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(13 reviews)

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Terrible Service will not honor lifetime oil chang

Will not honor free lifetime oil changes as promised at purchase. They say all service needs to be provided by them for free oil changes. They showed me a dirty cabin air filter that did not come out of my car in order to put in a $10 filter an charge me $50. No tools even needed to do this service. Tried to get me to repair an oil cooler leak that did not even drip. Did not even reset the service light on oil change until I made them do it. One time they set the tire pressure too low and my low pressure light came on. I would not trust them with simple repairs let alone all the expensive repairs $2000 they said I need. I will never set foot in that place again.

Dealer response

Fred T, we regret to hear that you had a negative experience with us, but would appreciate the chance to turn your experience around. It has always been stated with customers in this program that all services need to be done at the dealership for free oil changes. Best Regards, Orlando Lagunas Owner Loyalty Manager McCarthy Olathe Nissan 913-324-7366


Would never use again.

Initially the person working with us was great. They helped to try to find a vehicle that was in our budget and that worked for us. After the initial salesman everything went downhill. Being a first time car buyer, both me and my husband got taken advantage of by McCarthy (Olathe, KS). The end price we agreed on was $19,000 (after taxes and fees) but we when everything was said and done, we ended up paying over $24,000. We knowingly added a protection plan and GAP insurance, but there were back end prices that they were not up front about. We didn't see this final number until we went back to get the car deed and receipt for the car the 2 weeks later. After reviewing the 'itemized list' of charges, nothing lined up and several things were added or missing. After THREE emails to the person that sold us the car he finally responded nearly a month later and just pushed us on to his manager. We ended up getting a small amount back after this. What they didn't tell us was, the money we were getting back was actually for canceling our protection plan. So, nearly a year later we were trying to get our windshield fixed after a rock cracked it (covered under the protection plan) and come to find out, we are no longer covered. I would never go back to this place and would NEVER recommend them to any of my friends or family.


3/4 ton awd long bed truck

We went into the lot to look for a truck for my husband, but I see a car and asked to look at it. James came down and let me look at it, listen to what I wanted, and was honest about what I could get for what i was asking for. He didn't pressure me in anyway he was great showed me a few more that was in my wanted range. James was great I would recommend James to talk to anyone of my friends and family members and know that they are going to get good service.


I’d give a zero if I could.

I will never step foot into this establishment again. I’ve now had two issues with this service department regarding breaks. The first was a year ago. I had a multipoint inspection and the breaks were rated at a green when 3 days later, I had to bring it back in with breaks worn and needing replacing. The carelessness of the individual in marking this could have seriously left my children and I in a terrible situation. A year ago, I had new breaks put on. Recently the front started making noise alerting me I needed to have them checked before road trip with my children. I was out of town and went to another auto shop and three mechanics looked at the break pads and roters all conforming that the mechanic who “replaced my breaks” failed to rotate the roters and smooth it out for even wear leaving me with uneven wear and tear only one side. They didn’t turn my roters and smooth them out the last time I had breaks on now causing one to wear unevenly and make noise. After telling the service desk people how unhappy I was that this is now the SECOND issue in the service department I’ve had regarding breaks, they needed to make this right. “We’ll have to look at it. It should only take 45 minutes.” Fast forward 2 hours of waiting and the Service guy says nothing was done wrong and it’s rust and wear. But to “help me out” they’ll cover cost of labor but I pay for roters. I said absolutely not and needed to talk with a manager. I restate what happened. Manager then says in the service bay, “well maybe things are different in Oklahoma. And your car is old and our break pads are slightly slanted... after reminding him of our previous encounter over break issues, he says “We’ll cover the cost of the roters. “ I asked, just this one? To which he responded “Both of them”. I gave the go ahead and said, if both then go for it. Another hour later, I walk down to check out and a bill for almost $200 bill. This was not what was said in the service bay. When I told them I’m not walking out of here paying a cent for roters/breaks that he stood there telling me “Wed cover the cost of the roters” they proceed to offer me a financing option but continued to tell me I had to pay for the parts (and was required to do so for a warranty). The service manager then proceeded to tell me how he told me he would cover cost of labor but I covered cost of roters. Absolutely NOT what was said. If that was the case, I would have taken my car somewhere else for the service. They proceeded to ask me what to do because nothing on their end other than offering me a financing option for the parts was given to rectify this situation. So, with my instruction, I told them to get my old roters and pads out of the trash and put back on because I refuse to pay a cent for any further service from this male dominated and degrading establishment. But who knows if they put the correct ones back on. I will absolutely NEVER step foot in McCarthy Nissan again. They proceed to attempt to make women feel Inferior about this industry and protect their own mechanics by denying any honest mistake or wrong doing that they may have done. Their service department customer service is an absolute joke and I’m sorry I ever purchased a vehicle from them.


Great customer service

Was pleased with the service and James Studna did a awesome job of closing the deal. The staff was very accommodating. Will definitely consider future vehicle purchases.


Terrible Customer Service

The paint on my Altima started flaking off in small chips shortly after the warranty expired. There was no hail or other physical damage to the paint. This was clearly a paint defect. Cost to repaint was $2200. McCarthy Nissan offered no assistance with repainting. Don't buy a vehicle from this dealer!

Dealer response

Thank you for letting us know about this, Bruce. We reviewed your concerns about the paint chip, but because the vehicle is 5 years and 80,000 beyond the manufacturer warranty we or Nissan will not be able to warranty the paint concerns. Additionally, you indicated that you had the hood painted previously, but not by our Collision Center, so it would not be a manufacturer's defect of factory-applied paint. If you need anything further, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly via email at, or you can give me a phone call at 913-800-1155. Thank You, Karl A. Kramer, Communications Director / McCarthy Auto Group



Mike Tolbert and Jon Frye worked with me. My 3rd Nissan from McCarthy. These 2 guys did way more than I expected. My wife and I were very impressed with the extre effort. My circumstances were a bit different than the average and Mike and Jon made it so easy and relaxing. This is the way buying a car should be. Every question answered. Every concern resolved. These guys were awesome.


2014 Nissan Pathfinder - LEMON

Sold me a brand new car that is a lemon and corporate refuses to buy-it back! Horrible customer service at Corporate!


three cars bought

Our family has bought three cars from Jason Gordan and I have recommended him to a friend who also purchased her car from McCarthy Nissan. I really appreciate all the work Jason has done for me and my family. I will definately be going back in the future to purchase new cars and recommend him to all of my friends. thank you so much for making the car buying process easier.


The only Nissan Dealership to go see!

We have leased our last 8 vehicles from McCarthy Nissan! They have been consistently the lowest price, friendly service, nicest facility, best quality of repairs and the fastest service center. Jason Gordon is the best sales manager around! Be sure to see him if you want a fair and friendly purchase experience!! I went in to have my Maxima oil changed (which is always free), and drove out with a new Altima that lowered my monthly payment, and the gas savings will be significant! Happy all around!

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