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Poor Service

Our 1990 Jeep Wrangler is rarely driven. It has not yet even reached the 100,000 mile mark. It is garage kept, in great shape, and held onto more for sentimental than practical purposes. We were told many years ago that the gas tank needed to be replaced. The top was slightly collapsed causing the gas gauge to record ¾ tank when it was in fact empty. Since we don’t drive the car often that didn’t pose a problem. About two years ago, when we had a little extra cash, we decided to have it repaired. Because the car is special to us, and we wanted the work done right, we decided to take it to David’s. They replaced the tank and straps. Shortly after the car began stalling each time a right turn was made. I contacted the dealership and explained that was not happening before the work was done. They said to bring it back again so they could look into it. After several days we were told the problem was with the carburetor. I explained that the carburetor had been replaced and had no earlier issues. Since we were going to be away, we brought the car home and returned it to its place in the garage. Fast forward to last week – the car was taken to a reputable local mechanic for a second opinion. He advised that the straps were overtightened at installation causing compression of the tank, which in turn caused small ruptures and hose separation. (See photos) I called the service department and asked if anything could be done, understanding that the warranty period expired but that the car had not been driven 20 miles since they worked on it. The person I spoke with took all of the details and said they would reach out to the supplier to check the tank warranty status. I advised that tank was damaged by improper installation, not defect, so part warranty was really not applicable. The Service Manager was supposed to be in touch. When I didn’t hear from them I called back several times, but as yet have had no contact - and no answer. I suspect the $1,000 we paid for this repair is just going to be a loss. What’s worse is the additional $1,000 that we will have to come up with to have their sloppy work repaired. The ironic part of the story is that I planned on buying a new Pacifica from them. That is not going to happen. I won’t by a new a vehicle from a dealership if I can’t trust they can service it. A $1,000 loss for me equates to a $37,000 loss for them – Karma.


2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd

The new Sales Manager declined to recognize a copy of an email stating that the Jeep was to have the paint touched up after purchased, which took place before the pandemic happened. Three consecutive Tuesdays or Wednesdays had rained, preventing the "lot man" from doing the work, and then the Pandemic. The Sales Manager said the Salesman had left, and when he called him that he had no recollection of the offer to repair ( amnesia set in which is common with car dealers, especially used cars).


Don’t buy or service at David

Don't buy a car, truck, or jeep from this place! The service department is dishonest and think their clients are idiots! The initial issue was the back seat in my new wrangle JL was stuck and wouldn't come out. After 10 days or so in the shop I went to pick it up. Right off the bat I realized an item had been stolen out of my vehicle. I was satisfied when they said they would replace it, ok no big deal. Then I got home to realize while repairing the rear seat, they had broken the drivers seat, and to boot...the rear seat came out once was put back in and got stuck again. I was pretty upset that my vehicle had come home worse off then when I dropped it off. Finally several months later I spoke with a supervisor and he convinced my to give them another chance. I brought it in and they ordered parts...going on two weeks and the parts aren't in yet. But while there, they examined another issue I told them about. One of my daughter's friends jumped in through the back and broke two parts on my soft top roof. The service department told me it would cost me $2700 to fix because they had to order an entire new soft top. I wanted him to confirm to me he couldn't order the two parts that were broken and on two separate occasions he explained they had to get the entire top. I went home and researched the parts on the MOPAR website and found both parts and ordered them from another dealership. Both parts with shipping were under $150. I will go back to make then repair the warrantee items and then never return.


Walt Okon bought the perfect used Car

Walt Okon - Bought the perfect Used Car. I searched the Easter Coast area for a great buy in a used car. I founded it at David's Dodge. I had all the pictures of the car, all the specifications, all the history of the car. The David Dodge price was fair, right, and honest. They made it easy for registration, and ensured the car was properly title in the State of Virginia. I was amazed. Even more , the car looked and felt like a "brand new car." It was perfect. Walt Okon, Springfield, Virginia


Service on Jeep recall

Service was fast and treated so well Everyone was wearing masks and the waiting area they had all the chairs separated. I was very impressed.

Dealer response

Hi Joshua, we are very happy to have provided you with such a positive experience! If you ever need anything else from us, please feel free to give us a call or stop by. Have a great day!


Paul C

Took my wife's car in for an oil change. Always great service from David Dodge.

Dealer response

Thank you for your kind review; we are happy to pass along your comments to the team here at David Dodge Chrysler Jeep! If you're ever in need of more help, please let us know!


Not good for buying a used vehicle

If you're in the market for a used vehicle, this is NOT the place. Went there, told them we wanted a used vehicle; they tried to sell us a new one. When we told them the monthly payments were out of our price range, the manager/boss, whomever, tried to convince me that I should become an Uber driver with the new vehicle to make the payments. Told him I'm a caregiver for my 84 year old mother and don't have time to be an Uber driver. He said I should get the new vehicle so I could drive my mom around "in a new car". I asked if he was going to pay for our groceries and utility bills, since the car payment would be so high. He got mad and told the salesman to show us a used car. We were so frustrated, that after we bought the used vehicle, we didn't notice that the key fob had a broken spring in it until we got home (btw - key fobs aren't covered if you're getting a used vehicle, even if it's a certified used vehicle). The battery in the fob stopped working three weeks later. We had to use a small screw driver to pop out the key, to replace the battery. Then we had to tape the key back into the fob (and it still isn't working right). So, now we have six years of payments for this vehicle, with a broken key fob. So much for quality service. Thanks, Dave


Walter Miehle

Cost too much.will not get my oil changed at David Dodge any more.

Dealer response

Hello Walter, we appreciate you taking the time to leave us this feedback. If you have any further questions, please give us a call. We're always happy to help!


2019 Wrangler JL oil change

Jacob greatest me and explained the process. Asked if I had any concerns or questions. Was honest about wait time and offered shuttle. He was awesome and obviously a valuable asset to this dealership. I?ll be back.

Dealer response

Hi Gerald, we are very happy Jacob provided you with such a positive experience! If you ever need anything else from us, please feel free to give us a call or stop by. We look forward to seeing you again. Take care!


George Kolbe

My experience was absolutely wonderful as it always is with Brian Francis!

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