Cadillac made only a few improvements in the 1993 STS, or Touring Sedan,upgrade version of its base Seville.

Sometimes a little says a lot, however, and the improvements for `93speak volumes for the STS, probably the best car in the Cadillac lineup andone of the top vehicles in the industry.

For 1993 the STS offers the new 4.6-liter, 295-horsepower, 32-valve North Star V-8 engine. The 4.9-liter, 200-horsepower V-8 that had powered the STSand the base Seville stays in the base model.

The 32-valve V-8 provides quieter operation and quicker movement into the passing lane than the 4.9, yet keeps the same mileage rating at 16 highway.

Some look at the engines and are influenced only by the 295 horsepowerversus 200. But the quiet, smooth operation of the 4.6 compared with the 4.9is equally impressive. The 4.6 also incorporates ``starter interrupt``(Transportation/Oct. 18), the system that prevents a motorist fromaccidentally trying to restart the engine while it`s idling.

For 1993 the STS is equipped with traction control, which means you canstart from the stop sign without wheel slippage if the road is caked with wet leaves.

There`s also a road-sensing suspension that ``reads`` changes in contours of the pavement and automatically adjusts to soft or firm shock settings.

Driver`s- and passenger`s-side air bags are standard, along with anti-lock brakes.

The Seville STS starts at $41,990.