2003 Honda CR-V consumer reviews

$18,900–$20,350 MSRP range
side view of 2003 CR-V Honda
87% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior 4.2
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value 4.4
  • Exterior 4.1
  • Reliability 4.5
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Honesty I haven't had this car very long I'm disap

I haven't had this car very long so far disappointed in the crv thought odyssey was bad omg people before me neglected it AC works good condinsation inside car makes feel wet door locks don't work right oil nds changed Christmas lights on it Handel's fine this incessant rattling driving me crazy it has a good radio in it just turn it up


The best first car to own

The Crv, is a great car it has lots of space and a large open trunk. It is my first car and if you treat it right, it will last you forever.


Most reliable,cheap to maintain, good on gas!

Bought it used 7yrs ago at 62k mileage. For 7yrs it has been doing a daily round trip of 72miles highway..[I must say that I have a heavy foot..] so yes I push this baby hard to cover this distance everyday with just oil change every 2.5 months and a fill up every 4 to 5 days. I changed my driver side door actuator, new rotors all round, plus of course new tires. That is all I have done with this car and it now has 220k mileage! I love it and not selling it ever! It did very well with the snow, pushed thru heavy snow before the plow trucks arrived in the early mornings on the freeway and it did very well. This car is an a real time all wheel and very good with cornering at relatively high speeds! The cargo space is just right 4 family car shopping too. Add a high powered stereo and the speakers are amazing! I have blue tooth, hands-free phone and backup camera just to spice it up a little! Get one for yourself!!


Honda crv

Very durable and much power fast. Great promising vehicle!can't flex in the car. Plenty of room in the trunk. Power everything and very comfortable on the road.


Very reliable and fun little ute

I bought our little CRV about 2 years ago at a used car lot on a whim for my daughter. The price was great, the interior and exterior were in mint condition, and it only had 56000 miles on it. A/C didn't work, but I got it fixed and still got a great deal. The engine runs well, mileage is good, and with the AWD, it's a pretty fun little vehicle. In fact, when my daughter decided to buy another suv, I took this one from her for myself. Love it (plus the cassette player still works, so I get to bust out all my old mixes).


Went With Another Honda, Happy So Far

I had a 2004 Honda Pilot, but had an accident and landed on a 2003 CRV now. Very happy with it so far, would recommend highly SUVs.


My dream car!

Review from 2020 here! This is the first "big" car I've owned. Coming from a small 2011 Renault Clio, I was hesitant to buy a car from 2003, but I'm glad I did. Its the first time I've ever felt like a car has truly suited me. I have a silver model with a black trim/bumpers and a step up bar. It looks incredible and fell in love with it as soon as I saw it in the pictures. Interior is awesome with a cool verticle handbrake, remeniscent of an arcade gaming stick. A down point was that I bought it second hand and 3 weeks later the clutch went. It was an expensive repair, but at 96000 miles on the clock, I bit the dust and paid for a repair and just put it down to wear and tear. A month later, the rear brake pads and caliper had to be changed for another £350. So overall I have spent an extra grand on it which wasn't the plan. So just be aware that if you buy one of these models, you may be looking to spend a bit of money on wear and tear. After all, it's now officially 17 years old. It's very much worth it though! I'd rather have this great looking older model than one of the newer models which don't look as good. Back to the good points - the tyre on the back also makes it look really cool and have always wanted that look! This is without doubt the best looking Crv model to date. The later ones look a bit too like a family car or too} executive. The jeep looking style of this model is by far what makes it the best. Space-wise, I'm a video director, and being able to fit all my equipment in it and show up to shoots with a really nice looking SUV hasn't gone unoticed. The amount of people that compliment me on it for both space, comfort and style has been great and well worth all the extra work I've done on it. Seriously, no one gets in this car and doesn't mention how cool it is. It has a built in table in the back which you can remove and set up. Great on video shoots to put my laptop and charge batteries on. It also has a small mini cool box which is a crazy feature. I don't use it to cool stuff in, but you can turn off that function and just use it as a really nice little space to put things in. It slightly slants downward (away from you) so if you want to hit that drive through and stick your fries in there, no problem!! So yes, overall I love this car and all its little features. I only took a star off reliability because of the clutch going, but other than that its been great. I took it to Manchester (6hr drive) and back last week and didn't skip a beat. I took a huge rock to the windscreen on the motor way and didn't shatter too. 100% buy this car if you're thinking of getting an SUV. Just make sure it's one that's been looked after before you do. I looked at a couple before buying mine and were very rusty inside. I bought this almost spotless one and still the clutch went, so just keep back some extra money just in case you need to pay for some wear and tear. Had this 3 months now so fingers crossed it holds out. Love love love it!!!


Great condition

It was very nice to be able to speak to the prior owner. The car runs great! The interior has held up for many years. There is no rust on the inside or outside.


Reliable if you put work into it. Ez to park

At 145000 miles, still a good car. Lots of regular maintenance: ac compressor failed, struts and sway bars, door locks went bad, rear view mirror fell off, electrical goes in and out on the rear wiper and you get a nasty film on the headlights which has to be chemically washed off. Other than that, regular maintenance and great design. Would recommend to anyone. Easy to park and good visibility. fits stuff and people. Good ergonomics despite stiff seats


good all around vehicle great for camping

roomy interior lots of cargo space reliable decent gas mileage good value for the money can be used for light off- roading we've owned it for 13 years and it has been good for us and our family