2010 Toyota Camry consumer reviews

$19,395–$20,445 MSRP range
side view of 2010 Camry Toyota
90% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior 4.3
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value 4.6
  • Exterior 4.4
  • Reliability 4.7
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Reliable 2010 Toyota Camry

This is the longest lasting - 12 years and counting- and reliable vehicle ever owned (8 cars in 55 years). I am a first time Toyota owner and will replace it someday with another Toyota brand.



Love my car I purchased USED however I was told by a co-worker that the car had a recall on the Dashboard being sticky ( which mine is) I never did get the recall notice so I called the Toyota dealership and was advised that yes there was but it ended and the cost to get the dashboard fixed was $175.00. I think that in this case I should have been able to get my car recall fixed. Thank You Sherry Schultz 706-768-4744


Not happy

I wish i could i got a 2010 Toyota Camry for a gift from my daughter and her husband its was over 10 thousand i made 15 payments on it so for and still own a little over 5 thousand when i got the car it ran great then the driver side of the AC went out the passengers side work but not the driver side i had the car for over 2 years now its sitting in front my house i went to the store in it and it just kill on me the engine would turn over but it would not start i spent over 300 for parts got a new fuel pump kit for it and change the spark plugs in it but it still not running im so stress with the car for all times for it to stop running on me i got a husband in icu and miss a lot of work i can't afford to get another car and its hard to get a ride and depending on a ride i only wish i knew what is wrong with my car i don't mean to be mean about the car i did love the car but what good is it doing me now not running i just don't no what to do im just so heart broken


2010 Camry SE is hard to beat dollar for dollar

What out a doubt, the best vehicle I have ever owned. Even with 140,000 miles, engine performance is awesome. The SE models suspension makes driving the car easy to handle even in strong winds and rain. Brakes are also impressive. I have not had a single breakdown. I regularly service tires, engine oil, filters, coolant, and brakes. The transmission has been serviced once. The car still drives and handles better than most new cars!


So far so good very happy

Very spacious and practical family sedan love it great gas mileage great running car very reliable I would highly recommend a Toyota camry too anyone looking for a reliable dependable and affordable vehicle


Great value

In 12 years all I do is change synthetic oil once a year. I’ve had 1 front brake job and 1 battery change. Belts needed to be replaced and front ties rods. That’s it-now at 100k miles and still drives like I just left the showroom.


Toyota’s are my favorite

This car is very reliable and the cost of owning it is perfect for people with limited income. As long as you keep up with the regular maintenance this car will last you a long long time.


Incredibly reliable

I’ve owned two different 2010 Toyota Camrys and now it’s time to reluctantly part ways. I loved those cars and they lasted forever with minimal maintenance needed. Between the two, they lasted an average of 328,000 miles with no major repairs needed. Pros: Fuel efficient, large gas tank, very roomy and last forever if you keep up with routine maintenance. Cons: Boring interior, not very powerful, uncomfortable for long drives and the exterior is nothing exciting either. I’ll tell you a little bit about my driving. In a typical year, I drive around 60,000 miles. A lot of highway miles with cross-country travel, but I’ve also taken my 2010 Camrys on my fair share of dusty, gravel roads. While the handling is not what I’d call sporty, it has suited my needs. On a good trip, I could get 38 mpg and at least once I went 700 miles on one tank of gas! These were NOT hybrid cars either. 600 miles seemed to be consistent for cross-country trips where most of the mileage was on the highway. With full synthetic oil changes every 10,000 miles, these cars were easy to maintain and affordable. The only issue that came up at higher mileage with both Camrys were the o2 sensors. In both cars, they failed prior to 150,000 miles. The turpentine belts both needed replacing (around 200,000 on my first Camry and 300,000 with the second). Aside from that, the 2nd Camry needed a throttle body replacement at 420,000 miles. Tires, brakes and spark plugs were the only other things I had done. Unfortunately, my first 2010 Camry lost in a battle with a deer at 232,000 miles. The second 2010 Camry succumbed to running over road debris, but that car was still running great at 423,000 miles. I just lost it last week and it was a very sad event. The inside of this car is very boring, but for a family car or a reliable beast, you can’t complain too much. I do not like the way the front seats are shaped. If you drive any sort of long distance, they will kill your back because they make you hunch over. I had to flip around the headrest and add two support pillows (lumbar and neck) in order to be reasonably comfortable in this car. The splash guards were also junk in these cars, but part of that was probably due to me driving on some janky gravel roads. The cheap plastic breaks off and starts dragging over time. There is also an issue with a heat shield rattling when there’s a strong cross breeze. It is one of the most annoying sounds to hear when you’re on a long drive. For one final complaint, I noticed a few quirks while accelerating into different gears. There seems to be a bit of a hesitation between 1st and 2nd gears. This became more prevalent at higher mileage. Also, around 50 mph, the acceleration jumps. It was an odd quirk that I thought was a hiccup, but it happened with both of my 2010 Toyota Camrys.


Low complaints on this model. Value Reliability

Purchased based on good reputation of dealer and the 2010 Camry on-line. Love how it handles and floats over the railroad tracks. Anticipate many good years driving it.


Best car we have ever owned

It meets our basic needs. It is a little noisy for our likes. Been very reliable. Interior is relatively comfortable. It still looks very good.