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(110 reviews)

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Great sales man

Juan Razo helped me choose a good prefect car for me, spoke Spanish and was very nice and respectful man and helpful. I Definitely recommend him !!


Worst place ever

Scam, scam, scam! We're out 13k over the purchase price because of their incompetence and games being played. Had us buy warranty to fix the problem they disclosed, but the warranty company said no. Requested a refund for warranty cost and dealer 'failed' to submit the cancellation request, so 30 window closed and now we're losing money daily until we actually get a refund. IF we ever get a refund. These guys are sleezy, xxxxx who should not be able to sell anything, in any state!


Good experience

I found a Mustang online. I live 5 hours away. They held it for me. Victor was a good salesman and had the car ready when I arrived. Victor helped make the process easy. Milo in the finance department did great job of getting the paperwork done quickly. After the sale there were a couple of glitches with the financing and paying off the loan on my trade in. I spoke to Milo both times and he took care of it immediately. I recommend this dealership


Rip Off Alert

We bought a truck in October 2022. The truck had a misfire issue that they wrote in contract would be fixed before we took (which turned out to be cam/lifters, warped head and exhaust). This is the only reason i agreed to the sale to begin with.. They told me that they were waiting on parts to repair, kept calling saying parts aren't available. In the meantime truck totally died and I had to bring in to another shop, $9000 later, truck is running good but SCI said they would not honor their contract (or even any portion) that they wrote down that the problem would be "fixed" prior to sale.


Run away from this dealer

Bought a 2010 Nissan Xterra and was able to negotiate $2000 off. Then, the exact next day, after 100 miles the car broke with a failed transmission and I have tow it. Part of the inspection and check he made to the car before me buying it, he flushed the transmission fluid at 158k miles so it's not a coincidence that transmission broke next day and I don't know why he flushed the fluid. After telling him that he should be responsible to selling me a broken car, he told me that because I negotiated the 2000 he cannot help me with expenses. And I cannot return the car because he made me sign to drop the implied warranty of merchantability.


Stay away

Do not buy from Sports Car International! I purchased a 2009 Ram 2500 from them in Lynnwood on july 15th. Less than 3 weeks later on August 2nd, the truck completely broke down out of state leaving me stranded. Now the vehicle is in need of a full engine replacement. The service shop that currently has the truck, 500 miles from home, stated that this is the worst case of gunk buildup they have ever seen in an engine and they don't know how the vehicle was even running long enough for me to buy it. Immediately after purchasing the truck and driving off the lot, the engine light came on, SCI looked at it, said it was just a sensor and that they fixed it. When the engine light returned, I had to go to an independent mechanic to find out that SCI lied about what was causing the engine light, it was cam phaser, oil pressure and fuel mixture. Leading up to the breakdown, the truck was showing signs of something being wrong and i called the salesman, Preston, to see if they would help. He very clearly stated over the phone that they were not going to do anything for me and I was on my own. Outside of engine problems, we have discovered other issues with the truck. Even though the carfax came back clean from accidents, there is evidence of collision repair work having been done on the front end. Part of the frame has been cut off and a new piece welded on to connect the bumper, the grill is replaced, the bumper still has a barcode sticker on it.. We also discovered areas of major rust damage on the frame that were spray painted over. They lied about the condition of the truck, they lied about fixing it. They sold me a bad vehicle, took my money and never looked back. They will lie to you too. Stay away from this place.


Buyer beware

As a surprise for our Daughters graduation in Anchorage, Alaska we started the process of searching for a vehicle we thought would be a good fitting for her lifestyle and character. Salesman Preston attended my calls, was courteous and informative when we settled on terms over a Porsche Cayenne that was advertised for sale on as well as their website. Making clear I would be travelling from out of state to conduct a pre-purchase inspection of the vehicle, a down payment over the phone was requested and agreed to with the condition of receiving an email detailing flaws in the vehicle, providing details of maintenance as well as certifying the automobile would be roadworthy for the extended journey from Seattle to Anchorage. This was my condition prior to buying a short notice return airfare from Anchorage to Seattle. An unfortunate telephone exchange with owner Michael O’Neill followed the otherwise pleasant conversations with his salesman, where the former, refused to certify the vehicle description was indeed true and correct as it appeared in his advertisement. Adding insult to injury, Mr O’Neill proceeded to interrupt the conversation several times whilst boosting his professionalism and vast experience in the automotive world, but it was his lack of confidence and unwillingness to provide assurances over the product he pushes that defined the closure for me. Mr O’Neill gets no money from me. It is truly an eye-opening experience to read used car dealers advertisements only to experience their insecurities when asked to be held to task by certifying their vehicles are indeed as described. Further to the above, the insistence on selling a “theft recovery” insurance at an additional $500 in order to complete a deal is a tactic that was rejected from the initiation of talks with then sales person, needless to say, this dealers add-on fee was withdrawn as we proceeded with terms. I suggest these mark ups are rejected by any potential customer as they are an unnecessary fee that only serves the dealerships bottom line. Mr O’Neill is indeed a seasoned used car salesman with all the tricks worthy of such. Potential buyers be warned and proceed with caution.


Stay away

I would stay away from this place. Very very shady, Profits over safety. The truck my dad purchased had 0% brake pad life left. Some of their cars look repainted. The truck we had purchased also has overspray marks and vin numbers missing from the doors. Also saw a truck in the back of the store that had recently been fixed up by them that was repainted. A lot of the cars at the lot definitely have more history to them than what they are revealing. Javier will lie to your face about how a anti theft insurance transfer is required since they are located on 99 and you must pay the $500 for the transfer. If you get to this point and he brings out the papers make sure you decline it on the piece of paper they offer. "read everything" They also will have you sign contracts with some of the pages missing. If you absolutely have to buy a car from them be sure to read everything multiple times as they are very dishonest. Tabs went from $500 to $250 during negotiations but the out the door price stayed the same. I was supposed to receive a refund from the DMV for the overcharge if it was $500. But since they played with those numbers on the back end the dealer now wants some more money to send me my plates since I was undercharged. At the end of the day we made some mistakes on our end trusting these guys. Least I can do is spread the word and make sure someone else doesn't fall for their tricks.


Mikes the man

Mike took care of me was was super friendly, I came in looking at a different vehical but we instead fou d another that i really liked. Mike busted his xxx off and got me a deal better than what i had in mind. Super friendly staff, nice lot, great vehicles and fare pricing compaired to the big lots, no outragouse dealer markups here. 10/10 would drive 2 hours back here again for another truck.


An Honest Car Lot isn't an Oxymoron here...

I drove from Tacoma to buy a Porsche Cayenne and he refused to sell it to me saying there was a noise coming from the engine earlier today and he won't do it. Mike is absolutely great!

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