Though the `92 model season is upon us, there are some `91s we haven`ttalked about, one being the Acura NSX with 5-speed manual.

This is one of the few vehicles we`ve driven in which the digits liftedby fellow motorists are always thumbs, raised in approval.

The two-seater is a styling work of art. You can enjoy just looking atthe aluminum panels without ever turning the key.

When the ignition is turned on, the 3-liter, 270-horsepower, 24-valve V-6 engine is another work of art. Fasten the belts, press the pedal and hold on.

We`ve driven the NSX with automatic in the past. This time we took a turn with the 5-speed manual. There`s only one gripe with the 5-speed that youwon`t have to put up with in the automatic. With the 5-speed the brake/clutch pedals are positioned off to the right in a somewhat uncomfortable locale. Thepedals had to be placed there because the huge wheel well bulging into thepassenger compartment robs some of the space usually allotted for the footcontrols.

The NSX with 5-speed starts at $62,000. Automatic runs $66,000.

You`d be further ahead buying one NSX and driving it than buying a dozendiscontinued Buick Reattas and locking them in a barn while waiting for themto appreciate.