Expert Reviews

2020 Cadillac CT5 Review: Get the Turbo Six, When You Can Find One

By Joe Bruzek on August 11, 2020

The verdict: Starting $10,000 less than the Cadillac CTS it replaces, the new 2020 Cadillac CT5 maintains a generously sized interior in a more affordable package.  Versus the competition: The CT5’... Read More
2021 Bentley Bentayga Review: Upgrading the Upgraded

By Aaron Bragman on August 11, 2020

The verdict: Changes to Bentley’s Bentayga ultra-luxury SUV for 2021 give it a more up-to-date feel without sacrificing the luxury for which it’s known. Versus the competition: It’s more luxurious ... Read More
2021 Porsche 911 Targa 4 Review: All the 911 Goodness, Just Breezier

By Aaron Bragman on August 10, 2020

The verdict: The 2021 Porsche 911 Targa 4 is expensive and exclusive, but swapping a solid roof for a retractable panel does little to dampen the amazing qualities of the latest-generation Porsche ... Read More
2021 Chevrolet Tahoe Review: A Different-Flavored Ford Expedition Fighter

By Aaron Bragman on August 10, 2020

The bigger, bolder 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe feels like a massive upgrade over the old one, loaded up with technology, style, luxury and capability. Read More
2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS450/580 Review: Panache at a Price

By Aaron Bragman on July 30, 2020

The verdict: It’s pricey, but the posh 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class makes a solid case to be considered the S-Class of luxury SUVs. Versus the competition: The BMW X7 matches the GLS for interior l... Read More
2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible Review: Robbing Peter to Pay Sol

By Joe Wiesenfelder on July 29, 2020

The verdict: The convertible version of Lexus’ 2021 LC 500 does an admirable job of avoiding the common pitfalls of coupes-turned-droptops, but it also loses some of the original’s star quality. Ve... Read More
2021 Toyota Venza Review: The Camry Wagon We Deserve, Not the One We Want

By Brian Normile on July 22, 2020

The verdict: The 2021 Toyota Venza delivers an upscale interior and a sedate driving experience that outweigh minor interior and multimedia foibles. Versus the competition: Offering a decent mix of... Read More
2020 Mercedes-Benz GLB Review: Good, But Why?

By Jennifer Geiger on July 17, 2020

The 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLB is polished, poised and pretty, but is there a tip-the-scales reason to choose it? Read More
2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime Plug-In Hybrid Review: Efficiently Quick, Annoyances Aside

By Kelsey Mays on July 3, 2020

The verdict: Toyota’s all-new RAV4 Prime plug-in hybrid combines impressive efficiency with the sort of acceleration the nameplate hasn’t seen since the third-generation RAV4 V-6, though it’s a bit... Read More
2020 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Review: Ordinary in the Best Way

By Mike Hanley on July 2, 2020

The redesigned 2020 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid makes going green easy, with driving manners similar to a gas-powered car but significantly better gas mileage. Read More