The 1995 Buick Park Avenue Ultra is a roomy, comfortable package with all the amenities, plus dual air bags and ABS standard, traction control an option-though it should be standard for thefew pennies it adds to Buick's cost. The 3.8-liter, 225-h.p., V-6 engine issupercharged to provide all the power you need to merge or climb that hill.Very pleasant suspension with road-gripping, 16-inch tires.

Nice to have the fuel-filler door and trunk-lid openers on the dash. Nicetouches: Automatic door locks; dual cupholders in rear-seat, fold-down, centerarmrest; vanity mirrors that fold from rear roof; massive trunk;driver/passenger air/heat controls.

Shortcoming: Styling left over from Billy Durant era-chrome bodysidemoldings, chrome door handles that extend from body like they did when Ike wasPresident. And does the name need to be that long? Base price: $33,084.