Sometimes our mom worlds aren't so glamorous. Sometimes I'm lucky if I get a shower after the gym, cleaning the house, running errands and chasing around after my toddler. Sometimes we moms need a little dose of extravagance to make us realize that once upon a time we did take time for ourselves to look and feel glamorous.

That's why driving around in the 2005 Jaguar X-Type Estate is such a delight. The Jaguar (pronounced in my family as Jag-you-hour) is a luxurious escape from my not-so- lavish life, and it's just plain fun to say, Jag-you-hour. My family and I can't help but place emphasis on the u-a-r in Jaguar, and with an English accent for flair.

Over the weekend my family and I head up to camp in the mountains. Jaguar or not, we need to get there with tents, sleeping bags, fire wood and all. And we do. I fit a lot of my practical world into this not-so-practical car. Through the windy roads, high and low grades, the Jaguar performs very well. Never does the car struggle to get over those high-altitude passes or even slippery conditions. It glides us gently from home to camp and safely home again.

Sure, it's not exactly what most people use the Jaguar for but, luxury car or not, it has to fit into my mom world. This makes me wonder, "Why can't luxury become an everyday part of our reality?" If I can take this beauty camping, can it survive the rest of my not-so-posh life?

As far as cargo space is concerned, there's a great amount. Plus, there are a bunch of hidden storage compartments within the car, most of them are concentrated at the rear of the vehicle, however. A little suggestion for future Jaguar design; put more storage in the front where it is accessible by the driver and passengers.

There's even a hookup for, say, a laptop, so the business-minded mom can get away and still be connected. Like most wagons, the rear seats fold down to create more cargo space and the rear center console offers two cupholders when folded down. Nothing new here really, except that this is the very first station wagon for Jaguar, so for Jaguar, it's a whole new world.

As nice as it is to drive around and as welcoming as it is to get looks from passersby, there's something lacking in the family-friendly department. There are not nearly enough storage compartments or cupholders for my taste (here's where Jaguar can take my hint). In fact, the two cupholders in the front are just small enough to fit a can, nothing more. Well, where do I put my cup of tea and my water bottle?

I'm pleasantly surprised that there's no fancy computer system in this car. The controls for audio, A/C and all that jazz are easy to access and use. There are even nine radio station presets. Since I avoid commercials like the plague, my chance of finding music on one of nine stations as opposed to just six is greatly increased. Actually, the numeric key pad for the radio station presets is also used for dialing phone numbers using the hands-free phone system.

I also enjoy the silky feeling of the wood steering wheel. I find I keep caressing it while I drive. Hmmm, where else can I implement this sensual pleasure into my life? Perhaps on my computer mouse, my tea mug, the handles on my purse...

Although I can't give this X-type credit for being over-the-top family-friendly, I commend Jaguar for being one step closer to bringing luxury back into mommy reality. This day-in-age we spend a lot of time, cram a lot of stuff and people into our cars - and then drive to the less than fancy events and places within our mom world.

With a few tweaks in storage and family-friendly features, the X-type Estate could be well on its way to becoming THE choice for luxury wagons. For what it's worth, it is nice to have the escape, even if only for a moment. Driving the 2005 Jaguar X-Type Estate reminds me to stop and smell the roses; to bring back the glamour in my life.

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Let's Talk Numbers LATCH connectors: 2 Passenger seating (including driver): 5

Its The Little Things That Count

Storage Compartments (puny, fair, ample, galore): puny Cargo/Trunk Space (puny, fair, ample, galore): ample

Sense and Style Family Friendly (not really, fair, great, excellent): fair Fun-Factor (none, some, good times, groove-on): groove-on