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This seller has been on Cars.com since March 2022.
Welcome to Hilbish Ford! Located in Kannapolis NC Hilbish Ford is proud to be one of the premier dealerships in the area. As soon as you walk into our showroom you will see that our commitment to Customer Service is second to none. We work hard to make your experience with Hilbish Ford a good one for the life of your vehicle. Whether you need to Purchase Finance or Service a New or Pre-Owned Ford you have come to the right place. Call 877-465-3948 for your No-Obligation Internet Price Quote from our Internet Department.
Serving North and South Carolina since 1954!!!

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Phone number (704) 859-0042

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(617 reviews)

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I would like to thank the service manager (don't know his

I would like to thank the service manager (don't know his name but he was a big man and I met him about 8:30 am 11/23/22). He was very polite and helpful. He thanked me for my military service opened the car door for me as I was leaving.The service dept. put on a new air bag in a very short time and I was on my way. Most employees spoke to me as I passed by. This dealership is much nicer than Cloninger Ford in Salisbury. I am now thru with Cloninger Ford. Their people will not do anything for the customer and are actually rude. Especially the internet sales dept. and some service managers. James Simpson


Fair dealing and Tanner was a pleasure to deal with.

Fair dealing and Tanner was a pleasure to deal with. Finance department explained all options with no pressure


I drove to Hilbish from out of state to buy a new Ford

I drove to Hilbish from out of state to buy a new Ford Bronco. The paperwork was ready and the process was yuck and efficient. Brittany and all the staff at Hilbish did a. Great job making for a stress free buying experience!


My very recent purchase needs $1200 work, it's a used car

My very recent purchase needs $1200 work, it's a used car but needed attention before the sale!!! No one has contacted me about my report to them.


im in love with my new 2020 Ford Escape!

im in love with my new 2020 Ford Escape! it’s amazing! thank u so much!


They sold us a vehicle that wasn't driven 40 miles, it

They sold us a vehicle that wasn't driven 40 miles, it broke down, had to be towed and cost of repairs were nearly $800 and they wouldn't even work with us on the repair cost. Oh by the way it broke down on the same day I made my first payment





I went in 2 Fridays ago and purchased a truck.

I went in 2 Fridays ago and purchased a truck. Prior to this I was in a wreck in my work van , it had some damage so I took it to their body shop to get it worked on . The driver that was at fault insurance was covering the cost of repairs. Well while my van was still be worked on they had got in a Chevy Colorado 2015 which is what exactly I was looking for so I can came into see if I could trade in my van while it was being repaired . They said it would no problem and they would be more than happy to take it in as a trade, so we began the deal.  And they started giving me numbers for the value of van which they valued at 1.5k (which h is very low for a 2013 ford transit connect work van ). I told them that is extremely low and I definitely can’t accept that , so I asked why is the offer so low that’s when the sales man told me since it’s in the shop and your trading it in before the work is done it cuts insurance out the deal . But that’s when I brought up insurance already gave me 3.6k to pay for a part of the repairs and they would pay the rest once the work is completed. So I asked why can’t I pay the body shop the 3.6 k then you add the value to my trade in , he said one moment let me go ask he came back said no that’s your money to keep since you are trading it and it will cut insurance out of the deal , he is a new guy and their were 4 people working on this deal , the sales man, a girl named jasmine and sales manager. I asked are you sure and they reassured me yes that’s how it will work. So I gave them that money towards the down payment. I get the truck and I leave. Monday comes the body shop calls me to pick up the van , i tell him that is your van I traded it in so he asked what about the 3.6k I told him sales told me to use it’s my money since I’m trading it in and “cuts insurance out of the deal”. He said i wasn’t made aware of this, they told him nothing . So I get off the phone and sales calls and tells me no your didn’t us nothing you have to pay that bill . I reassured them I told them and I had someone there with me that heard everything . Then manager starts laughing and says “you didn’t tell me xxxx”. So at this time I sense they are playing with me , I asked is this funny to you , he said whatever makes your day . So I hang up and I go to the dealer. When I’m pulling in I see the guy who sold me the truck leaving so I asked him to stop and talk to me , before exiting my vehicle i get my phone out and start recording so I have something to back me up cause now it’s the dealer against me and I have no one to back my word . So I asked him if i told him about the money , what was it for ?, and where it came from he said yes and I proceeded to ask more questions to where he admitted they xxxxed up.  After that 3 people from sales rush over and yell at me , don’t talk to use talk to the body shop you owe them not us . So i go to the body shop and talk with TOMMY Someone who I was in contact with the whole time thru the repair and I made him aware earlier before the van was done that insurance already gave me some I asked want me to pay you now he said wait till the work is done . So I asked him if we could talk and he said yes , I told him everything that was going on and how they offered me 1.5 for the van since they will to pay for repairs , he told me that makes sense , and i told him how I felt like I was being played he said I know how it is “sales is always a xxxx show “ and i asked if they asked about the status of the van when I traded it in he said no jasmine came and asked if they were working on a van and he said yes and pointed to it and she went to look at it . And he said it had no doors on it if she couldn’t tell she must of “been blind” . Because she claimed she didn’t know there was a open bill but if she would of noticed the doors were off that would of told her they are working on it. So I told him how When I came in now I got the salesman on video admitting I told him but he is denying it , he asked to see the video . I show him that’s when he said yeah this a problem , just stay in your truck and calm down i know this is stressful . And he reassured me that this a learning lesson for them and they will be having a meeting with all the managers don’t worry . He said he will me the next day with details. He never called , So I assumed that token responsibility for their mistake. I was wrong I get a call on Memorial Day saying come in the body shop wants to talk . I come in , tommy says we’ll they are holding you responsible for the bill , I said how let me talk to a A manger . So i went to talk to him that’s when they salesman and jasmine wants to join in when I wanted to talk the Manger independently . I asked the Manager  if we can talk private it’s about how they are treating me he said “no because it be he say she say “. I didn’t want to but I sat down anyway he let me talk and i told him how i have a video of admitting they messed up he said oh “ want to put you phone on my desk and record this too “ I declined at this point I felt like the smallest person in the room with 3 people against me that’s when I told him how the trade in value was so low so that’s why they made me Believe insurance was out of deal, he said” they gave you to much in my opinion I would gave you a thousand which is ridiculous. I told him tommy even told me it was worth more and that jasmine didn’t ask anything about that van and that she must of been Blind because she didn’t see it was missing doors. He said I doubt he would say such a thing let’s call him in here so he did . And I made a statement “ I think he will tell , I hope he doesn’t lie to my face “ and sure enough he does he comes in and the manager asked him about things , he denied both and laughed and said he will give me $800 for my van (he didn’t this to cover his elf and he didn’t want to repeat his insult to better his situation and go against his customer . At this point I get up and says this is crazy y’all know what y’all are doing they are all bullying me to pay them I told them you know what im going to pay and figure this out later cause clearly I’m getting no where talking to the people at the dealer ship. I felt stuck and they been calling me asking me for money while I’m working and I can’t keep being bothered so I told them I’m going to pay just so you can Leave me alone and I’ll deal with this the right way. So now I’m here I want to warn others about them and how they play to be your friend but will screw you over with no remorse


Always great service and dedication to customer

Always great service and dedication to customer satisfaction. We just purchased our second car there and could not be happier.


Best car dealership I have ever visited

Hilbish Ford was great to work with. Their team worked great together and were very knowledgeable. They kept me updated during the entire process. The team listened to my wants and needs and helped me find the perfect car. The finance manager was able to get me a new car with a payment I was comfortable with.

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