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Deceptive - avoid at all costs

Deceptive and shady business ethics. As some others have said, we drove quite a distance to see a car that they had listed - despite calling them ahead of time. When we showed up, they first told that the car was only for cash customers and then changed their statement and said that it was just sold. Instead, they showed us cars that looked pretty tired and rough. They think they are smart but people don’t live in caves and they know when someone’s trying to cross you.


I recommend this dealer.

The application process has not been complicated, the attention has been good and the handling of the young people is very professional, especially Andres who helped me until the last moment. I only give 4 stars since I understand that it could be improved in relation to the waiting time and thus make the process a little faster, but I recommend this dealer.


The Owner will Harass you

The Owner will Harass You and is unprofessional. If you point out a mistake on their end, he will call you or text you nonstop from multiple different numbers cussing you out. He claims to want to make dealer/customer relationships, but ends up cussing you out. It's like he thinks he's acting tough, but in reality he's driving away business. He's asking for someone to file harasment charges against him.


Horrible dealership

This dealership are lying by saying they have a car for sale but they don’t. I went to check out a car I saw online and when I went there they told me that the car was sold that same day and it was gone. They shows a similar vehicle which in horrible conditions . It has been 2 weeks since I went to their dealership and that same car is still there. I sent them an email about them at car just for laughs and giggles and I was told that the car was available and wanted to setup an appointment to come see the car. This dealership is a SCAM!!!!


Typical Covid Days Customer Service

Unprofessional, Liars, False Advertisement. I almost never leave one single bad review, I typically just don't go back or use their services. However, buyer beware on this place! They advertised a car and price online with shipping to Raleigh NC for $222. I called to buy....and the lying began. Rather than problem solve for potential options, they recommend looking at a car instead priced at over $21,000 instead of the one advertised at $16,555. Stay away, they should be sued!


This dealership isn't trustworthy.

The dealership advertises cars that they don't have on the lot and try to bait and switch once you get there. They always try to up sale you once on the lot and then get temperamental when you don't want to do business with them.


Excellent & good job.

This dealership have a good job. They explain nicely. Taha Ali customer service is excellent. He is very friendly & respect customer. Manager also good job. Thank you everyone.


2016 S 550

Drove down to see many dealers in the area but Empire auto imports was the one for me, Zabi helped me with everything i was looking for. Got me into the S class i wanted for a long time and they happened to have it. Service was amazing, very friendly group of guys. Would definitely recommend it.


This dealership is a joke!

This dealership is a joke. They do not have the cars they put up on the internet. Every time you ask for a test drive or actually to see the car, they say "that car is in our inspection shop in Manassas" or somewhere else. They never show you the car you saw on the internet but instead they will try to sell you a different car that is more expensive that other dealers. Never would recommend this dealer. It was a complete waste of time.


Exceptional Buying Experience!!!

Amazing car buying experience! You will not be disappointed! Leo and Zaby are knowledgeable, honest and down to earth as they come! You will not feel pressured there! They will give you the pros and cons as it pertains to the information you are seeking. I recently purchased a 2018 Camry and am exceptionally satisfied with the purchase! This is how car buying ought to be!!!