managers. I also note the organized work in the showroom, I am pleasantly impressed.


Excellent used car seller

Excellent used car seller. The prices there are quite different and affordable, the cars are in excellent condition. 10 stars Rafael received from me for his high level of erudition and patience. Still, I'm not the easiest customer)) Thank you, Rafael.

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