2020 Nissan Rogue Sport consumer reviews

$23,430–$24,780 MSRP range
side view of 2020 Rogue Sport Nissan
94% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior 4.7
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value 4.7
  • Exterior 4.8
  • Reliability 4.8
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Slow, but good fuel economy and handling

The car is so painfully slow. Merging on the highway is an absolute pain in the xxx. Rain performance is really bad. also the sound system is poor. No heated seats or heated steering wheel on SV model. and the sport mode is fake there is no use of a car with a tiny engine like this having sport mode. the car has some positives though: the handling is excellent, fuel economy is good, and its comfy. it also has carplay. cargo space is decent. Its up to the buyer to consider if they want to sacrifice a decent acceleration for excellent handling, good fuel economy and cargo spacing.


Best Leased Nissan

This is my second Rogue Sport and fifth Nissan vehicle lease. Overall I’ve been very satisfied with my current vehicle. With higher gas prices, it gives me the miles I need at a price I can afford.


Do not buy a Nissan if it doesn’t come with a spar

Car does not come with a spare tire.if you have a blowout You are stranded. Didn’t find this out until we had a screw in the tire.went to change it and nothing was there


Love it.

I traded in a 1996 Rogue for the Rogue Sport. Their is only 1of me now and it is perfect. I have had it for a year and during that time when I accompany my daughter she will drive my vehicle and has no complaints. She drove the other Rogue so she has something to compare it too. For me a great trade in!


The worst car I have ever own

This car was baptized Christine (yep, after the Stephen King novel) after 4 weeks. Where do I even begin? Brand new car: 6 weeks after purchasing had already been to dealership 4 times. Reason: faulty Collision sensor. Dealer installed new sensors, within 24 hours, collision warning came back on. Took back to the dealership and we did that merry dance several times. Ultimately, I was advised to turn on the car, clean all the sensors, "reboot" the car (turn off and on).... I have to this routine several times a day: when it's dark, snowy, dusty, humid, windy etc... Moving on to acceleration: a hazard, trying to merge on the highway is like playing the russian roulette. The car may accelerate to 55 mph within 500 feet. Or it may not: in which case I have to pray that no car is on the highway or plow into a concrete wall. Just this morning I nearly caused a collision (and yes, you can literally floor the gas pedal and have minimal acceleration). In the city: release the gas pedal, the car jumps forward, try to make to turn onto a busy road? It may move forward (or may not). It gets hot? The car will not accelerate, the engine sputters too At this point, I have filed a complaint with Nissan, I have owned cars with150k on them that ran better than this. Perhaps, I just got a lemon but honestly when sensors come faulty out of the box (not once but 3 times in a row) it makes you wonder if quality control even exists at Nissan. At this point, I will take the financial loss and trade it 9 months after purchase. Car runs OK in the city at speed of 35 mph (nothing spectacular and you have to plan routes to avoid busy roadways), cargo space is good. Oh, yes, I forgot: do not run the heat (or AC) in busy or fast traffic: it affects the power of the car (and yes, every morning I have to make sure no power is diverted from the engine before the daily death defying highway merge). I need reliable and safe transportation and this isn't it (review is for the SV trim)


This car is by far the best car I have ever owned

The Nissan Rogue Sport is an excellent car to purchase. It’s extremely stylish. My gas mileage is amazing. I can drive this car for three weeks without having to fuel up again. It has safety features which include a back up camera and blind spot warning. This car is worth every penny I spent to purchase this vehicle.


2020 Nissan Rogue Sport SV, Pearl White

There were three things I was looking for in a new small SUV, reliability, comfortable to drive (entry and exit - comfortable seats) and decent handling. The Rogue sport met all those easily (the zero gravity seats are a major plus). After driving several brands of vehicles I knew this was the right one. The interior is very quiet and has an excellent ergonomic layout with high end feel and creative use of materials (for it's class). I chose the SV for the higher quality trim materials, remote start and all weather package (heated seats, steering wheel and rear view mirrors.) The second row also has air conditioning vents for passengers. At first it was the best value for the money, but after living with it for a few months it has far exceeded my expectations in daily "real world use", good mileage, excellent road manners with lane watch and driver assist and easy and comfortable to drive. The real surprise is it handles curves very well! I would definitely purchase it again!


Most reliable car I owned

I haven’t driven it for long but I absolutely love it so far. The outside looks awesome and the inside interior is very comfortable and edgy


It is a reliable car

Good,design is good, color is good, trunk space is little less than The other SUV.price was very good.over all it is a nice car to commute.


The perfect size Rogue again

I am a Nissan family and I have had my Rogue for many years. The Rogues had gotten too big for me and I am happy that Nissan came out with the Rogue Sport. I am super happy