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If you are looking for a new Chrysler Dodge Jeep or a used car in Miami & Fort Lauderdale you've come to the right dealership! At Hollywood Chrysler Jeep we provide everything automotive with great prices and customer service. With a new Chrysler or Jeep from our Hollywood dealership you'll get a reliable and stylish car at a price you can afford.
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(869 reviews)

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Liars and poor customer service

We had a terrible experience at this place. We went two weeks ago and the car we wanted wasn't in the store. We waited til we say that it was arriving. I called the dealer yesterday and spoke with a Sales Manager and provided her with the stock number. She said it had arrived today and made my appointment to see it. She said no one would touch it and she would hold the keys. My husband arrived for his appointment, and was shown the car. Then after hours there, they told him that it was being sold to someone else!!!!!! When he confronted them about wasting his time, they tried to sell him a different car. This is horrible and I would never ever recommend this dealership. What a waste of time for my husband who took time off work.

Dealer response

We greatly appreciate you reaching out and would like to apologize for any inconvenience that has occurred for you. This is certainly not our goal, as we aim to provide each person with the absolute best in customer service, and we are disappointed when this is not the case. Please know that this has been forwarded to management. We thank you for your feedback.


Ryan was great and thats where it ended

The buying process was great and that's where it ended. Ryan the dealer was great the entire time. Picked up the Jeep on 4/3 (Saturday evening) ,Financed the Jeep and was told the extended warranty was only $25-$30 a month extra, depending on your term. It didn't make sense to me as everything they described seemed great and to do all that for only $1600. Asked finance buy with those numbers and how can they make any money for only $1600 and he said its an insurance. Both my wife and myself heard the same thing. Didn't realize until we left that the insurance that was charged was around $4500 (there was extra things in there we declined but was still charged for) so make sure you really pay attention to the paperwork read the numbers line by line to make sure they don't any anything you wanted. (it was correct but required an additional trip to dealership) Biggest issue is we also ordered the Katzkin leathers. Granted everything is delayed due to the Pandemic. I kept calling / messaging and dealership kept saying it wasn't in. Decided to call the source direct. Called the installer Specialty Automotive Treatments in FTL (amazing btw) and 4 weeks after I picked up the Jeep it finally arrived into their warehouse (it didn't say it was received in their system but Bobbi, the office manager, who was great found it in the warehouse and it arrived the day before on 5/5. At that point I started calling and messaging the Dealership and they kept telling me it wasn't available, it wasn't in, etc. Couple times a week I tell them that I called SAT direct and Bobbi says its there in the warehouse, its in the computer system wrong but she PHYSICALLY found it, still nothing. Half the time I don't get calls back or emails back (mainly from the lazy manager, Richard Vargas (Sales Manager), who is the one who deals with the SAT. On 5/13 I had to bother Bobbi again at SAT and she sent me a Photo of the label of my Katzkin. Sent that to the dealership and yet here we are, still no Katzkin. Had to go into the dealership yesterday 5/17 and physically talk to Richard and argue the fact that its there at SAT. What else can I do ? I wanted to cancel since Richard has wasted the past 2 weeks that it has been at SAT and not trusting the customer that did his job and confirmed it was already at the installer. Then that change his mind and now he finally said that it was there. But I honestly don't believe anything he says as he had been saying nothing but lies and kept blaming Covid and SAT for the mix up. I'm pretty sure he forgot to order it for a while and then doesn't believe a customer that tells him that its already in. Never once apologizing for the long delay. or offer any discount as he is the one who messed up. Save yourself ALOT OF TIME and just get the Jeep there. Any extras like Katzkin, Fox 2.0, wheels and tires, just go to the source and call/visit Specialty Automotive Treatments, 700 W Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311. SAT are the ones doing all that work anyways. Avoid the hassle/ headache and the lack of customer service from the management team at Hollywood Chrysler and Jeep.


RUN from this dealership, I repeat RUN!!!!!!!!!!

RUN from this dealership. They lied so bad while I tried purchasing a wrangler that I walked right out and bought a new jeep at Orlando airport Chrysler jeep dodge the same day. Sharia Morton, the sales lady lured me in, I told her everything I wanted in the jeep, I get to the dealer, she sends in a salesman Marcelo, who had no idea what he was talking about, he literally pulled up a random wrangler I had 0 interest in, when I realized Sharia didn't even bother briefing him on my interest. I ask him about the dashboard color for a build, and he tells me he has no way of knowing what color the dash board will be. There were too many red lights during this interaction to list. Save yourself the trouble and look elsewhere.


Bought grand cherokee

Really nice man mr.andy and mr.jake. very happy with my new car. Thank you guys for helping me and you got me the payment I wanted too


Bunch of Thieves

Do not get service or buy from here. I had went in to get my transmission looked at and they sold me on some bogus repairs. They basically stole money from me. I’m out like 2000 dollars and they completely ignored the transmission issue. If you want to get your money stolen then this place is for you



if I could give o stars thats what this place would get from me...I called to verify they had a car told them I had a check for 14000 to buy the car did the numbers with taxes and dealer fees everything came up to 14496 i agreed to go and purchase the car when I got there the priced changed from 14496 to 17496 this place is shady and they are crooks especially Samantha the one who quoted me a price had me driving two hours just to raise prices..I wouldn't reccomend my dog to buy a car here..sign mad black woman.


The Nightmare of the Service Department

READ the other Reviews. This place is HORRIBLE with a capital HORRIBLE. I took my brand new Jeep Gladiator to this location because there was heat rushing out of the vents. Since I bought the Jeep the temperature has always on both sides been set at 67 degrees. The first time I brought the Jeep in to this service center dealing with someone called Steve who btw did not have his mask on and kept telling me to come into his office, he took the Jeep. I received the Jeep 27 hours later being told it was fixed but he was not sure what they did to fix it or what was really wrong with it! Really? As you can imagine the next morning HEAT rushing out of the vents. When I brought the Jeep in I received insulting comments from Mike the Manager, along with the technician, "did you lower the temperature?" "It takes a while to cool off", "It is a bit warm", "well yes it is hot air". Insult to my intelligence to say the least as I do not and would choose not to spend my Friday morning at a Jeep Service station. After 36 hours and opening up a case with Chrysler they found out it was in fact a faulty sensor on the outside of the vehicle. No apology from nasty Mike the Manager, Steve who btw is really a nice guy, or the nasty Mechanic. Do yourself a favor...Find another Jeep Dealer this one sucks!!!!


Rip off

Recently I bough a certificate 2016 jeep and because was certificate I don't check so much. Big mistake.Car look like was under water for long time. Very rust in bodywork.Now they don't answer my complaint. Beware with this dealer.


Thank hollywood Chrysler Jeep

I'd like to thank Hollywood Chrysler Jeep, specifically Jeff Issner service adviser. I took my car in and had recall repairs done and I'm able to say the car runs like a dream. I've been dealing with Hollywood Chrysler Jeep for 7 years and my experiences have been good. I must also say that salesman Leslie Gray was very helpful when a bought a new car a year ago(there was no BS). I was able to find what I liked, afford what I found, and to this day I haven't had any problems other than recall issues.


Great people, great service!

I can't thank everyone at Hollywood Chrysler Jeep. They've been pretty incredible since I purchased my minivan three years ago up until today. I get my car serviced there all the time! Every three months like clockwork the express lanes take care of my oil change (within 20 min!!!), and when needed (only once) the service dept. right next door is wonderful and helps you with anything your car needs right away. I must say, it does pay off to be an early bird. I love being there before opening time (7 AM) and get everything done right away.

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