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(610 reviews)

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Lemons Sold Here

I believe i bought a lemon and I think they knew it was a lemon. I purchase a 2012 VW Routan in February 2016. Had nothing but trouble


Colonial Doesn’t Stand By Their Word

Colonial offered us a competitive price on a Forester, and we negotiated the deal prior to arriving. The night before I called the dealership to confirm that we could receive the 0 down, 0% APR incentive. I was told by Shantell that this was no problem at all. After driving an hour and a half to the dealership, and test driving the vehicle, we were prepared to sign the paperwork and were told there was a $500 upcharge for the 0 down, 0% APR, as they were “losing money otherwise”. I said I called specifically on this issue last night and was told we qualified. I had them review the call log, and while they said they saw my call, they “didn’t record after 6 pm”. DO NOT trust Colonial at all...they do not honor their word. I went to another dealership and got the same price with 0 down, 0% APR with no upcharge. They were confused as to why Colonial would even charge me $500 for this incentive. I am extremely disappointed by Colonial’s actions.


They work xxxx hard not to offer a loaner

Had to take my Subaru in for an airbag recall. First time I called to schedule, I was told upfront there were no loaners available in next 2 weeks due to so many responding to recall. So I scheduled out 4 weeks ahead, relating to the woman that due to my unusual work schedule, it would be impossible for me to rely on their shuttle service, which would not be operational when I would be able to pick up my car. The day before my scheduled appointment, I get a call back from the same woman, who tells me that they can not offer me a loaner afterall but would be happy to schedule the shuttle service with me. I again try to explain to her that my work schedule does not jive with the hours of their shuttle service, and it wasn't an option for me to end up stranded at work without transportation. She either couldn't or wouldn't comprehend what I was telling her. And she gave me another run around about getting a loaner. I still haven't had my airbag replaced and I'm going to call another dealer tomorrow. I'm willing to schedule around the realistic consideration that Colonial doesn't have enough loaners to offer more than a certain number every day. But they apparently aren't willing to work with me and my pain-in-the-butt schedule. But they sure are willing to send me endless emails and postal mail requests to trade up my vehicle.



I bought a Subaru from Dan and could not be happier with my decision. I came in up in the air between two cars, but Dan took the time to get to know me and help me with my decision to buy a Crosstrek. He helped me pick the perfect car. I will tell all my friends about Dan.


Knowledge is King

Leased a Jetta Wolfsburg Edition from Colonial (3d car from this dealer), met & worked with Walter. He's got quite a grasp of knowledge about the various models of VW, showed my wife Teresa & I a 2018 Wolfsburg Edition Jetta, went for a test drive, sealed the deal with his experience & personality. We will be back in 3 years for another when the lease is due. Brian H. Clay, Sr.-Holland


Not very helpful

I was working with another dealership in addition to Colonial and the other one was far superior in customer service and the whole buying process. I bought a new Forester from the other dealer. Colonial's loss.


Bought a new Crosstrek with a scratch

I purchased a new 2014 Subaru Crosstrek XV from Colonial a few years ago. Before I drove it off the lot (after signing the papers), we discovered a scratch on the back passenger side. The salesman and the manager examined the scratch, did not seem concerned and stated I could bring the car back to buff out the scratch. A few weeks later, I brought the vehicle back to the Dealership’s Service Department, but unfortunately they were unable to fix the scratch (as it was not a surface scratch- it was deeper than originally thought). The attempts to fix the scratch actually made the scratch more noticeable (as recognized by the service department). They stated that they needed take the vehicle to a body shop and have the entire side panel of the vehicle repainted (which would take a few days to complete the work). Not only will I be inconvenienced to bring the car back, but I would also need a rental car for the time period. I was quite unsatisfied to receive this news. I have taken time to speak with professionals and research the topic. No aftermarket paint job can hold up as well as OEM. It can chip and scratch easier then factory and there can be issues with color matching. OEM has a much better painting system and baking system. In addition, value is affected when a car has had paintwork. I would not have taken custody of the car if I thought there was a significant paint issue. Due to my concerns with durability, color matching, and devaluation, I am very unhappy.


Check in hand, ready to buy

We hurried over to the dealership Friday evening, got there about 7:30 pm. We looked around and went inside to deal with a salesperson. We walked in the door and he walked out into an office. We waited for 20 minutes and caught him peeking out to see if we were still there. Tomorrow we buy from the other dealership!!



Hello, I saw an ad on Auto Trader for a 2015 Subaru WRX LIMITED CERTIFIED. I filled the online inquiry out and I was contacted right away from Dawn DeJesus. Dawn was very responsive and friendly. I came into the dealership on my lunch break and was greeted by Suketu Ghandi. I told Mr. Suke that I was here to see Dawn and he explained he could help me. I explained to Mr Suke what brought me in and he asked why would you want a car that is already 3 years old when I can put you in a brand new car cheaper. So I went over the options I wanted and he said he would get back to me. He got back to me with a payment $200 more per month that what the used car payment would be. I said that I just wanted the car that I originally saw that brought me in. He still said well let me talk to my girl in finance and see what we can do. I thought this was really weird that a salesman would talk me out of getting what I wanted. So I put 2 & 2 together and called the dealership and asked if the car was still available . The person on the phone said I am sorry it is sold, and I asked If Suke was the one that sold the car and the answer was yes. Suke was not honest from the beginning and should of been up front with me and said that the car was sold especially since he sold the car. This was not a good experience .


What a Great day.

What an awesome Team at Colonial Volkswagen Subaru. My first contact was by phone with Dawn Dejesus. She was so nice and understood my need to just come and check out the inventory. She greeted me like we were friends. She is perfect for her position . I met Daniel Reardon and he was so helpful ,patient and made my experience buying a new car fun. He was very informative and helped me through the process and made this "big decision "fun. Never did i feel pressured into any decision. He is an Awesome salesmen and he totally made this experience FUN! I I must mention Justin Gliem and what a pleasure it was to talk to him. he is a bright light! I have to mention what a great sport William was when he heard that Daniel helped me with my purchase. Your team deserves more than five stars. I definitely will be referring my friends and family when they ask about my beautiful new Jetta. Les