As we said, Chrysler created a monster with the Town & Country, its top-of-the-line mini-van.

We test-drove an all-wheel-drive 1993 Plymouth Voyager LX mini, and what a difference without those front gas-charged struts with anti-sway bar and rear multileaf springs with gas-charged shocks.

The T&C glides down the roadway; the Voyager occasionally mimes a roller coaster when the pavement no longer is smooth.

The Voyager is powered by the same 3.3-liter V-6 with 4-speed that's rated at the identical 17/22.

The Voyager starts at $23,703, or almost $4,000 less than the Town & Country. When you add all the goodies that the T&C has along with the $540 freight charge, the sticker comes to $27,085, or about $1,200 less than the Chrysler luxury version. But that $1,200 is offset by the lack of leather seats and the gas-charged struts and shocks and sway bars in the T&C.

If price is no object, the Town & Country is the choice.