2007 Chevrolet HHR consumer reviews

$16,005 starting MSRP
side view of 2007 HHR Chevrolet
86% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior design 3.9
  • Performance 4.1
  • Value for the money 4.2
  • Exterior styling 4.4
  • Reliability 4.2
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Descent car. No resale value at all. Major brakes issues. prepare to repace yearly if not more. Other stuff has held up descent. Chrome has been replaced twice cause it turns. If you want a good value on these, wait and buy one used. You get it for next to nothing.


Fun to Drive

I"ve owned this 2007 for 7 months. I love the handling. It has a tight turning circle and not much lean in the turns. Performance is ok for 4 cylinders and I get around 27-29 mpg in town more toward 27 with the A/C going. I did 32 MPG on a trip. There is room for plenty of luggage in the cargo area and even more with the rear seat folded down. The 6 way drivers seat is comfortable and the lumbar adjustment really helps. The interior takes some getting used to. The window controls are on the console. I guess it saved money but it makes for confusion especially when you drive several vehicles. There is no conventional dome light. The rear view mirror has two down-facing lights but they don't help much with things in your lap or the floor. There is no center storage, just two cup holders that are limited in cup height by the emergency brake lever. The Speedometer is readable but a bit small. The narrow spacing means it doesn't have to move far for a 10 MPH change. However the cruise control is rock solid. The door lock button location is a problem. It's on the window trim, like the vintage cars, and with the high placement of the window, eveytime you access an ATM or go through a drive through that button jams into your bicep. I'll have to find an after market button that sets flat when locked or just remove it. The tailgate lift cartriges are so strong that it's hard to close the tailgate in one motion. It takes a forceful throw to latch it. If you're carring an umbrella in the rain forget it. The remote start is great. It lets you give it that little warm up before you jump in and go. Speaking of warm up, this car comes up to temp fast. Theres no freezing your rear off half way to work, it's really nice. The heating and A/C works well but you can't turn off the A/C when in the recirculate mode. The turn signals tend not to cancel when you complete your turn unless you remember to turn it back a little extra. I like the car but wish they had done a better job around the cockpit.


So Much Fun!

Of all the cars I've owned, this one is the most fun. It's also the first time I've had strangers come up to me to ask about my car. Although the styling is a little "different", it's different in a good way. The interior room is surprising and the pick-up is amazing for a small engine. I get over 27 mpg and fill up about every 430 miles. I travel over 140 miles per day and enjoy driving my HHR!


good decision

i bought this car in 07' w/ 4000 miles. It has never given me any problems whatsoever. I frequently drive it to San Diego, Ca., and I average 80 mph. fuel eff. is excellent, ( avg. 25 mpg local). It also holds a lot of cargo and retains vigor. One of my better decisions in this life.


A steal of a deal!

Purchased a used 2007 HHR. Excellent condition, very dependable, excellent on gas. Wish I had purchased one in 2007. I cannot believe what Ive been missing! Room enough for a family of four or five. Auto start and seat warmers are excellent!


It basically does the job

I bought my '07 used and have owned it for a month. It gets good mileage and is a good looking vehicle. It's basically comfortable over the road on the highway. But let's face it, the HHR was GM's 3-year late response to the Chrysler PT Cruiser, and it's easy to see where GM cheaped out. Heat distribution to the floor is poor. The suspension leaves a lot to be desired as ride control isn't very good and I can feel every bump in the road, and there are too few miles on it for the shocks to be worn out. The steering is very light and doesn't feel direct. It's a decent little trucklet overall, but if you want more refinement and better execution, buy a Honda or Toyota, but you'll pay more even used.


I love my Chevy HHR!

I have a great time driving the HHR! I love the retro look and feel. With out a doubt, a unique car. It is the perfect thoes small tasks and can really get the job done. I love the ride; it is quiet and so smooth - not to mention the milage I get with it. I drive in both highway and city conditions every day and am very impressed with it. Another reason the HHR won me was its safety! With a five star frontal and side rating and a four star rollover, GM has really improved with this car. Even oil changes are easy the filter is right in front and no need to craw under the car! It handles wonderfully around curves and even on the highway with winds. The money is totaly worth it! I would deffentaly reccomend this car to a friend. It has done exceptionaly well compared to my 1500 Chevy pick-up too. Overall, the HHR is reliable, safe, and convient!


Nice small vehicle

Best mileage has been 31.5mpg on hwy, average city/hwy 26. Ride is real good on smooth hwy, short wheelbase makes for bumpy ride on rough hwy. I have a'07 LT with the 2.4 engine, it's not hot rod but does good for me. Solid doors, no wind noise. I had a '01 Mazda Millennia doors sounded tinny, motor went bad at 72,000 miles! This HHR rides as good as it did! The Madza's leather was softer. The pillars and switches for the power windows is not a bother or me. I don't like auto headlights or wiper stick on the right side of the steering wheel. Over all a great small wagon with good mileage.


It's ok for its size.

am disapointed in the gas miliage. just return from 1800 mile trip driving the speed limit to colorado, only make 26.6 MPG. I had a Buick park avenue ultra, got 26 and was a very comfortable ride, which the hhr is not.


Best Car In Its Class

The HHR is by far the best car that I've owned. I love it! I really like the car in the safety preformance. The interior is confortable on long drives and short drives as well. Plenty of leg room also. I love the remote start on the key fob. It helps a lot in the winter! In the summer, the A/C really takes effect and cools the car down quickly; which is nice if the car has been sitting in the sun. The window buttons were strange to me at first but I got used to it with in the first month. The cup holders were futher back than what I would of liked them to be. The car handles really well. I've taken mine on long trips from MO to TN and it was better than taking my GMC Youkon. I saved about $50- $100 dollars on gas when I took the HHR. I had plenty of room in the cargo area for my bags and lots of empty space still. Overall, I think this car is the best in its class!