The Century T-Type is Buick`s answer to the Pontiac 6000 STE andChevrolet Celebrity Eurosport. STE gets the nod for the most gingerbread,Euro-sport for the best road holding suspension, the T-Type for the bestengine.

The same multiport, fuel-injected, 3.8-liter V-6 that is standard in theBuick Electra C-body is standard in the Century T-Type (and optional in allother Century models for $595) with automatic only. It is lively. Quick butquiet. There`s no lag time. Hit the pedal and it goes. The 3.8 engine`sperformance also can be measured in fast, sure starts regardless of theweather. The T-Type is EPA rated at 18 city, 25 highway.

Late last year, the front-wheel-drive Century overtook the rear-driveRegal as the No. 1 selling Buick. With the availability of the 3.8-liter V-6engine, the gain should widen.

However, what the T-Type has in power it lacks in pizzaz. Stylists took a holiday on this model. Euro-bland is the dress of the day. If only the T stoodfor T-bar roof. Instead it stands for touring. A sunroof (called a flip open, removable vista vent) is a $300 option, but it`s a poor alternative to sporty removable roof panels.

ANOTHER nuisance is the Lear-Siegler seats. They are multi-adjustable and offer every position except comfortable. Lear-Siegler seats are supposed toenvelop the occupant to cradle him in turns and corners. Unless you weigh 42pounds, you`ll envelop the seat, and the thigh supports will dig into yourlegs, but like a pair of shoes two sizes two small, if you want to be Euro-fashionable, you`ll choose the Lear-Sieglers.

The T-Type comes with an F-41 sports suspension as standard with a rearsway bar, tighter shocks and faster ratio power steering that combined forfirmer handling and increased road feel. It is difficult to appreciate whenthe seat is uncomfortable. Plain old buckets are standard.

Buick offers the T-Type both 2-door coupe ($11,475) and 4-door sedan($11,645) versions.

Standard equipment includes leather wrapped steering wheel, full-lengthcenter console with change holder on the outside, pop-up tape deck holdersconcealed inside, and a brushed-charcoal-trimmed instrument panel withtachometer.