The VW Cabriolet is cute, but after cute what have you got?

The 5-speed manual requires that you lean over or bend down or contortyourself to shift.

The seat is one of those fancy designs that does away with conventionalforward-backward controls. Instead, the driver performs an acrobatic routinein which shifting his weight fore or aft raises or lowers the seat to try tosave him from embedding his thighs in the steering wheel.

The softtop, which doesn`t fold all the way down, is what attracts youth. The look resembles an unmade bed.

The car has two redeeming features: The 1.8-liter, fuel-injected, 4-cylinder engine is very lively once up to cruising speed, and StephanieZimbalist drove one in the detective series ``Remington Steele.``

Base price: $15,990. The car will be redone in about two years. Wesuggest you wait.