Not many people would consider the Nissan Sentra a mom-mobile when looking for the new family jalopy, and this is understandable because it is a compact-feeling midsize car. A mom looking at a Sentra is probably not a mom of three. She is probably not a mom with a taller Significant Other. She is probably not a mom who turns to her vehicle for a moment of sanity (a moment where everyone can be in their own seats with seat belts on, unable to invade each other's space). In other words, she is probably not your typical mom. Which is not to say that there is a "typical" mom. As Mr. Rogers would agree, we are all unique and special in our own way. As I remove my tongue from my cheek, let me just say that most moms do have typical needs that the Sentra is not big enough to handle.

That being said (ad nauseum, I'm sure), the 2007 Nissan Sentra is a nice little car for the price. New styling gives the Sentra a modern, 21st Century feel. One plus for the Sentra is that the interior is anything but generic. It is definitively Nissan, with brushed metal accents. So although I feel like I'm driving a car that could be considered a budget choice, I don't feel as though I've been cheated out of a nice-looking vehicle, inside and out. As Mr. Roger's neighborhood is a place that seems to celebrate the ordinary, so does Nissan with the interior of the Sentra.

Anyway, you need to know the one interior function that drives me crazy. The one-touch auto-down feature on the power windows makes me crazy. Why can't I have auto-up on it too? Am I not good enough? On the Sentra, I only get auto-down on the driver's side. Can they just indulge me and throw in auto-up? Can we get a smidgen of pampering in this budget car?

The trunk space is small, in spite of the Divide-N-Hide compartment. What? Divide-N-Hide? What's that? It's a clever false back to the trunk where I can stash my super secret supply of chocolate, or a change of clothes, or that package from Nordstrom's that I'm not ready to confess to yet. Or all of the above! So it's nifty and practical to be able to put that stuff away and forget about it, except on a hot day where inevitably my chocolate will melt onto my change of clothes AND my package from Nordstrom's. Ah well, thank goodness for Nordstrom's unflinching no-hassle return policy! So maybe I should store my emergency car kit in there instead. Mr. Rogers could hide an extra cardigan and pair of sneakers.

The Nissan has a 4-cylinder engine that has uh, moderate power. I have no problem accelerating on the highways, and it is just right for the around-town errand running that fills my days. Oh, also check out the gas mileage, people! This car is not a hybrid, it's not running on alternative fuels or my nuclear flux-capacitor. In addition, the Sentra is an Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle. Lastly, it requires only regular unleaded gas. Those are nice features for anyone to appreciate.

Isn't being appreciated a nice thing? As Mr. Rogers might say, the Sentra is special just for being itself. And I like the Sentra, but only if I were living in the neighborhood of Make-Believe. It just doesn't work in my real world.

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LATCH Connectors: 2

Seating Capacity (includes driver): 5


Storage Compartments (Puny, Fair, Ample, Galore): Puny

Cargo/Trunk Space (Puny, Fair, Ample, Galore): Puny


Family Friendly (Not Really, Fair, Great, Excellent): Not Really

Fun-Factor (None, Some, Good Times, Groove On): Some