Car Buying

Like Kids and Candy, Families Will Eat Up These Sweet SUVs

By Jennifer Newman on April 6, 2018

For me, an auto show is like being a kid in a candy store. The show floor is filled with gorgeous vehicles on displays that are designed to entice both automotive journalists and car shoppers. I... Read More
Taking the Kids to the Auto Show? Here's How to Stay Sane

By Jennifer Newman on April 6, 2018

Heading to an auto show with your kids seems like a trip only for the foolhardy or the overconfident, but it's one that I recommend to friends who are shopping for a new family car. I've... Read More
2019 VW Jetta Offers More Features for Less Money

By Jennifer Geiger on April 5, 2018

When Volkswagen's 2019 Jetta goes on sale later this year, it'll cost less than the outgoing model. The redesigned compact sedan starts at $19,395 for the base S model, including a desti... Read More
2018 Chevrolet Tahoe Gets Goth Makeover With Midnight Edition

By Fred Meier on April 3, 2018

Chevrolet is giving the sinister Midnight Edition treatment to a special edition of its cheapest two-row Tahoe full-size SUV, the Tahoe Custom. The Midnight Editions of its pickups have been pop... Read More
Shopping for a Car After Auto-Show Season? We Can Help

By Patrick Masterson on March 31, 2018

With the press days of the 2018 New York International Auto Show now behind us, the 2017-18 stateside auto-show season has officially wrapped up. If a new car caught your eye over the last six m... Read More
Shopping for a Vehicle This Weekend? Let Us Help

By Patrick Masterson on March 24, 2018

While many parts of the country adjust to the warming temperatures of spring's approach, the fourth nor'easter in three weeks has left the Northeast digging itself out of snow yet again.... Read More
Honda Accord Hybrid Gets Deep Discount for 2018

By Fred Meier on March 20, 2018

Honda's 2018 Accord Hybrid, based on the redesigned 2018 version of its mid-size sedan, goes on sale Friday with a base price that's $4,505 lower than the entry-level 2017 Accord Hy... Read More
Will Ford's Online Car-Shopping Tool Click With Consumers?

By Jennifer Geiger on March 20, 2018

Buying a car at the dealership can be painful. Between awkward haggling and endless rounds of paperwork, it often seems like the process takes much longer than it should. Ford is hoping to make ... Read More
This Nissan Frontier Costs Less Than $20,000; Should You Buy One?

By Joe Bruzek on March 19, 2018

If you're familiar with new pickup trucks, you know that pricing is out of control. There are $65,000 trucks available with features that rival luxury cars. But affordable trucks still exist... Read More
Car Shopping This St. Patrick's Day? Let Us Help

By Patrick Masterson on March 17, 2018

Perhaps you're preparing to don your finest emerald green, brush off your most trusted soda bread recipe and tip a few pints of the finest available draughts this St. Patrick's Day weeke... Read More