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Welcome to Rt 34 Motorsports. Be sure to visit our virtual showroom of inventory available for purchase. There you will see detailed information about each vehicle a picture gallery as well as convenient ways to contact us for more information about that vehicle. We are located at 1543 Ogden Ave. and are available by phone at 630-541-3448 . You can also get driving directions and hours of service from our user friendly website.


(23 reviews)

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Vehicles are way over priced.

We get there & you can't pull into this place. You must pull in the service section of the Nissan dealership. We test drove a vehicle & you could clearly hear a squeak & whining noise. (Later I looked it up & found out it was the all-wheel drive ready to break. That is a $4000-6000 repair). The sun roof didn't work properly either, there was rust all over, and I could hear a ticking in the engine. We offered what the vehicle was worth at Kelly Blue Book & the guy would budge at the price. He wanted $10k for a $5k vehicle. Then kept bragging about having 300 vehicles on his storage lot. I'm thinking, 'maybe if you sold your vehicles at the correct price you might not have 300 of them.' LOL Lastly, the guy told us they don't accept deposits to hold the vehicles. Then later said we could put a deposit down on it. Overall, they were friendly, offered us water, and were very kind during the test drive. But, we definitely got a shady feeling about this place. I wouldn't suggest buying a vehicle from them.


Scam artists

False advertisement, no vehicle safety or concern for the customer driving a safe vehicle on the road, several violations, they tried selling my sibling a vehicle that was totaled, vehicle had a rotted frame all the way through, front right suspension and control arm damage, the front right tire was rubbing on the fender with the wheels straight, looks like someone just drove it over a curb, during the test drive he realized the car was xxxxed up and instantly made a quick right down a street and called back to the shop, after the call he continued to say this is a good car, the seatbelts were seized in the car and that's from a collision, airbags were deployed and never replaced, they advertised O accidents on the website but was told in person the car was wrecked, brake rotors were rusted out and grooved, no brake pads left, front tire was leaking air, rack and pinion was leaking, front passenger seat was split in half, scratches on every section of the vehicle, I'm a mechanic and brought my inspection light and this car was only worth parting out, stay away from this used car lot or you will get hustled.


Stay away liars

Lies pathetic got it transported told it would be full of gas and detailed empty tank no detail leaking quart oil from oil line and valve cover gaskets in 10 miles emissions lights and sensers on needs around 6000$ to repair 3 different tires on it all wheel drive vehicle like this range rover need identical tires for calibration no spare tire carrier broke in half then 3 weeks finally get the Carfax not 1 but 2 car wrecks misrepresented the vehicle I would not have bought it. The salesmen won't let me talk to the owner then one salesman says he is part owner. Total lies and b s xxx salesmen never buy from these liars I won't give them a one star cause it had been hit in the backend and molding coming off front quarter panel and wheel chipped. All a xxx misrepresentation



I Purchased a 2009 White G37x from them and traded in my 2009 Red Toyota Corolla. From the get go the workers were nice and friendly but as soon as i left the dealership around a mile out, the car started to malfunction, The car started to sputter violently and and the check engine light came, but the light was off when i test drove it, so they disconnected and reconnected the battery before i drove it so it wouldn’t pop up. I had to go back 3 times on 3 different days and leave the car overnight at some point, its a 40 min drive each way. they ended up changing both MAF sensors and that sort off fixed the issue. I also noticed that the car would have trouble starting so i checked the battery, i came to realize was too small for the car and i realized it was a battery for a HONDA, HONDA LOGO AND ALL! So I had to purchase a new battery, also the Wiper fluid reservoir was broken and the passenger door handle does not work! THEY NEVER MENTIONED ANY OF THIS. BUT THE BIGGEST ISSUE IS THAT THEY HAVEN’T SENT THE PAYOFF TO MY OLD FINANCE COMPANY FOR MY OLD CAR! ITS BEEN OVER A MONTH AND NOTHING! THIS CAN BE SUPER BAD FOR MY CREDIT AND ALL THEY TELL ME IS THAT THEY WILL LOOK INTO IT OR SOMETIMES I GET PUT ON HOLD AND NO ANSWER. I am looking for legal assistance for this issue and i have a strong case from multiple attorneys.I HAVE A BABY ON THE WAY AND I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR DISHONEST PEOPLE! I WILL GIVE THEM A LITTLE MORE TIME BUT WILL FILE A LAWSUIT AND CONTACT THE BBB IF NOTHING CHANGES! REAL SHADY AND REAL DISHONEST! DO NOT RECOMMEND


Do not buy from this dealership

I financed a car on 2/9/22. My bf and I knew there were some minor issues that could be fixed such as a headlight out and blind spot sensors inoperative (which one of their "mechanics" told us would be fixed once they install an aux battery, which in turn did not fix that issue), and the car pulling a bit to the right (which we were told is due to low profile tires...), and low coolant which they "topped off" before we drove away. All in all they told us the car was perfect. We drove home and the low coolant light came back on and we realized the dealer topped it off way too high and with the wrong coolant as well. I called the dealer right away and they said they'd take care of it. The next day another warning light comes on indicating the car needing new brake pads. We went back to the dealer and the manager kept telling us to wait a few weeks before we can get anything fixed. Also by this time the coolant is halfway gone from when they filled it too high the day prior. As I'm waiting at the dealer, I realized the GM never emailed me my contract paperwork or warranty ppwrk. He emailed it over and I notice my income on the contract was incorrect and he also gave me GAP insurance which I said many times I don't want. More issues arise and every time you call you get the run around with no call back or emails back. We've been to the dealer multiple times and finally spoke to the owner who said this vehicle was HIS personal car and once we explained all of the issues, he walked away and was nowhere to be found. Not even a week later and the suspension malfunctioned on the vehicle so now it is not drivable. The managers repsonse...? "Just don't make the payments and they will repo the car, but we will not take the car back." I left the dealer crying hysterically stressed out and they don't care. There are MANY other issues with the vehicle as well as the dealer but I don't have enough room to type. I told the dealer I'm getting attorneys and they said get out. To have everything repaired would be $15k. I still don’t even have my plates.



They take you down payment and pocket the money, then submit Request to loan company for about 2 thousand less then sticker price... we bought a car that was 8,000 put $5,000 down then find out our loan (payoff amount) was $6,000! They lie, they rush through everything, they dodge questions, and you get a 15 day warranty! Don't even waste your time! Or money!


A Bag of Coal🎅

The general manager Matt gave me the run around. I missed two days of work waiting to pick up my car. However Matt and Ken gave me several stories about why I couldn’t pick the car up. Please do not go to this dealership the bad reviews were all true about this dealership. Please get a car from a different dealership. This dealership is unethical and dishonest. Santa Claus 🎅 is not coming to this dealership.


Best Deal Available Right Here.

Amazing deal I just got on a car! Very happy with my decision, would definitely recommend! High Quality Vehicles at Amazing Prices and Excellent Customer Service! 👌🏾



Super group of people that were helpful and wonderful. We were very happy with our purchase. If your looking for a car. This is were to go. Definitely the best place to go to if your in the market for a car. Thanks to the staff at Route 34! Cheers everyone.


BMW purchase

Couldn’t be happier with the purchase. Called last week on Friday being interested in the car and wanted too make sure I am approved as I am out of state. Kenny took all the information got me approved on the bmw. I couldn’t come out till Monday because of the work schedule but I left a deposit to hold the car. He picked me up from the airport and took us to the dealership. The car was exactly as seen in the pictures. The whole team is great made us coffee for me and my wife while we waited for the paper work. We were in and out within an hour. Highly recommend it and will be coming back for a car for my wife in the next couple months.

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