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Apple Ford Lincoln

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2014 state dealer award
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(935 reviews)

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We purchased a used 2023 GMC pickup from Apple Ford in

We purchased a used 2023 GMC pickup from Apple Ford in Columbia, MD. We paid cash for the vehicle and have yet to get a title. The sale was finalized on or about May 1st. I have repeatedly called the dealership from the sales associate Justin to the General Manager. The only person in the beginning that returned any phone calls was Lindsey Dawson. I have left multiple phone calls and it seems that once the sale was completed this dealership has no interest in following through! It is always amazing that when a company professes they want to have you as a customer for life and yet they treat you as a transaction!!


Customer Service is dead!

Customer Service is dead! I scheduled an online appointment a week prior to have an oil change and a software recall/update performed on a brand new F250. I arrived early and was greeted by friendly service advisor; however, it all went downhill from there. Once inside I was informed that my online appointment could not be kept, because it was booked in the wrong department. This appointment was made by entering a VIN, which had the system pull the current millage off the truck, but somehow this advanced system allowed the appointment to be scheduled for the wrong service department? This is inconceivable to me, and clearly a failure of their online system. How would a customer be aware of the requirements for different areas of the service department? This was then made to be my fault and responsibly, as another service writer, possibly the manager told me they wouldn't have time to service the truck today and told me I would need to reschedule. Then what was the point of making an appointment, when they wont honor it anyway. I can not understand how you have an appointment with a system that took a VIN and wirelessly obtained the current milage form the vehicle, but allowed it to be "scheduled in the wrong department." Even if you assume that is true this indicates that no one checks the upcoming appointments until they arrive, which leads to situations like this and causes inefficiencies leading to poor customer experiences and longer wait times. But clearly customer service is not a priority at APPLE FORD, Hence the abysmal ratings online. There was no attempt to rectify the situation the same day. There was also no consideration for the fact that I taken off of work and arranged for transportation. There is clearly no concern for the customer and you are just another number there to inconvenience them by asking them to perform services that were scheduled.


Thanks Curtis for taking care of getting my Aviator

Thanks Curtis for taking care of getting my Aviator repaired. I appreciate all your help.


APPLE FORD is one of the best car companies.

Ben is a great service manager. I've used him several time for my 6 month service. He is always correct in fixing problems with both my cars


Apple Ford Service Center

My car, which was not purchased at Apple Ford, had a recall. When I called Apple Ford for an appointment, I was greeted quickly and pleasantly. I received appointment reminders and was able to drop the car off the evening before. The day of the appointment, the car was completed in the morning and I was informed that a shuttle service was available if I was within a 5 mile radius. The shuttle driver contacted me almost immediately, and arrived within a few minutes after his call. He was pleasant, courteous and professional. Once at Apple Ford, I received the same pleasant and professional service. When my car was brought to me, it had been washed and was dropped off right in front of me. I will not hesitate to have my car serviced at Apple Ford in the future.


Lifetime service customer here.

Lifetime service customer here...Service at quicklane nearly broke my truck with fuel additive service that caused engine errors the next day. Don't add on only a 1/4 full gas tank, the technician should've noted this and suggested it next time with full tank. Also, had an appt to wait for an oil change and they still kept my truck for 2 hrs. I'll be going back to the lube center in Frederick and paying more for better service and qualified technicians that know what they're doing. When I bought the truck a few years ago the sales guy was good but the finance guy was pushy and completed my paperwork incorrectly. Also tried to say our trade in had a broken door handle but they broke it to lower the trade in price. Would not recommend.


The service at the main complex is better.

The service at the main complex is better. It is their quick lane service down the street that needs some help. Every time I have taken my vehicle there, they tell me my vehicle needs service on items it does not. In particular, they told me my breaks needed to be replaced and the next month I brought them in, they said they were green. They also told me I needed new windshield wiper (which I personably replaced 2 weeks prior). I just got two brand new tires from the main complex a couple months ago and now they’re telling me I need new tires for the same tires I just bought. The last time I went there, they did not check the PSI on my tires and left my back door open. Do not recommend. Find somewhere else to go.


Stay away, stay far away

You're treated with such disrespect as a customer. My last appointment I made with them was for a Ford recall. It was for 7:00am and I was first in line at their facility and was told it would take 3 hours to fix the vehicle. I waited 3 1/2 hours and went to inquire about the vehicle and was told we don't have that part and they might get it in 2-3 weeks. This was only one of many mishaps with Apple Ford. On top of charging ridiculous prices for repairs, they speak to you like you have never seen anything under your hood. Do your research on places to fix your vehicle, but stay away from Apple Ford service department. "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!"


Apple Ford - comprehensive automotive care

Went in for an oil change and tire rotation. Ben at the service desk was engaging, and very polite. Since I arrived late morning, Ben offered me a shuttle (back home) rather than waiting for the vehicle at the dealership. I’d recommend giving Apple Ford a try. Great service, friendly staff, and competitive pricing. Apple Ford went beyond the task that day by giving me an overall vehicle wellness report so I am aware of any recalls and/or upcoming services to keep my car road worthy. Thanks Apple Ford!


Magnificent car, equally good dealership!

Bought a 2019 Lincoln MKZ from the dealership in August 2022. Easiest purchase I've ever made; plus the car is simply amazing (3.0L TT, 400 HP). I smile every time I see it, and then smile more every time I drive it. I still get 25 mph, even though its the most powerful vehicle I've ever purchased. The dealership itself was a dream to work with (thanks Deavan!), got a good deal, a great car and was out in less than 2 hours (including test drive!)