470 Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-AMG Cars: Recall Alert

By Patrick Masterson on August 14, 2018

Vehicles Affected: Approximately 470 model-year 2018 Mercedes-Benz E300, E300 4Matic and E400 4Matic sedans; model-year 2018 E400 and E400 4Matic cabriolets; model-year 2018 CLA250 and CLA250 4M... Read More
2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata First Drive: More Power Paves the Road to More Fun

By Brian Wong on August 13, 2018

Here at Cars.com, we do our utmost to give every car a fair shake. But that doesn't mean that we don't have favorites or that we don't get excited about certain vehicles or events. T... Read More
'Stangs for the Memories: Ford Marks Half-Century of Mustang Milestones

By Brian Normile on August 8, 2018

The 10 millionth Mustang Ford has built since the iconic pony car debuted in 1964 rolls off the assembly line today, a Wimbledon White GT convertible with a six-speed manual transmission —... Read More
On National Friendship Day: Car Counterparts We'd Call Frenemies

By Patrick Masterson on August 3, 2018

National Friendship Day — which is Sunday in the U.S. this year, for those of you who are bad friends — may be a gimmick meant to sell greeting cards, but it also got us to thinking.... Read More
My Other Car's a Mini: 10 Kiddie Cars That Match Mom's and Dad's

By Kasey Carlson on August 1, 2018

My grandpa bought me a battery-operated Barbie Jeep when I was 1 year old and couldn't even walk yet. While I was not yet old enough to drive it around, I still looked like a pretty cool tod... Read More
2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF Increases in Price, Power

By Brian Normile on July 31, 2018

There's a half-joke among automotive enthusiasts that the answer to any car-choice question is always "Miata." The recently introduced Mazda Miata with a retractable fastback ... Read More
2017-2018 Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-AMG C-Class: Recall Alert

By Patrick Masterson on July 26, 2018

Vehicles Affected: Approximately 10,800 model-year 2017-18 Mercedes-Benz C300 and C300 4Matic cabriolets; and Mercedes-AMG C43 cabriolets, C63 cabriolets and C63S cabriolets The Problem: Due... Read More
Lamborghini Aventador SV Owners May Wanna Take It Easy in the Turns

By Kasey Carlson on July 23, 2018

If you're driving a model-year 2015 or 2016 Lamborghini Aventador SV around, you may want to watch how hard you throw it into the curves. Eight (yes, eight) Lamborghini Aventador SV coupes a... Read More
Rowdy Audi: TT Looks Meaner for 2019

By Kelsey Mays on July 18, 2018

Come the next model year, the Audi TT could wear a few updates that make ordinary versions look more like the high-powered TT RS. The German luxury brand announced what it calls "a comprehe... Read More
It's National Stick Shift Day! Here Are Our 7 Fave Clutch Performers

By Mike Hanley on July 16, 2018

Apparently, if you care about something enough, you turn it into a holiday. You know, one of those pseudo-celebrations you randomly catch when scrolling through your Twitter feed. Squirrel Appre... Read More