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(7 reviews)

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Happy with my Certified Pre-Owned

Got a pretty good deal on my certified pre-owned 328i. The salesperson was nice, and the manager was very straight up and honest during the purchase. I was expecting a battle, but overall, it turned out to be a positive experience.



Haughty. Came in for basic periodic maintenance. In less than one minute, based upon inserting ignition key into computer port, was informed that $2700 worth of tuneup and NDI were needed. When I expressed shock I was informed that "BMWs aren't for everyone". I took the car elsewhere, got tuneup, OEM parts, service and inspection from BMW certified master tech, maintenance records updated, for less than half the SM BMW quote.


Beyond Belief

This dealership will attempt to steal your wallet. Their service is one of the most atrocious excuses for a service dept in the west.

Dealer response

Armistad, We would like to extend our personal regrets regarding your experience and assure you that we take your feedback seriously. Peter, from our Management Team, would appreciate the chance to speak with you, apologize, and get more feedback. You can email him at We appreciate your time and are looking forward to earning back your trust in our dealership. Thank you, Santa Monica BMW


Great sales team, great connections!

We walked into SM BMW only looking to test drive the new 228i. Knowing that we wanted a manual transmission, we knew we'd have to order the car. We planned to play a few dealerships against one another to get the best deal. After talking for a few minutes about what we specifically were looking for, our rep informed us they had a brand new 328i that fit the bill. We looked at it, and even though it wasn't exactly what we were looking for, it was exactly what we really wanted! We made out like bandits on the deal, as BMW's with manual transmissions aren't exactly what the average buying is looking for, but it was EXACTLY what we wanted. The car is loaded up with all the options, and 6 months in we couldn't be happier with it. First service was easy to schedule, they provided a loaner car that was comparable to our car (automatic tho) and it was ready on time. I highly recommend this dealership, Achilles, our advisor, and BMW in general. This is my 5th BMW, but first from this dealership, I'm already planning on #6, and it will be from Santa Monica BMW!

Dealer response

Sean, Congratulations on your new BMW 228i! We are so pleased to hear that you had an amazing car buying experience with us. We will be sure to pass on your kind words to Achilles and the rest of our team for providing you with friendly, professional, and knowledgeable service. We look forward to helping you find your 6th BMW! Sincerely, Santa Monica BMW


Stunning - And not in a good way

After months of research - excited and enthusiastic - I took time from work and stopped in on a fine midday morning ready to speak with someone - anyone - about my decision to purchase a brand spanking new BMW. Yes, I did call for an appointment first, but the answering machine was of no help, and I got no return call . So I thought I'd just take the time and drop in. Certainly face to face would be better. And I was no one. A collective yawn would be a generous description as employee after employee marched by ignoring me. Gradually, I began to feel that I'd suddenly developed the super power of invisibility. No one bothered to offer as much as a simple "Hello" or a "May I help you?" ... Nothing. So after wandering the place for a bit in search of someone who might care a little, finally I just walked into an office to beg for assistance. The woman at the desk looked up - and while pleasant enough - clearly had other things she needed to attend to besides helping separate me from my money. After somewhat patiently hearing my plea, she vanished into the service area for some time. I stood awkwardly in the hallway waiting. She did return at last and I was told that the car in which I was interested was not available to be seen. "But it's here, right? Just through those glass doors? I think I can see the front of it not 20 feet away. " "Yes" she allowed, "It is". "Well, couldn't I just go have a quick peek?" I said "I won't touch anything." "No. No I'm afraid not. It's not available at the moment." I began to get a bit paranoid and started to wonder if the car was actually upset and avoiding me for some reason. "It may be available to be seen later today - or possibly tomorrow - maybe the next day. Just come back later why don't you?." "OK" I said "When? What would be the best time?" No answer. I was never asked for my name, or for a business card so that someone might call. Nor was I offered as much as a handshake, a card, a name, a phone number, or for that matter a chair, a cup of water, or a future appointment. For the record, I was nicely dressed for work, so I think I resembled a vagrant in no possible way. Just as I dejectedly turned to go, I stopped, looked back and said to the nameless woman - now back at her desk. "You know, I must say. This is all vey odd - by far the strangest car dealership I've ever visited. Basically, you're just telling me to go away. And you seem actually a bit annoyed that I have the temerity to want to give you money for one of your cars" . She looked both genuinely perplexed and yet relieved as I wandered back out into the California sun....baffled, annoyed, and feeling somehow diminished. Since I have found another BMW dealership in the city. And that one is populated with people who actually wish to sell cars.


Dumpy old dealership, but had the car we wanted

I would rate this dealership as a 2/5. It isn't flashy, the buying process "chunky", and they do not seem to have enough of the right people there to help. However, what do you really need from a car dealership? 1. A car you want 2. A fair price 3. A handshake and some paperwork They had all three for me. However, I have had many far better buying "experiences" than S.M. BMW. I would go out of my way to not buy there again, sad to say.


Bad Customer Relations

Remains to be seen if there is any professionalism to be found at this dealership. But after a few years of periodic encounters, this dealership rates a ZERO. I am a BMW owner, I have serviced my car there, I have visited there more than once to consider purchasing a new vehicle and also certified preowned. Worst moments so far involve Salesmen flat out lying to me about features and changes to BMW models. BMW are the best cars I've ever driven, but this dealership is crap. Repeated experiences of condescending remarks and snake oil salesmanship seem to be go beyond flukes or isolated incidences.

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