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The prevailing theory at is that nearly any vehicle can work as a family car. Note that I said nearly. Not every car is capable of this feat. The 2010 Infiniti G37x coupe works as a family car, even with its two doors. However, I’m not sure the G37x coupe is worth the struggle required to accommodate life with kids.

There are cars that once you get in them all the hassles melt away because the car is fantastic and worth dealing with the little annoyances. That’s just not the case with the G37x coupe.

From techie features to luxury items, my top-of-the-line test car came with all kinds of options. Because of this, my G37x cost $45,915. I’ll admit to experiencing sticker shock when I saw the price. The base price for the G37 coupe is $36,050.

The G37x’s V-6 had a little rumble to it, though not as much as I’d like. It accelerated smoothly and had solid braking. The drive was fun and nimble but lacked the giddy-up I was hoping for. The G37x comes with standard all-wheel drive, which is OK because we do get snow, slush and ice here in Colorado from time to time. If weather weren’t an issue or if this were my second car, I’d drop down a trim level to the G37 Sport with rear-wheel drive and a six-speed manual transmission.

The G37x coupe is shapely, smart and sexy looking.  Well, the grille is a little bland; but the rear end is beautiful. I do like a well-designed backside, and the G37x doesn’t disappoint with flared hips and a chrome-trimmed trunk.  While I wasn’t enchanted by my test car’s ho-hum silver color, there’s just enough shape and sparkle to make the G37x stand out.

This probably comes as no surprise, but the G37x coupe was tricky to get in and out of for my kids.  This was weird because they’re not new to coupes. They’re ages 6 and 8 now, so I’m not dealing with younger kids who need a lot of hand-holding. What was even weirder is that I had a difficult time pinpointing what made this car tricky for them. I think it was that the threshold was a little higher than average. Or it could be that everyone was cranky that week? Whatever it was, it wasn’t fun. Infiniti tried to make it easier on the kids with a button on the power front seats that moves them forward to allow someone to climb into the back. Then the seats move back into the original position.  I liked this feature a lot, but it didn’t seem to help my kids much.

Here’s the other thing: While the G37x had decently long trunk space, it wasn’t high.  A large box of cereal wouldn’t fit standing up in the trunk. The truck has 7.5 cubic feet of space, but it’s not at all deep.

The G37x has a 330-horsepower, 3.7-liter V-6 engine that’s paired with a seven-speed automatic transmission. This trim level has all-wheel drive; the lower trims come with rear-wheel drive. The G37x gets an EPA-estimated 18/25 mpg city/highway and takes premium gas.

Family Friendly (Not Really, Fair, Great, Excellent): Not Really
Fun-Factor (None, Some, Good Times, Groove-On): Some

The exterior of the G37x coupe is shapely and thoughtful. So, does the inside match the outside?  Yes, sort of. The car’s instrument display and center stack aren’t cluttered, and the materials are high-quality. However, the G37x doesn’t commit to being luxurious or sporty, so the interior lands somewhere in the middle.

I fit in this car nicely. The black-colored heated leather seats were supportive but not overly bolstered.  All of the controls and mirrors are within easy reach. The cupholders also were easy to access, both in the front seat and the back.  During my test drive, one of the front cupholders rattled, but I figured out it was an insert in there that once removed returned the car to a quiet zone.

The G37x’s navigation system was terrifically simple to use despite the number of intimidating buttons below the screen. I’m always pleased when the systems are obvious and intuitive.  There was also an analog clock set into the center stack that was a nice touch.

In the back, the seats were deep, with a nice amount of legroom.  As can happen with coupes, however, the headroom is good only until a certain point.  I’m 5 feet 5 inches tall and was comfortable with the headroom in the backseat. But put a taller person in the back and they’ll be uncomfortable quickly.

I liked the dedicated console between the second row’s two seats.  It’s actually more like a tray than a storage cubby because it doesn’t open, but the kids loved the cupholders that popped up out of the front of it. This arrangement means that getting a third person in the backseat isn’t possible; this car is a four-seater.

Storage Compartments (Puny, Fair, Ample, Galore): Puny
Cargo/Trunk Space (Puny, Fair, Ample, Galore): Puny

The G37x coupe’s Latch system is tricky to use. The two sets of lower Latch anchors sit under a slit in the leather. You’ll really need to check the fit of your kids’ car seats because the rear seats are so bolstered. Some wider child-safety seats just won’t fit back there, so be sure you bring your car seats along for your test drive. The second row’s legroom is great for kids in booster seats and forward-facing convertible seats if you can get them in there.

In the driver’s seat, I had problems with the seat belt. No matter what I did the shoulder belt rode up the side of my neck and the lap belt sat closer to my belly than my hip bones. I felt like it would have fit better if I were taller. This became a serious safety concern as I drove the car.

The G37x has many standard safety features such as all-wheel drive, four-wheel-disc antilock brakes with brake assist, traction control, an electronic stability system, a backup camera and six airbags including side-impact airbags for the front row and side curtains for both rows.

Optional adaptive cruise control alerts the driver, preloads the brakes and tightens seat belts if it senses rapidly decelerating traffic ahead of it.

Get more safety information about the 2010 Infiniti G37x coupe here.

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