2023 Kia Sportage consumer reviews

$26,290–$28,090 MSRP range
side view of 2023 Sportage Kia
73% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior 4.6
  • Performance 4.1
  • Value 4.1
  • Exterior 4.5
  • Reliability 4.1
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The worst car I've had

The dealer's service is disgusting. The car is constantly squeaking, twitching, freezing. Every 2 months you need to drive and check for new errors in the car.


Very Good Value for the Money

I've had my SX Prestige gas model for a year and a half. I have been very satisfied with this car. The interior design is very user friendly as are the tech features. I have had a few minor issues. When the car was new the active air flap system wasn't working properly as the flaps were stuck. I kept getting strange powertrain errors when the issue was the air flaps. It took two visits to the dealer to fix the problem. The other issue I have is the lights on the A/C Radio combination panel are too dim to see when it is sunny out even though I have it set to 100% illumination. Dealer doesn't have a clue how to fix it so I live with it. Other than that the car has been great. The engine is underpowered, but I learned to use the sport mode when I need power and it works acceptably. The ride is comfortable and with the rear seats down I have plenty of room to carry my things even though they say it's small for its class. I like the size. Not to small and not to big. The interior is roomy for a car this size. The MPG's average around 27 for me. I get over 30 on the highway. For the features you get at this price, it can't be beat. All of the safety features have worked flawlessly. The car has been working out well for me and I would recommend it.


Noise right from first month after purchase.

There is a a rattle or rumble in the engine or Trans that was noticeable to me right after I purchased the car. I reported it at 5600 miles and at 4 other times. Finally it is being checked. I do smell a rubber or electrical odor intermittently. I'm at dealer now and will file a lemon law claim if no results.


See AD for a complete understanding and great info

Great salesman AD, very knowledgeable with cars and products, kind spoken young man. Thank you for your time and service. Continue to be the best!


Great vehicle!

Got a ‘23 Sportage EX just under a month ago and I’m in love. It’s comfortable and looks great. It’s my first new car ever and my first SUV, also my first Kia. I wasn’t looking for anything super fancy or that has all the bells and whistles so the EX is a perfect fit for me. The interior is so nice! It’s my first car with leather interior, I’m someone who never wanted leather. But I’m sold on it now!


Don't buy, known defects with no fixes.

Screens will periodically reboot and you don't have any safety features till you pull over and restart. Rear doors pop open while on highway. Radio failed after a few weeks of delivery. Handles poorly on bumps in highway making it walk sideways. No wireless Android auto in top trims. No memory mirrors on top trip. So not buy please like we did. You will regret it. Customer support gaslights you too.


Sportage X-Line is great

I have 8,000 KMS on my Sportage X-Line and no complaints. The interior is wonderful and the ride is very smooth. The safety features are are awesome work great. I would recommend it to anyone


Great car when fob works

Overal I'm happy with my 2023 Kia Sportage X-Pro .. Does great off road and in snow .. But lately been having issues with both fobs .. 13,000 miles on it already .. Made me late for work 3 times and dealership replaced battery and still having the issue .. Did factory reset and still having the issue. .. It's getting annoying ..


Hendrick Dealership, Concord NC

Josh C. At the Hendrick Kia car dealership in Concord NC is the guy to go to for the best service and deals!! I got the 2023 Kia Sportage and she drives amazing, gets to 0 to 60 in a snap (oh I’ve hit the gas on that thing) and is a great road trip car! Highly recommend the Sportage!


Great dealership!

Got my car from son's Kia of Montgomery. The most enjoyable experience I've ever had buying a car. Joey is a salesman you need to talk to. He's straightforward and honest