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Tesla Model X

The Week in Tesla News: Fires Sparks Action, Panasonic Warns of Battery Shortage, Autopilot Accident Investigation

By Nick Kurczewski on May 21, 2019

A series of car fires has caused Tesla to release an over-the-air update to its Model S luxury sedan and Model X SUV. The most recent incident occurred in a parking lot in Hong Kong, when a parked ... Read More
The Week in Tesla News: Model X-Rated, Model 3 Lease Deals and Dyson Electric Car

By Nick Kurczewski on May 14, 2019

In terms of strange weeks for Tesla news, it doesn’t get much weirder than this one. The headline-grabbing story involved a Model X that lived up to its name, with the SUV playing a starring role i... Read More
10 Biggest News Stories of the Week: Chevy Blazer, Kia Telluride, VW Tiguan Triumph

By Matt Schmitz on May 8, 2019

Are you shopping for an SUV? Well, someone certainly is. Among our most popular articles from the past week, four were expert reviews of new SUVs, while two more were rundowns of things we like and... Read More
The Week in Tesla News: 93-Mile-Range Model 3, New Safety Tech Added, Semi Truck Stalls

By Nick Kurczewski on May 7, 2019

Tesla sometimes makes headlines for all the wrong reasons — like when its outspoken CEO offers cryptic tweets that incur the wrath of the Securities and Exchange Commission, or it suddenly promises... Read More
The Week in Tesla News: Model S, X Range and Power Boosts, Supercharger Upgrades and More

By Brian Wong on April 30, 2019

It was a big week in the land of Tesla, as the company paired a series of product announcements with its first-quarter earnings report for 2019. One could argue that the slew of product news was co... Read More
Color Us Surprised! Our 8 Favorite Automotive Easter Eggs

April 19, 2019

As automotive journalists, we pride ourselves on knowing the ins and outs of each new car on the market. From small coupes to gigantic three-row SUVs, we push every button, climb into every seat an... Read More
The Week in Tesla News: Model 3 $35K No More, Lease Deal Available, Autopilot for All

By Nick Kurczewski on April 17, 2019

Tesla is making it harder to get your hands on an entry-level Model 3, the $35,000 variant that promised to make Tesla ownership affordable to mainstream shoppers. The news comes during another bus... Read More