The 2009 Mitsubishi Galant Sport Edition is a sensible car. Its interior was simple, clean and consistent, and the ride was steady and reliable in a variety of weather conditions. The look of the Galant was all sedan with a side of sporty; it’s just enough to fulfill your more sassy cravings.

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Everyone in my family appreciated the Galant. As any mom knows, it’s nearly impossible to please everyone all of the time (unless you’re doling out ice cream). This is why I thoroughly enjoyed my quiet, complaint-free week with the Galant.

The Galant Sport Edition had everything we’ve come to expect from a sedan. Its low profile made it a cinch to get in and out of, which is a feature all moms appreciate. Its four doors and ample cargo space also helped to make the daily commute easier. Good gas mileage is another perk that moms want in a sedan. Galant’s four-cylinder engine scored well in this category with an EPA-estimated mileage of 20/27 mpg city/highway. I averaged 30 mpg during my week with the Galant, which blew the EPA’s estimate out of the water. Well done, Galant, well done.

What I really enjoyed about the Galant was its unexpected features. Its 18-inch-wide tires told me right away that I’d enjoy my ride. From maneuverability to sticking to the road in slick conditions, wide tires help with so many things. Gotta love ’em! The Galant’s fat, sporty tires were optional, but it’s one of the cheapest ways to enhance your car’s performance. If you’re into that sort of thing. The body-colored door handles and exterior mirrors added a finished look to the Galant. The fog lights under the front grille provided added pizazz.

The online shopper in me loved the Galant’s ample cargo area. It gave me the urge to unplug my computer and actually head to the mall for some real in-person shopping! I felt like I could fit anything in there – well, except a Christmas tree. I wonder if there are any online tree farms? Quick, plug the computer back in!


Family Friendly (Not Really, Fair, Great, Excellent): Great

Fun-Factor (None, Some, Good Times, Groove-On): Good Times

As an affordable sedan, my Galant wasn’t extravagantly appointed. Despite its lack of excessive luxuries, I enjoyed all that the Galant’s interior brought to the table. The upholstery wasn’t loud or tacky as it can be in cheaper cars; I’ve seen car upholstery that reminded me of the carpeting you’d see in a movie theater lobby – yuck! The black-colored fabric was durable, which proved that it was about quality as well as looks. My only beef was with the color choice: The interior comes in black or two-tone black, which sounds like black to me. We all know black shows everything! From lint to dirt to dog hair, nothing can hide on a black background.

The center stack wasn’t filled with flashing lights, knobs and buttons. It was simple, silver-colored and easy to use. The silver-colored plastic added a bit of coolness to the front row; it looked very sleek. Once again, I appreciated all of the little things the Galant offered, including a note in the instrument panel that told me where the fuel door was. Awesome! Since I’m always testing different cars, I have to pop my head out the window to check for the fuel door. The Galant saved me from this silliness even though it was only for one week.

The kids didn’t have any criticisms of the Galant. This is good since they tend to be very critical and love to spew their opinions in the whiniest tones imaginable. They did like the rear cupholders, which were located in a fold-down armrest. It was so easy for them to reach their cups, and I’m a fan of anything that keeps their complaints to a minimum. The Latch connectors were really easy to get to, which kept my own whining to a minimum, too.


Storage Compartments (Puny, Fair, Ample, Galore): Ample

Cargo/Trunk Space (Puny, Fair, Ample, Galore): Ample

While I was pleased with how well the Galant did with the basics everywhere else in this car, I’d like to see it beef up its safety package. The Sport Edition comes with dual-stage front-impact airbags and seat-mounted side-impact airbags as well as side curtain airbags for the first and second rows. It also gives you antilock brakes, a tire pressure monitoring system and child-safety locks, but just about every car today includes these features.

Show me some traction control, please, and make those wonderful performance tires that I adored a standard feature instead of an option. A little attention here could help pull this basic sedan to the forefront of fun, family-friendly driving.


The Mitsubishi Galant would make for a comfortable ride for all ages. My family of four was quite comfy in the Galant. If you have more than two babes, you might need to opt for a car with more space.