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The 2007 Lincoln MKX is almost as good as a massage or facial. You may think I’m crazy for even drawing that comparison, but you need to hear me out on this one. My MKX test drive occurred during a major monthly hormonal imbalance, if you catch my drift, and I don’t know how to explain it, but this car seemed to have a remedy for every glitch in my crazy life.

On top of the usual crank-fest, the MKX also handled a speeding-ticket scenario, a trip to Cirque du Soleil and an average day of errands with grace and serenity. There is something about this crossover from Lincoln that I can’t quite put my finger on, but it soothes me. I can hardly believe it myself, considering it’s purple and a Lincoln, but let me tell you about my new Happy Place.

First off, the interior of my test car was reminiscent of a spa, with tan leather seats and light wood with satin-nickel finishes. Well, the satin nickel took some getting used to, seeing as an abundance of it is plasticky. That’s because it is plastic – somewhat shocking in a $40K vehicle. I did manage to overlook it in time, though, thanks to the help of some other features. A panoramic roof opens over the whole front seat, while a second moonroof provides light to the backseat as well. Even during 90 degree weather, the interior stays cool with the help of ventilated seats – delicious, light and airy. There are no major blind spots in the MKX, which seems like a rare occurrence in a crossover. The power seats in the front fit me well, and even though there’s no massage option, there is lumbar support, which kept me very comfortable. In the winter, everybody would be happy to find a heater in their seat, even those in the back. Pampering passengers – there’s a novel idea! Now if they could just install a water feature…

The other thing that makes the MKX so relaxing is its flexible, covered storage. I love doors on cubbies to hide my messes, and the MKX stashes all my stuff without making it feel cluttered – visually or otherwise. When loading all my gear into the rear cargo area, the automatic liftgate breathed tranquility. No wrestling to open or close it, no shirt coming untucked or belly being exposed in a reach to close the liftgate. The cargo area has loads of room, and power outlets. While this isn’t particularly surprising, I was constantly in silent reverie every time I loaded the car with groceries, bikes or pool noodles.

Maybe the MKX was so soothing because it was so quiet. This thing is quite stealthy, and when I tuned the THX sound system to the Spa 73 station on Sirius, I was truly transported. The kids were too, zoning out on the moonroof, looking for planes and birds. The car chilled us out, and for that I was thrilled – so thrilled, in fact, I actually went to price one out online.

My significant other liked the MKX too, and couldn’t believe how much legroom was available to stretch out in. My son sat behind him and had a quite a challenge engaging in his usual seat-kicking routine. Oh, and the seat belt receptors were a piece of cake for my little guy to use on his own. Hallelujah! Seriously, I was so blissed-out on the MKX I started to worry. How can this vehicle seem to have no flaws? Even the navigation was simple to use. What’s the deal? Where’s the glitch (aside from that one chink in its armor, er, plastic)?

I guess it is like a spa treatment: There’s only enough time for the masseuse or esthetician to cure what ails you – you don’t stick around long enough to learn much about their personal issues. All you know is that most of yours are resolved, putting you back on track to help your family with theirs. I think it would take a few more weeks in the MKX to uncover its flaws. Lincoln, can you send it back? I need a mud mask. I mean, a deep-tissue massage. I mean, well … you get it.

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Latch Connectors: 2

Seating Capacity (includes driver): 5


Storage Compartments (Puny, Fair, Ample, Galore): Ample

Cargo/Trunk Space (Puny, Fair, Ample, Galore): Ample


Family Friendly (Not Really, Fair, Great, Excellent): Excellent

Fun Factor (None, Some, Good Times, Groove On): Good Times


2007 Lincoln MKX AWD

Base price: $35,770

Price as tested: $43,890

Engine: 265-hp, 3.5-liter V-6

Fuel: 17/24 mpg

Length: 186.5″

Width: 75.8″

Ground Clearance: 8.4″

Turning Radius: 19.7′

Cargo space: 31.8/69.0 cu. ft.

NHTSA Crash-Test Ratings

Frontal Impact

Driver’s side: 5 Stars

Passenger’s side: 4 Stars

Side Impact

Front occupant: 5 Stars

Rear occupant: 5 Stars

Rollover resistance: 4 Stars

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