Comparing Black Book to Other Book Values

How often do they update their prices?

Black Book updates their data weekly. Other sources may also be monthly or weekly.

How do they collect their data?

All collect from multiple sources. Black Book acquires their pricing from wholesale auctions, and retail transactions nationwide.

How do Black Book values compare to others?*

Values from Black Book can be lower than other tools, because of how it defines its vehicle conditions, and it was designed originally for wholesale pricing for businesses.

Which is better?

Each is a reliable source for pricing your car. Those that update more frequently, may respond faster to market fluctuations. For example, fuel price shifts can affect high- or low- mpg vehicles and seasonality can impact demand in certain areas for all- or full-wheel drive, sport-utility, performance and convertible vehicles.

How to know your car's condition?

A small percent of used cars are actually are in top condition. When selling or trading to a dealer, the cost to recondition your car for resale can vary based on what needs repair or refurbishing, even if the rest of your car is in mint mechanical and physical condition. High mileage does make a difference in value for every vehicle condition, though that difference may vary if demand for your specific car is higher.